Monochrome Moose

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I haven’t been out photographing much lately so I looked through the archives and found some pictures I took in the moose safari not far from where I live. It’s always something special when spotting a moose in the wild, but it’s even more exciting when you can come up close and really appreciate their size and power.


As these moose are used to seeing people they are quite tame and you can even pet them. Still I found it quite intimidating when they came too close so I tried keeping a distance.


They are truly majestic animals and it’s not strange we consider them the king of the forest.


One of the moose had just had a moose calf recently and it was keeping it close by and monitoring the surroundings protectively.

I’m so happy it’s time for weekend it’s been a long week with lots of work ! Hope you are well and thanks for stopping by !

This is my submission for #monomad


Amazing photography, especially the 1st one you capture! 😃 Looks like you caught him by surprise!

Haha thanks yea it was a real close up !

What a close look. Is it a wild forest?

Hi ! No it’s moose safari park. In the wild I would never get up so close to the moose. These ones are tame so they are very friendly.