Our Place Is A Mess Now After Typhoon Odette Came Recently 😭


Our Place's View Now After Typhoon Odette Came Recently 😭

Adora's Vlogs - 2021-12-26T105234.943.png

Today is December 17th, 2021. The day has come for a huge mess in the city, I always thought that my new city which is Cebu won't face any kind of heavy danger for people but as always everything is possible.

Last night was my real nightmare I couldn't think of anything great but very fearful of losing everything I have not just my house and things inside the house that we have had worked so hard for years will vanish but knowing things that in a few minutes someone wont be here in this world anymore 😭. Losing my daughter and my husband :( or worst I and my husband die and just my daughter left in this unfair world.

Adora's Vlogs - 2021-12-26T105704.071.png

Today, It is my pleasure day because we have overcome the super Typhoon Odette without harming us physically although our roof got out of its place but so far so good...

Time Checked 9:32 Am

Adora's Vlogs - 2021-12-26T105628.315.png

I and my husband talked about going out to get some water and gas for our generator (good thing my husband really thinks about typhoon's situation ) because we have no water coming out from the faucet and no Electricity and No wifi. It would be a little nicer if there is data but nope even my data sucks too because it's E(edge) which is incredibly weak like useless.

Time Checked 10:03 Am

Adora's Vlogs - 2021-12-29T124106.291.png

We found out that a lot of post fell on the street and cars are not able to pass through because of those post, so my husband wen't out already to check and see what we or he can do to make the road passable.

Time Checked 11:00 Am

Adora's Vlogs - 2021-12-29T122058.301.png

It's been like an hour already and my husband hasn't arrived so I decided to go after him to see what's going on and I saw him just few meters away from our house. He was trying to push the post and lift the wires with the wood to make a small space for cars, good thing that one of our neighbours helped him.


We have fixed two posts already and luckily there were few men helped us for the 3rd post and we successfully fixed our problem with the road thank god!

Adora's Vlogs - 2021-12-29T122058.301.png

So we were able to get some gas for our generator and bought some water as well as we don't have water...

I am just glad that my situation is not as critical as others :(
Some people don't have a home because it flew away and some don't have a home with missing people which is super sad 😢

Thank you lord for everything, I couldn't ask for more but complete family...

Thank you for reading !


Sad to see my friends affected by this storm. but it's amazing that god is always on our side and always protects us

 5 months ago  

Thank you for your comment, it's hard to get signal in my place, I have to get down to 1km away from my house to just get a signal ... and indeed god will always protect us.

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 5 months ago  

Such a mess, the cleanup will be long and arduous, but not something Filipinos are incapable of. I am shocked at the lack of international coverage concerning this typhoon and the damage it caused.

 5 months ago  

Sorry late response, It's been indeed a mess here.. for some reason the government is not as prepared as we thought but still hoping for the better without holding on it.

 5 months ago  
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 5 months ago  

my pleasure as always :)

It is such a sad sight to see. It must have been tough for you especially having a daughter to take care of. I could never imagine how you guys feel, I hope everything turns out fine.

 5 months ago  

yes, very hard... and yes been a rough days since typhoon came... but still trying to survive... hopefully things will get better soon ....
Thank you for your comment..

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 5 months ago  

Thank you so much !

It looks so sad. Wish everything will be back to normal soon my friends in Philipines.

 5 months ago  

this is very sad to see, I pray and really hope that everything will improve as soon as possible, honey you have to be strong to face everything you are strong, you can definitely get through it, those who are patient and steadfast keep the spirit dear🥺🥺💪💪

 5 months ago  

I can only imagine what you and your country had to go through... 😔😔 Stay strong sis 💪💪