🚪 The ASEAN Hive VIP Lounge #22 🏁 A Go-Kart Track For Elite ASEAN Hivers 🏎️

Authored by @justinparke


This week we purchased the abandoned field next to the VIP Lounge to create an exclusive go-kart racing track for our ASEAN Hive VIPs.

🏁 A Go-Kart Track For Elite ASEAN Hivers 🏎️

January 28th, 2023
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     The VIP Lounge just got a major expansion after we secured the purchase of the empty field next to our property. I made use of the entire field by converting it to a go-kart track for your racing and competitive pleasure. Now we have a peaceful place to settle arguments, debts, and general beef with each other. One of the first challenges was made my @gooddream to @davidke20, and although it was a close race, @gooddream won, but in the clip below he is obviously a little nervous on the track.

     Well, I hope you all enjoy the go-kart track. We run a tight budget, so we VIPs will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the karts and track. If we are unable to maintain it collectively, I will convert it to a crocodile farm, crypto mining warehouse, or some other profitable venture. Until next time, keep roasting rubber on track and take a look at these five awesome posts from each of our VIP tiers.....


A quick get away in progress

by: @davidke20 - ASEAN HIVE VIP 💎 DIAMOND

(ᴇxᴄᴇʀᴘᴛ) We've been actively claiming our free stay at Genting, and it's no exception in the month of Christmas. Once again we visited the only winter place in the tropical country of Malaysia. Genting Highland. Use it or lose it. Before we move forward, let me bring you to that faithful morning. Went for my usual morning walk at the park. With the recent heavy rain, sky looks a little misty.


Being a Karen in Thailand can get you hurt

by: @jack.russelle - ASEAN HIVE VIP 💿 PLATINUM

(ᴇxᴄᴇʀᴘᴛ) Let me clarify what I mean here: I'm talking about something that unfortunately happens all too often in my home country where a person decides to complain vigorously at a business of some sort and makes a scene. This is normally accompanied by demanding to speak to the manager and threatening to have people fired over something trivial like being charged 10 cents for extra marshmallows in a hot chocolate.


Giant Spicy Grilled Squid @ Mak Kimbong restaurant

by: @rosmadirazali - ASEAN HIVE VIP 👑 GOLD

(ᴇxᴄᴇʀᴘᴛ) I don't usually eat squid because I have gout on my right toe, and squid is one of the things that can trigger my gout. Despite having gout, I found myself suddenly wanting to eat squid for lunch yesterday. After browsing through Tiktok videos, I stumbled across one of a restaurant in Bangi called Mak Kimbong which sold giant grilled squid smothered in a spicy chili paste. I am not sure why the restaurant is named Mak Kimbong.


Accompany the wife to shop in a nearby town

by: @alvonzo - ASEAN HIVE VIP 🥈 SILVER

(ᴇxᴄᴇʀᴘᴛ) after a few busy days at work, I tried to take a moment to take my wife and children for a walk to the biggest supermarket in the city of Lhokseumawe, when I arrived at this supermarket my wife and children shopped for kitchen needs, as well as some other needs, I could see that they I'm so happy I took a walk. as we also know, women really like shopping, smiling faces are very visible from my wife and also my daughter, when else can make them smile, as long as there is enough opportunity and sustenance, I always take them for a walk.


The 4th Day of Work to my Dream

by: @flordecar26 - ASEAN HIVE VIP 🥉 BRONZE

(ᴇxᴄᴇʀᴘᴛ) It's supposed to be the 5th day of our "Tupad", but yesterday they didn't work because of the heavy rains. So instead of 5th it will be there 4th day. And just like yesterday, I thought there will no workers who will come today, because earlier the rain was also heavy. And at around 9AM my man came and asked for a fund for the snacks of the worker. So it means the worker came. And I am so thankful also Because the rain stops. Mr. Sun is not around but it's not already raining.

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 2 months ago  

I used to drive this thing down the go-kart track.

Also, don't be a Karen or Kevin no matter what. MYOB

 2 months ago  

There was a restaurant in the States many years ago called "Dick's" and the staff were intentionally rude to everyone and it was part of the theme of the place.

We took my Grandmother to this restaurant and didn't tell her that there was this theme and since she is a nice lady she just took it. It wasn't until the end that we revealed in front of the waitstaff that Grandma didn't know about it. They gave my Grandma hugs and took photos with her. It was adorable.

 last month  

Wow, so long before Angry Karen's Diner there was Dick's. Definitely didn't have that in my hometown, but we did have a Dick Clark's diner, no relation to the famous Dick Clark, but how can you not use the name for marketing purposes when you are born with it.

 last month  

Red is a good choice for speed, many models of cars in the USA cost more to insure with red factory paint. There is a higher statistic of red cars getting in more accidents because of the color's need for speed.

 last month  

Thanks buddy. I'm aware of that, part of my job in the insurance company is risk assessment. Red and black has the same risk rating around the world, not only in Merica.

However, the latest study shows there's a great deal to do with WHAT the statistics being that way instead of WHY 😂 it's not like people like to buy red car and drive like a moron. It simply due to 80% of Ferraris are red, and 95% of Lambos are black. Imagine 1 crash of those car render in how many PERCENT of financial loss against all collected premium pool from the RED or BLACK cars? 🤣

To keep things simple stupid, the way insurance company utilize the statistics is totally effed up, but we got no other choice. Another stupid statistics being, women owner vehicle also cost more to insure 🤣 they said girls have higher chance of accidents. But again, the comparison of the men and women driver probably 7:3. Therefore, I know friends from Merica who buy all the cars with husband's name but the wifey is driving for many years. Until, the insurance company patch this hole with apply loading(extra charges) on women driver on husband's car 🤣🤣🤣

 last month  

All this stuff was years ago when I worked on my Dad's car lot, perhaps these are outdated ways of thinking now with AI and better statistics and all. I do remember a lot of companies would make fast cars with 4-doors because insurance was always cheaper in the beginning, but always within a couple of years the insurance companies would realize this trick and increase the rate of the racecar disguised as a 4-door family sedan.

Is there also an age in Malaysia where auto insurance rates get cheaper? If I remember correctly, I think the magic age in the USA was 26 years old, after that rates dropped significantly.

 last month  

They have different ways to skin the cat here in Malaysia. They can impose excess on young driver. Something like if you're a probation driver, in the event of accident claims, the first 400 are borne by the vehicle owner. If the vehicle owner is younger than certain age, they impose even higher excess, up to 2.5% of vehicle value or minimum 400 whichever come first.

 2 months ago  

it was a tough race between myself and @davidke20 and we were definitely competitive. In the end I guess I just have a greater love for "mama speed." We'll have to do that again though!

 last month  

It was indeed a close one, and I hope you get more and more confident on the track. Perhaps one day Nadi can ride along.

 last month  

Nadi would probably give me that extra push of confidence that i need to succeed!

 2 months ago  

Who doesn't love a go-kart track! Competitive streaks abound.

 last month  

Well, maybe some day we can have a water based race, but I think you will have few challengers.