Wednesday Walk That Make Me Smile - Figs Harvest Time


There is no impossible if we try. When we sow, we can harvest and this is the main topic of my story today.Notbonly about the figs but all about the garden.




If how much happy they are under the the figs, we are also happy watching them, sleeping tight during the sunny day.

I harvested 9 pieces of figs but I only took picture the two pieces. You can see the cats snipping it.


They looked so hungry but they didn't eat my fruit.

The birds in the window started notice the figs and ate some of the fruits.

Benefits of Figs

I learned that common figs can promote digestive health and it may improve vascular and heart health, I
heard that it has anticancer properties too and give shiny skin. There are so many benefits that people didn't know.

The Periwinkle




I need to water them all everyday though we are in cold season. It is so cold at night but hot sunshine during the day.

The Gumamela and Cats

I gave them food and they looked so adorable.

The Bougainvillea

I gave then foods and looked so adorable with the flowers.

The Moringga

I saw flowers of the moringa. I need the seeds soon for a healthy bones. Some Saudi old women are now asking me about the seeds but the seeds I kept before I spent vacation was being throwm in the garbage.



I remember the moringa inside the garden which I planted before and my boss decided to removed because it caused the other plants became weaked and the color became yellowish.

My #wednesdaywalk was just inside the house and it made me not only to smile for @elizacheng and @tattoodjay but it made me laught because of the cats intented for the #caturday update for today. I hope that @asean.hive community will enjoy reading my post today.

That's all because I am already sleepy. I forced my eyes to open just want to continue writing. It is alrwady 3 days that I am not posting. A lot of work and busy for my family back home.

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Hive On!



the flowers are beautiful, the cats so cute and cool to see the freshly picked figs

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

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Your periwinkles are blooming well. I have read that they have anti-cancer prpoperties too.

 2 months ago  
Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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thank you @asean.hive

You know I should be thankful to you because you featured here the fig tree. My child asked what fig is, and it's so hard if you can't explain well because I haven't seen it. ☺️

 2 months ago  

Ganun ba, masarap siya. Sauna kay dili ko ganahan karon ganahan kaayo ko labi na organic from the garden, wala spray

Ayyy ka nice gyud sa organic.