🎞️ Slo-Mo Nature 🌦️ A Little Rain & The River Is Running Again 🏞️ & Some Visa Hopes 🛃



Perhaps the dry season has come to an end here in the Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary because the rains have returned to the mountains.

Our Magic Potion Maker 🧙‍♀️


     Monkey-B is obsessed with all things tiny, whether it be trying to make mini cookstoves out of candles and wire to watching YT videos of folks making micro meals. I didn't even know such a genre of videos existed, but I was quite entertained by the mini pizza cooking video she showed me. I am impressed by her creativity and how she manages to make micro things of her own, but recently she told me she had switched to making poisons instead of magic potions, so I guess I will keep my eyes on her.

Where Is The Hive Content For Today? 🕵️‍♂️


     I have been busy lately trying to sort out my visa problem in addition to all my other daily responsibilities, so often my Hive posts are me running outside the house with 10 minutes to collect photos for a post. I stopped by Puu Mab and Pov to see how the cabin was coming along, but I was immediately attracted to the river because recent rains have brought it back to life.

Let It Flow 🌊


     It's amazing how little rain it takes to bring this river back to it's full beauty, and just as amazing how quickly it can nearly dry up with a few weeks of drought. I decided to descend to the river, cross over, enter the forest, and hop along the rocks to climb the slope and head back indoors. Usually I'd go for a swim and enjoy myself, but I have been consumed and distracted by so many things that I'm just not feeling the river relaxation vibes.


     The little mini waterfalls are the first thing to return, and with more rain things will increase in scale until we can eventually hear the rapids rushing from inside the house. There is no better sound to hear at night than the sound of the river rapids, and when the river starts coming back to life the insects start getting a little more vocal at night.

A Little Hope 🙏


     I am currently staying here on a visa extension because during my attempt to renew my one-year visa I was asked for some outrageous fines and fees for a work permit while I was not in the country for three years and for several years when I applied for one and was denied. Because we weren't able to produce the funds quickly enough before my visa would expire in a few days, the only solution was a 3-month extension, but I will have to leave the country now when this visa expires because it's non-extendable.


     Luckily though we finally got in touch with someone at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here, and he seems willing to help me get the K-Visa, which is normally only for ethnic Cambodians that are foreign citizens. My wife and I need to get legally married (again) here in Cambodia because our Suriname marriage certificate is not recognized here, and the guy said he can overlook the required $2,500 USD minimum monthly income that is normally required on my behalf. This is all too ironic because it is the very reason we left the country in the first place.


     I need a few local documents, a local criminal history from the USA, and an affidavit of single status from the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, then we can get married at the commune chief's place and get our "tax civil" as it's called in Khmer, basically a marriage certificate. With this certificate in hand we can then apply for the K-Visa along with a stack of other documents.


     In my experience something always goes wrong in situations like this, and big dreams are quickly dashed. However, I feel hopeful that I can get this K-Visa, which is actually free, and will get me off the E-Visa, which now must go hand in hand with a work permit, tax registration, etc., all which adds up to $600 USD+ per year. It's a total nightmare because I need a sponsor for the work permit and Hive isn't a legally registered Cambodian company, so I'm basically ineligible for the only visa category which I can use to stay here longterm, and this has been a huge burden for many years.


     While taking shots and slo-mo footage of the river I wasn't thinking about the river at all, just thinking about this visa stuff and how it can change my life if it works. The K-Visa is valid for the life of my passport, so with a fresh passport I'd have ten years of uninterrupted residency potential here, and it could be the first time in the`13+ years I've lived here on and off that I can actually plan ahead for a life here longer than a year. Also it will save me thousands of future dollars in visa fees, and the K-Visa gives me nearly all the same rights a Cambodian has.

     That's all for now, sorry I didn't talk about nature and whatnot, they are just filler pics for the post, but when I have a longterm visa I will enjoy the river much more. Also, our US visa seems all but hopeless after 4 years of fighting with the US Immigration system. Now that Cambodia may offer me a longterm residency plan, I want to fly to the USA and see my 'Merican family one last time before coming back here to focus on my life, our land, and paying back the loan we used to buy this place.


