Mono Glassblower

I really enjoy and appreciate this art. Yes, in my humble opinion, this is art and not craft. At least not anymore when cheap, factory-made glass items are manufactured in industrial quantities.

Moreover, this glassblower is really a master. Her moves, posture and facial expressions were like she was in some state of trance. Listening to some internal music.

Now, if you wonder why the pictures are tilted, something that's not typical for me, the reason is this... the light wasn't enough, I used here my 50mm f/1.4 lens and it is a prime lens, no "zoom" feature. That was the only way to fit the visual story into the image.

You probably know by now how much I love Black & White or sometimes referred as Monochromatic photography. I have always believed that while Color Photography shows the external part of our world, Black and White Photography shows the soul, the inner hidden side of everything. Please consider the first photo of this post as my entry today to the established #monomad daily contest by the monochromes account and community and supported by the qurator account, thank you everyone for your hard and continuous efforts to build and grow this great community!

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I came here to comment on how much I enjoyed the tilted angle you used to capture the glass blower creating her magical artwork. Glassblowing is truly something to witness first hand at least once in your life. Unforgettable. There's a city called Branson about 4 hours south of where I live in Missouri where glassblowers make and sell their goods to visitors who flock to the touristy attractions. Have you heard of it? Wordly traveller you are, I doubt it.😉

The place in Branson is called Silver Dollar City @lightcaptured

Oh, wow, thanks so much!
I searched for some glass artisans info and images for the Silver Dollar City in Branson and found some stunning photos.
I hope I don't disappoint you now, but apart from NJ & NY, I haven't been anywhere else in the USA :)
I was about to sign up for a long trip in the States, including many states and exploring the colors of the nature but the pandemic broke those plans and I spent the money on other things :D


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Huge thanks and big hugs for your kind support! :)

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A real form of art. I have always admired glass blowers. Good captures!

Thank you!
I hear it is also dangerous as inhaling can burn the lungs.


Hello friend really nice shots, it is amazing photos, congratulations and the best regards 🙋🙋

Thank you! All the best to you!