🌿Starting to harvest the acacia concinna plant that was planted 1 year ago🌿


Hello my loving Asean Hive community,

Warm greetings. Welcome back to my new blog. I hope you will all be fine. Me too, everything is fine. I don't have much free time these days because I'm focused on my students. About 2 days ago, I told you about Myanmar style Glass Noodle Soup. These days, I only talk about the plants at my teacher's house every day. These days, I only talk about the plants at my teacher's house every day. Today I will tell you about what I harvested a vegetable with my father today.

Do you like to plant plants? My father and I also love plants and like to plant them. So we have planted many plants in our garden. The fruits and vegetables obtained from these plants are clean and fresh, and they also bring extra income to our house. And we can share it with our neighbors. Today, the vegetable I harvested with my father is acacia concinna leaf.

My father planted the acacia concinna plant for more than 1 year. Now that acacia concinna plant is very big. Acacia concinna leaves are a kind of vegetable that is a bit expensive in the town where I live. I grew that plant at home so we can easily pick it when we want to eat it. We can also share when our neighbors come to ask for it. The acacia concinna plant 2 was planted by my father a long time ago, so now I am ready to harvest it. However, today is not the first time that my father and I have harvested some leaves from that plant.

In our country, when we pick Acacia concinna, we mainly pick the leaves rather than the buds and flower. Acacia concinna leaves are similar to tamarind leaves. When we pick Acacia concinna leaves, we only pick young leaves rather than the coarse leaves. Young Acacia concinna leaves tend to produce more the more we pick them. Today, I was able to pick a lot of young Acacia concinna leaves from 2 Acacia concinna plants in my garden.

Acacia concinna can be cooked as a soup or fried with some kind of meat. I still don't forget my grandmother's dish where she used to make a salad of Acacia concinna leaves. She crushed those leaves with fish paste and a little lime juice and made a salad. Today, my mother cooked Acacia concinna leaves mixed with fish to make a delicious dish. Because this dish contains Acacia concinna leaf, the taste is slightly sour and the smell is very sweet. This dish is one of my favorite dishes.

Do you know acacia concinna leaf? What places do you use acacia concinna leaf in your area? Now I will tell you how concinna leaf is used in my area and some traditional medicine that I know about concinna leaf. Acacia concinna leaves and buds are very good for the body. I have seen those acacia concinna leaves, which are similar to tamarind leaves, made into soup by my teacher with a little jaggery and a little salt. She also explained to me that it is good for diabetes. Thank you so much for reading my post to the end. See you soon in a new post.


ကင်ပွန်းချဉ်နဲ့ငါးဟင်းချက် ကတော့ ကြည့်ပြီး သွားရည်တောင်ကျတယ် 😁😁😁
ဓါတ်ပုံတွေ အားလုံးကြည့်ကောင်းတယ် 💪💪💪

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Wow that's quite nice all the photos you share are quite beautiful You are also very good at writing and it looks like the food is quite delicious If eaten you have shared an amazing post with all of us here Thank you for sharing have a nice day .

Yay! 🤗
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