Walking around the neighborhood ✨



I walk every day with Jeepjeep and Neyney. Just a quick walk around to have a little bit of sunshine on the forehead and catch up with the outside world. I love to greet hello and have a little chitchat with everyone. Which my partner find it weird sometimes. Like in the mall or anywhere I go. I guess I got it from my Mom. Complementing someone that they're doing their job very well and saying hello! How are you? how's life? Won't hurt your butt 😂

But, I'm having a hard time walking around with a facemask. It feels like suffocating and it's frustrating. Wearing a mask is still mandatory in the Philippines. And even in our ground area. This is also one of the reasons why I'm going home to Mindanao for maybe a month or more aside from celebrating Christmas and New Year. I want to have some freedom walking around like a normal human being without anything on my face. It's not so strict way back home. You can walk around in the neighbourhood without a face mask and so on. So, it's a good thing. Especially for me. Longing for this way of life for so long now. And hoping covid will be gone in the wind soon.

And today's blog. I will share with you some of the things I've captured during our walks around our neighbourhood. We just moved here 8 months ago. And feels like forever 😂🤩


The area was not so big as we have in our first place before. But, the trees and plants make it feel wilder and more natural.


Lovely yellow blooms are my favourite. It looks like a candle ✨


Love all these buildings designed. And the colour too.



The thing with these buildings is just it only caters for 1st to 5th floor and the others until to the 9th floor. Which is very rare as condominiums. In our old home. The floors were until the 21 floors. So, it's a big difference. We also have a restaurant inside our area and a cafe. But the management demolished them as they will expand more residential buildings. Which is a bit sad. Especially for the cafe. We mostly went there on Saturday morning for breakfast and they sell some good sourdough.


Found this Calachuchi 🌼


This white hibiscus 🌼


These tiny purple blooms 🌼


And this huge leaf 🍁

Walking around when it's not crowded is a big relief. Coz sometimes there are a lot of dog walkers walking at the same time and Jeepjeep and Neyney hates it. And it's so stressful for the dogs to see cats too. That's why sometimes we do it very early in the morning when Jeepjeep woke up or late in the afternoon when nobody is walking around. This is a walk for pleasure enjoying every step watching these beautiful plants around and having some warm hello to everyone.

Our small pedestrian lane on our way home. ✨


Have a great weekend everyone! ✨


I want to get my old life back. Wearing a nose bandage is a chore.

Everyone wanted their old life back. Hoping and praying that the PANDEMIC will end soon! Then, we can be back to normal again! ✨🙏🏼

Love the term 😁🤣 (Nose bandage) Lol 🤣

 6 months ago  

Have a great weekend pd Miesel!!! Lols, see you tomorrow!!!

Nyahahha! See you. Hapiti KO ninyo SA JY hahaha. Keep me posted Lang puhon puhon!

 6 months ago  

Yess. You then Gil and Gerel

 6 months ago  

Bring snacks

Wala diay foods didto @asasiklause Magdala gyud KO Dali Ra Baya KO gutomon. May taytok nasab akong braincells Lol hahaha. Thanks SA reminder! Hahahah See yeah.

 6 months ago  

Yeeessss. Good thing I reminded you.


See you tom! Goodnight 😘☺️



nice place oi...

Tsarootttayyyyy rana Jay! Hahahah 😂

Can't wait for everything to get back to normal soon, so hard to walk around with a face mask 😩 It's so nice how you took the time to appreciate the little things that you encounter during your walk 😍

Super Langga! 😂😌 but it will end for sure one day! Laban Lang ta ani with prayers ✨🙏🏼😇

Yess! Take care always and stay safe ❤️❤️

You too gurl! Join us next time ☺️

Yess hopefully if dili na busy hehe 🤗🤗

What beautiful flowers! I also #luvflowers 🤩👏

That's a good thing! High five! Flower high five! Hahhaah

Here's some flowers for yeah.


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Nyyyyaaaaayyy! Thank you @ecency ✨🥂🍾

This is also one of the reasons why I'm going home to Mindanao for maybe a month or more aside from celebrating Christmas and New Year. I want to have some freedom walking around like a normal human being without anything on my face.

Are they allowing such in Mindanao? I am envious, in our place I think that facemask will never be removed anymore especially we are living near metro manila.

At the very least you have a nice surrounding in your place, some flora, and fauna on the side.

Yes, depende din SA lugar. Medyo SA Amin! Okayish na. Wala Naman case SA COVID Kaya people are free to roam around without mask. Oh, that's sad pag SA City Ka. Same din dito SA Cebu. Kaya nga uwing uwi na akitch! 😂

Yazzzzyyy, still grateful SA nice sorrounding dito. have a great day! ✨

When staying at home for too long and surprised by the mask, everyone will share the feeling of wanting to break down that barrier. Find somewhere deserted and you can leave it alone without anyone seeing you

So true! ✨

Hoping for the world to heal soon. 😇🙏🏼😌

 6 months ago  

Ka nice kaayo sis. I will share some of my photos here in the province soon! 🥰

Super sis. Yes, you should ✨😻 See you soonest

 6 months ago  

Your surroundings are so beautiful. I also like the flowers you show.

Thanks gurl! @winelay

flower are very beautiful and your surrounding is very pleasure. !PIZZA


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@ong.aye.myat.mon Thanks for the pizza!


@pizzabot you rock!


such a nice neighbourhood

Thanks @magicmonk ✨☺️ Have a great day!

 6 months ago  

What a nice place, the trees are decorated nicely on the side of pathways. Here in Indonesia facemask is mandatory in public places but more and more people ignore the facemask because more people do not trust to covid anymore.

Thanks @lebah . There's a lot of argument of that here too. And same in your country. People do not trust COVID anymore. But the government is still pushing it. Hoping for some changes soon. Coz it sucks :(

hinaut tanan naa sa condo😊

Tsarootttayyyyy rana Kuya uyyyyy! Nag hinaut sab KO naa tanan SA condo 🙏🏼😇😌

sa damgo ra jud me mka experience ug condo madam 😁😁😁

Nyahahhaha! Manifest Lang uy. Dalang tsaroottt 😊🥰🙏🏼😇😌

The beautiful capture ❣️😘

Thanks dear! 😌🤣😻✨

 6 months ago  

Wow! Your neighborhood looks very nice, and that curvy sidewalk is beautiful with the landscaping. It looks like a furry friend wasn't willing to let the concrete dry before testing. Hope you enjoy mask-free walks soon.

Thanks @justinparke for the support always! Yeah, hahhaa and they just leave it that way and it's cute ✨😻😆

Yezzz, can't wait!😻✨🙏🏼😇

 6 months ago  
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Thanks @asean.hive

True ate, wearing mask all the time is very frustrating najod pero wa ma'y choice, its for everyone man sad.

Lagi Langga! Laban Japan Ra gyyd ta ani with prayers ✨

Lovely Wednesday Walk with your pets. 😻I don’t like the mask either but it’s not compulsory to wear it outside here.

Hoping for the world to be back in normal again @redheadpei. I'm glad that it's not compulsory to wear mask in your area.