ASEAN Hiver Of The Week 👨‍💻 @gabe.radke 🗽 Our Mystery 'Merican Man ❓

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Welcome to the ASEAN Hive Community's "ASEAN Hiver Of The Week" post, where I (@justinparke) highlight one of our community members.

🗽 Our Mystery 'Merican Man ❓

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     Some of us ASEAN Hivers choose to remain anonymous, and that's understandable, especially for Americans abroad that are earning crypto. The US government now requires taxes to be paid on crypto, and this has caused many 'Mericans to have difficulties withdrawing crypto without heavy losses. Luckily or unluckily my total annual earnings are well below the American poverty level, so I don't have much to worry about.

     Just because this week's featured Hiver chooses not to show his face doesn't mean that he is not a huge part of this community. There aren't many ASEAN Hivers who live abroad, only a handful of SE Asians living outside SE Asia, and a handful of non-SE Asians living in this part of the world. As a foreign resident living in Cambodia, I enjoy seeing life through the eyes of other folks living outside their own culture, and that has always been my draw towards this gentleman's blog.

photo from @gabe.radke's post titled Just put that anywhere! Vietnam construction

     @gabe.radke is not only host to an interesting and often entertaining blog, but he's been a valued delegator since the very early days of the ASEAN Hive Community. His (at times dark) sense of humor is right up my alley, and you can that in the recent post below about a sad sandwich and the state of foreign food in Da Nang.

photo from @gabe.radke's post titled The rather sub-par foreigner food of Da Nang

     The majority of us ASEAN Hivers don't "Hive" as a full-time job, and this guy is one of those folks, and for this reason he doesn't post daily, and sometimes not even weekly, so I make sure to never miss a post because they are like precious gems. I am glad he takes occasional time away from an already busy life to post in our community and show us glimpses of life in Vietnam through his eyes. Alright, that pretty much sums things up, all hail @gabe.radke 🙏🙏🙏.

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 2 months ago  

If you do not already know this, you can subscribe to an author.

On e subscribed, #ecency will notify you when the author make a post.

Very useful for low production and must read author. And yes, he's on my subscription list.

 2 months ago  

That's a better style of notification than just following someone or placing them on special feed list. There are so many people I follow that even my feed of Hivers' whose posts I love reading is quite crowded. I wasn't able to find the option on my Ecency desktop version, but I will check my phone app later.

 2 months ago  

whoa! I never though t'was like that in 'merica. I guess Ph is going that way since the Govt has mandated we register our simcards an we were asked emails on the registration

 2 months ago  

Cambodian did this recently too, and I wasn't able to open a bank account because my SIM wasn't officially registered. Bureaucracy is slowly complicating life more and more each day.

 2 months ago  

True, some people just want to stay anonymous.

Congratulations to the raffle winner!

 2 months ago  

I understand, especially for folks from countries like who have very complicated tax policies. 🙏🙏🙏

 2 months ago  

what an honor... thank you very much!

 2 months ago  

Of course, my pleasure, and thanks for being an awesome ASEAN Hiver.

Yay! 🤗
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 2 months ago