Axie Infinity - Back in 1500+ MMR (ARENA GAMEPLAY)

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And the #AxieInfinity MMR hustle continues...Hehehehe!

Today I managed to ascend all the way to 1500+ MMR thanks to my energy stealing Axies and god damn I enjoyed this session!

Won most games I played, hustled a bunch of #SLP in the #Arena and of course had a blast battling with other players from all over the world! Join us in Lunacian, it's fun!

Enjoy watching yo

Thank you all for your support

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Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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You're doing well, my friend... Come on! You can go higher =)

I am also fighting very hard to keep climbing (Y)

axie_game 21-01-2022 04-26-30 a.m.-892.png

Gonna try my best dude hehehe!

Good luck to both of us 😁