This is my entry for the #monomad challenge - Civil Engineering Photography

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My first wife in the #monomad challenge held by @monochromes to create interesting photos that have a cool outlook, I was here and saw a lot of cool photos from various circles, they are great people in the world of photography.

Hearing that I really want to contribute to this challenge too, I think it will be interesting to follow.

My arrival here is a bit different from the others, because I brought a photo in the field of Civil Engineering. Which means the photos I share relate to people's activities at work, getting their job done to completion.

Below is a photo of the work on road construction, starting from the opening of new land for the road area, to the final stage of the work, namely asphalt.

The first photo shows a heavy equipment, namely an excavator which is digging the ground to open a road location, digging after digging to get a decent ground surface for asphalt in the future.


After digging the soil, the next job is to make the soil flat and neat. The heavy equipment used is a Grader tool to make the surface of the ground flat as desired.


Next is the work of compacting the soil that has been leveled before, the heavy equipment used is the Vibro Roller which functions to compact materials such as soil and stone for the road area.


After the above steps have been completed in accordance with the applicable standards, the next step is the work of the final stage, namely asphalting.


The process takes a long time, from stage to stage it takes time for the strength of the soil to become more solid. If this has happened according to the provisions, then the steps for the process of opening the road location can be carried out, and it must be in accordance with the provisions that apply to each region.

Thank you for your attention here, maybe the photos that I share are a little different from the others, but enough to make a difference between those who have great abilities in the field of photography.

Leave your comments below to exchange opinions, because everyone's knowledge will certainly be different.


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