Sharing Happiness With Children


good night hive friends, see you again @yulia hive, at this meeting I want to share a story about the happiness of our little family, I have one very cute daughter, you could say the thing that makes her happy when invited to the supermarket, we as mothers and fathers, seeing our children's behavior sometimes often laugh at their funny and intelligent behavior.

here I want to tell you a little about my son when he first entered a supermarket, he acted very cute and adorable, he bravely asked for a shopping basket to the employees who work at the supermarket.

after asking for a basket he immediately chose the item he liked, and also already knew the name of the item he wanted to take even though he was not yet 4 full years old, but I admit he has extraordinary self-confidence, many things I pay attention to from another aspect, Alhamdulillah We as parents are very proud of our active children.

We rarely take our children to the supermarket because of financial conditions, because in my opinion, we as parents know what children need, not what they want, but if there is sustenance we just invite our daughters to go to places that children like.

I think now the happiness of children is more important than our parents' happiness, when shopping we also limit the purchases that children like to around 100,000
because we only have that ability, my friend.
we don't need to let children choose what they don't need, such as toys, and so on.

I have some tips for all hive friends, tips on limiting requests to children when shopping.

The first tip is that we as parents must first ask what the child wants.
What we need to know is that the child doesn't understaand why we don't give him what he wants, but he knows that we brought him here to buy what he really needed earlier.

the second when shopping we let him put all the desired items into the basket even though when at the cashier we move some of it which makes it hard for parents to pay for it, we need to take care of this because it concerns the needs of the child, we as parents do not need to let him choose stuff he doesn't need.

we don't need to feel ashamed of spending a little, because the most important thing is what way we do to make children happy with limited money, here we also teach children to understand that he doesn't always get what he wants.
Even children also need to understand that shopping needs do not always have to be for them, so that children care about the needs of others, not only themselves.

these are the only tips that I can share with all of my friends, hopefully what I share can be useful for me and all of my friends, especially as a parent, thank you for dropping by at my post, if there is a wrong word in my writing I apologize profusely, if there are criticisms and suggestions, you can reply in the comments column, friends, thank you.

 3 months ago  

your girl is very cute, she looks having fun

 3 months ago  

Of course, he is very happy, because this is his hobby, he can laugh all night, thank you have dropped in to our family activities

 3 months ago  
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