Long vs. "short" exposure, reflections

Here is a tricky question for you. Which one is better? Long exposure or "normal", "short" exposure?

Well, putting the question like that is most probably wrong :) Setting the shutter speed is a means to achieve certain goal with telling the story with the photograph.

If you rely on your phone for photography, with a huge certainty I can tell that your phone decides for yourself what shutter speed to apply given the conditions. 99% of the photos, you don't have any control.

All modern cameras have Auto mode(s) as well. Of course, using a camera in Auto will most certainly give much better results compared to using a phone on Auto mode.

With the same certainty I can tell no Auto mode could achieve a picture like that above. Why is that? First of all, for proper long exposure, a corresponding tripod is a must.

Smartphones try to work around that by taking multiple "snaps" and aligning them all together. Well, that is similar to lens "zoom" vs. digital "zoom". If quality is important for your photos you won't use digital zoom. Viewed at 100% it's all about pixels and calculations. And a true long-exposure picture will never be exactly the same as stitched series of several images with less quality and detail. AI can "compile" something that get closer to reality but there will still me differences. Probably until we manage to put quantum computers in our pockets.

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Reading this post suddenly gave me an insight into why I feel the way I do about photography. I have been involved even in stock photography, but no one is able to make me shoot "professionally". 😃 At school, I had quite a lot of problems in my 'relationship' with mathematics (although, don't doubt that I was always an excellent student). Now, when it comes again to certain numbers and the awareness of their simultaneous and appropriate application, I block my brain and cannot use it. That's why I'll never be able to take a photo like the first one you show above. If it's shown to me, and if I memorize all the settings, maybe yes. On the other hand, as a person for whom information is the most important thing, I prefer not so much artistic masterpieces but a simple photo, capturing a moment, showing things, giving information.

Well, I see your point but Time is subjective, right?
If you think of the "usual" photos as a frozen moment of time, then long exposure is the same, just that the moment is a bit longer :)
Or otherwise, it could be seen as many single moments frozen in one frame :)))


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When in doubt, go long exposure ;)

I mean...when you can. Sometimes the light's just too much and calming it down might be not a reasonable option...


is, though.

Hehehe, the philosopher in you speaks again :)
True, true, I often do that.

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Interesting. Thanks. I've little idea of how digital works.

I'm stuck on old school for art and telling a story. Manual and film is best, I reckon. But I'm getting old. For sure! :)

Just progress :) Exactly as less and less people can lift their car hood and tell what they see under it ;)
Old school is great. Getting older is also great as I can better filter the real people around me and the good stuff from the BS, lol :) Thanks!

Nice not to see so many cars :)

Well, a great and valid point :) Less is more! :)

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Hi! As always great shots!
I will tell you that some software inside smartphones, they allow you to do almost whatever you want.
Of course you have to know what you want: with the first photo you got the wake of the cars, but, always with a long exposure you get the "removal" of all the people who are moving in the scene.
This is possible, however, by balancing the film sensitivity, exposure time and aperture.
Of course, with color photos, the interiority of the photo does not emerge!

True. And it seems to me that software for that post-processing will get better and better in time.
I suggest you do that experiment - take a photo with a phone, do those software manipulations, then print it on fine-quality paper in 1:1 size, full size. I bet there will be plenty of flaws. But hey, in a digital era, where the most of the content remains only online and the images always get compressed, who really cares about quality... :)

Thanks and !PIZZA

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Congratulations. Today's #monomad first place is yours.
Thank You very much for participating and for being part of the Black And White Community!

Oh, wow, thanks so much!


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Well, that doesn't surprise me, coming from you :)))


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