🏍️ The SuperCub Becomes A Cub-inet 🗄️Piaggio Ape Is Home 🛺



The SuperCub can't transport 7 students and myself, so it has become a cub-inet, home to hats, rugs, and anything thrown on or in it.

🛺 Piaggio Ape Is Home Now 🥵


     My loyal readers probably know that I am now more or less a school bus driver now, and combined with my Hive-sponsiblities, I rarely find time to to take deeper reads of posts and engage with with more longform comments. If income wasn't a part of the equation, I'd probably post twice a week and spend the rest of my time reading and commenting.


     I am now inside the Ape 6 days a week from 6:20am until around 11:45am, a significant part of my day. The mobile office is doable, but crammed, very hot, and this often leads to massive sweating. It's all about diesel these days, and I haven't even had time for weeks to do any projects on the land. All I can ever think about is sleep, and this makes the Airbnb project become less and less of a priority.


     Life is getting very repetitive, and I am left with little time to dream up an extraordinary post idea. My best idea is to take same photos again and again each day and see how my left leg and shoe change over time. You could visit my blog each day to see if I've gotten new shoes or not yet, or I could squeeze my shirt at the end of each commute to see how many milliliters of sweat I can wring out 🤔.

Rain Is My Other Home ☔


     I am beginning to think the better question to ask about life here in Steung Kach, Cambodia, is "when is it not rainy season?" I am beginning to think there are perhaps only a couple of months of each year where productive construction attempts would be feasible, and it still rains almost daily, but we're glad to see epic flooding over.


     All I can do is try to control erosion and send the rainwater away. The planting and gardening infrastructure will also have to be done when erosion is less extreme.

Pov's Pillowcases 🛏️


     @sreypov is getting more and more accustomed to her mini sewing machine, and now she is working on some pillowcases for some mini pillows she bought online. These will ultimately end up in the Airbnb cabin whenever it's ready guests.


Monkey B
 3 months ago  

it's clear what you wrote and what you said in this post,, if the supercup can't carry 7 people at once,, but your tuk-tuk can carry 7 people at once,, even though it's a bit full what's important is that they can all go to school, ,that is right..??

it's true what you say,, you very rarely share posts seven times a week,, we all know that you are too busy,, and in your mini mini office, it does look hot because the room is small and cramped,, maybe because of the walls Tuk-tuk is one of them that makes the atmosphere quite hot, and you can sweat profusely all over your forehead, I suggest, you can buy a small fan, which has a battery, or one that uses a charger of course he lives in a suit electricity,, that's just a suggestion from me,, so that you don't overheat when you work for all of us or reply to comments, and make posts about anything,,,

tell me about the flood that no longer hits your place of residence,, a little good news for all of us,, but what is clear is that you have to be wary too,, because you live in the highlands and on the slopes, we don't know the flash floods that will come to hit us,, we just have to be aware of it all,,, I very often remind you that where you live is prone to landslides...

and the last..
regarding the new sewing machine owned by @sreypov hopefully he can sew a large bolster pillowcase for you,, hehehe...

 3 months ago  

I think you're right, I need a small fan of some kind, perhaps a USB fan. The tuk-tuk has a fan wired to the battery, but I am afraid to use it for several hours because it will drain the tuk-tuk battery, and then I'd have to ropestart or roll-start the tuk-tuk.

The major floods are over, but the rains are still very strong, and this makes me miss seeing the river run clear. Hopefully when my wife is comfortable with her sewing machine, she will be able to repair some of the upholstery in the tuk-tuk too 😁.

 3 months ago  

Super cub can go for cub prix here in Malaysia. It just need some sticker job and you're ready to rack some cash prizes.

If you change the orientation of how you park the ape, will it help to reduce direct sun light? Can a hand fan help? Don't bother to listen, the animation is good enough 😁

I don't know what you can do with the rain. I think I watch too much of these vids and sometimes I'd dream of your Airbnb to be something like this 🤣

 3 months ago  

Haha, all classic videos, and I have honestly considered a water slide. In our former town there was a slow moving predictable river, and many of the guesthouses constructed slides and water play equipment. Because of the whitewater and flash flooding here, any water equipment would need to be on a pulley system or tracks so we can lift out of the river when not in use. I'd love to have a slide with the lower half retractable like a draw bridge, a dream maybe one day that can be fulfilled.

You're right about the sun, I have employed some parking techniques that help a bit. But the biggest news is that yesterday I think I saw an abandoned road in between two rubber tree orchards. It would be a cooler and more protected place to park, so I will investigate more next time I go.

 3 months ago  

Hi..my brother @justinparke, it's been two weeks I didn't greet you, I'm sorry. But now I'm starting to be active again in the community.

Hahaha.. your Cub antique motorbike has become a place for drying hats and small rugs, but yes, that's how women really don't understand respecting their husband's favorite things 🤣

You are a strong person, my brother, the struggles and sacrifices you make for the loved ones around you, your wife, your children, and the neighbors' children. They are all very grateful to you. And hopefully the income you get on Hive will increase.