Monkey B

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 2 months ago  

No problem with the nature description. The photo does all the talking already, as if I can hear them loud here!

Whilst reading about the possibilities of K-Visa, that's what a foreigner marriage visa here in Malaysia.

After reading this piece, compare to the YT video I've glance through about living in Cambodia, I guess the major difference being, those other YTber has no problem with their bribery spending or the visa fee, I guess it's equally challenging as your situation.

 last month  

It's all about who you know and how much money you have. We never have the money, and we rarely know somebody on the inside. Only occasionally we get lucky and find an insider directly via a phone call or by chatting with the security guards outside whatever place it is. In this case we made a phone call to the Ministry, and surprisingly we got an answer after 14 tries. The guy who answered the phone is now our inside man, and we communicate with him via Telegram now. So far we've only given a $10 tip, and he's assured everything is free.

There were two guys from mainland China that rented rooms in our old town. Both had Khmer wives, but had only been living here for a year or two, and both had the K-Visa at a price of $3,000 USD. We don't have that kind of money, but it showed what is possible when you've just arrived here, don't speak the language, and have only money to solve problems. I would've guessed the K-Visa costs at least $5,000 USD to get through "friends."

Sorry I haven't been commenting on your posts lately, but I have been reading. Life is just so hectic at the moment that I'm struggling just to post and keep the community going.

 last month  

Do not worry about my spam posts. I just want to keep them going since it's in my goal. Funny how little I can earn from posting compare to speculating and trading 😂

 last month  

I don't think they are spammy at all, I quite enjoy your content. I didn't know you did trading also, I'd love to have another side hustle earning more than I make posting. I have some crypto staked on BSC, CAKE and a wee bit of AVAX, but I've never done any kind of trading for profits.

Sidenote - I found you on Discord a while back, sent you a message but perhaps it is hidden.

 last month  

I bought myself a ticket to start at #steem after I saw the potential, that's roughly when both of us joined. A sudden spike made me think this is actually going to work, in it goes my money into steem and out with tears. Fortunately, was a firm believer and also got some Eth, like 66 of them, but had sold them all before they blow up and remain majority of my funds in some insignificant coins, like ZIL and DGB. Too bad, majority of my fund still stuck there until now at 96% loss of value, but I've already got my investments back 2 years ago, that big ass cross over Suzuki my home minister is driving now. Therefore, whatever I'm losing now is not my money 🤣 I just didn't take profit when I should.

Mind you my chunk of steem still there letting it rot. I don't know what to do with it, and I have promised the community so much back in the days that I will never take out that 10k, and that promise left me stuck with my own words 🙄 that said what kinda egomaniac I am, but at the same time it is also my quality personality.

 last month  

Have you ever experimented with daytrading? I've not done it, but I know a few Hivers that make a livable profit from basically buying and selling each day. I don't know the fine details of how the daytrading thing works, but it seems you need to stay updated with the latest crypto news to be successful in that, probably quite a lot of hours per day.

I can certainly speak for your work ethic on this blockchain, you're a legend my man, and you commitment to ASEAN Hive is unrivaled.

You are so focused on your life and that's good and extend your visa as soon as possible so that your business at Hive runs normally.

 last month (edited) 

I can only hope and pray things work out, but I also must try and persevere, and in the end I have faith a solution will present itself.

I hope monkey-B will be a creative and innovative child. and someday become a dutiful child to his parents.

 last month  

I do hope she maintains her helpful spirit as she gets older.

A fairly busy location, and I believe this location is quite free from air pollution, because it looks so natural to the place.

 last month  

If the neighbors aren't burning a mound of plastic trash, sometimes the air quality can be very good, but rarely anywhere in Cambodia is somebody not burning trash and making a huge cloud of dioxin to poison all the neighbors.

I hope your plans will be realized soon. ☺️🙏
I appreciate you for being resilient and hardworking. ☺️

 last month  

Well, I'm not as resilient as I may seem, but when left with no choices, I can only do my best to overcome this stifling bureaucracy. From the experience my daughters have had, they would prefer a world without borders, so I hope in the future more and more humans start to see the ridiculousness of dividing up every single inch of the earth.

Yay! 🤗
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