You live in a mountainous area, my brother, so of course it often rains in that area, especially for the Southeast Asia region at this time it is indeed the rainy season.

Glad to see @sreypov has a new job now (usually always taking care of flowers), it turns out that he can also sew 😅👍

 3 months ago  

No problem my friend. I joke with my wife about that, but I did buy the Cub for her to learn how to ride. I think she is a bit scared of it and also knows that learning to ride will come with more responsibilities.

My HIVE blog is slowly becoming more and more worth my time. As much as I want to power down a little, I've been trying to live solely on HBD earnings. We are talking about powering down several hundred HIVE to finish the cabin project soon, just need to plan carefully first.

The rain is tough to deal with, but it can also be an attraction too. A hot cup of coffee on the veranda while watching the rain fall is very relaxing. I am glad we know the rain is perpetual here now, anything we build will always have a good roof.

 3 months ago (edited) 

You get accustomed to your new mobile office, there is a charging station too .. great work. It is now going to be rainy season here in my Bekasi near Jakarta. Your location is similar to Bogor. It is located on high mountainous area. Bogor is called Kota Hujan. Kota means city, Hujan means rain. The name is because Bogor rains every month. It is as if there is no dry season in the area.

 3 months ago  

More and more I am beginning to think we never have a dry season either, but the natural beauty outweighs the cons of the constant rainfall.

 3 months ago  

I'm excited to see that Airbnb project. 😊 And yeah face to face school has finally arrived in our area. This week marks the 2nd week. And just like you, I'm sending and fetching our children to school. Not everyday though. Like twice or thrice a week for now.

The good news is the school is just a walking distance from our home but the hot weather makes the walk uncomfortable most of the time.

 3 months ago  

That school update is good news, hope they enjoy socializing like pre-COVID times. Life feels pretty normal here now, and we feel like COVID worries are only in the capital, Phnom Penh.

I knew you drove the kids to school, but I must have missed the post about the extra 5 students you take too. Long morning of delivery by the sounds of it. Judging by the weather, you can't do much to your block of land or your cabin. That must be quite discouraging for you. Hope the sunshine and rainforest days come along soon to help pick up your spirits.

 3 months ago  

The new riders are our neighbors' kids. They have committed $12 to $25 a month in diesel, not enough to completely cover the costs, but better than nothing. Three or four days of back-to back no rain and sunshine are rare here, but that's what I'll need to finish certain projects.

A Cubinet? WooHooooo. I love it.

I know a guy that has not one, but two Ducatis IN HIS HOUSE. One is a TV stand and the other a cocktail table. Somebody spent some serious time putting glass tops on the bikes without doing any damage to the 'stands'.

Did I mention that he has the coolest wife on earth? She not only allows them, she encourages them.

 3 months ago  

Haha, that sounds like a tolerant couple. I don't know if my wife would allow to continue my Vespa-Lambretta restoration hobby here. I still have my Vespa P200X in the USA, even custom exhaust, 250CC head, and lots of other work, sounds like a YZ250.

My motorcycle riding friends are scared to death of it. On 10-inch wheels it's a different ballgame, and because the engine is mounted on the righthand side of the swingarm, when the front end leaves the ground, it usually veers to the right, haha.

If we ever make it to the USA, there'll be no Piaggio Apes, so I'd love to get a sidecar for the Vespa.

Hi buddy,

Nice to hear that your family is reunited again.

Reading about your struggles I can't help but wonder if powering down some Hive, even if it's just 500 or 1000 HP, wouldn't make life a lot easier for you... I know you very much prefer not to but are you at least considering it?

Sending you a big hug from Delft, The Netherlands

 3 months ago  

We are planning a powerdown soon, just trying to plan it all carefully because I don't like having money laying around that we aren't going to use. A 1,000 HP is around what we are thinking, but of course I'd rather powerdown 13,000 HP, then collect the first 1,000 after 7 days and stop the powerdown, allowing us to collect the funds in a week rather than 13.

Cheers my friend, hope you are still enjoying your time back home eating herring while riding bicycles.

 3 months ago  

Hahaha.. such a great post... That huge boulder looks like the shell of a tortoise.. I kept looking at it and imagined a tortoise hiding there.. hahaha.. The perks of being in South East Asia.. rain rain rain.. 😉😉😉

 3 months ago  

Of course you would see that, I've actually always wondered what we can do with it. It's too heavy to move and too far away from the road to use as a sign or advertisement. Perhaps we can cover it in green moss and some more rocks to fully turn it into a turtle some day. More and more I am realizing that I need to focus more on managing the rainwater, this must be a small taste of what living in the Borneo forests must be like.

 3 months ago  

Cub-inet 🤭🤭 i see what you did there 🤭🤭

 3 months ago  

It could've also been a Cupb-oard 😁

 3 months ago  

Cub-inet 😂😂😂. !pizza

 3 months ago  

Beautiful 90cc furniture 🤦‍♂️

 3 months ago  

Upgraded :p. !LOLZ

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 3 months ago  


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