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I am temporarily halting my Negros Escapade blogs to share something personal about my thoughts and life lately.


I never thought I would be able to make another blog related to this topic but I felt the need to write down my thoughts and share them with you because you never know you might be able to relate to my journey right now.


It's the fourth month of the year now and I have been blessed. Yup, I'd like to think that I am blessed with so many opportunities, new friends, new relationships, new ideas, and more things to look forward to.


Most of the time, I can't help but utter the words, "Thank you so much Universe for all of these blessings.". I am extremely grateful for all that is happening in my life. Some of you might know already that I'm now flying solo. I won't go into details because I'd like to keep that matter private. If you are curious, about how I'm doing, well I am fine. I can say that it's been manageable.


I could say that the saying "When one door closes, another door opens." is definitely true. I'm living proof, and it wasn't just a door, it's DOORS. I couldn't be more grateful for the projects and opportunities that came after our break-up. I don't know why I'm sharing these stories with you but we never know, this will reach someone who will be inspired by this post. oH


If you've been following me on my socials, you will notice that I have been occupied with some training for my smoothie projects and I have been traveling back and forth to Negros Oriental. Hence, the reason I have been not really active in Hive and my engagement have been poor but I am hoping to give more time to the platform. I just need to have a routine and set some daily priorities.
I am extremely grateful to all my friends who have been really supportive of my business ventures, projects, and future plans. If you made this far in my post, thank you so much for reading. Consider this post as a snippet of my journal and I am letting you read it. Have you been dealing with some things lately? Feel free to comment down, let's talk about it. My DM's are open too!



Asa Si Klause blogs about his travels, vegan lifestyle, yoga practice, his fur babies and anything that gives joy to him.

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you really have a nice place @asasiklause. Hoping to explore it soon.

Thanks Intoy! You should definitely!

Thanks Intoy! You should definitely!

Awwwe 💙. We've been feeling like this too. Sometimes, life can really be so overwhelming. We're all a work in progress. Laban @asasiklause 😄.

🥺🥺🥺 thank you so much guys. You know what they say "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Ahhahahaa.

It's been overwhelming lately jd. But we need to move forward to carry on.

Thanks for dropping by guys.

You said you wouldn't want to talk about it because it's private but sorry I couldn't help myself to wonder what happened. Things just wouldn't stay the same even though we thought things are perfect already.

Anyhow, greetings Klaus.

It's true that there are doors that will open because life should continue no matter how hard it might be. Despite what's happening I could tell you're doing awesome.

Thanks you so much Paul.

Marites jd ka ui. Ahahhaha. Well, lets just say na, it's not our time yet. Theres many factors at play and its not a one specific reason but were good.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.🤗

hahaha, Marites b oi, curious ra gud and something like that. hahsha

Anyway, np, glad to appreciate the thoughts.


Hugs @asasiklause 🤗🤗🤗

Thank you Miesel! Miss you!!!

 4 months ago  

Nice photos, in the last one I thought you were actually rising out of the water like a dolphin, then I saw the stone :)

Thank you. Wow, now I can see that it could actually look like im coming out of the water. Ahahaha thank you for your comment.🤗

 4 months ago  

That is a cool looking place 👍👍

I could say that the saying "When one door closes, another door opens." is definitely true.

it is indeed true. Sometime, you just need a leap of faith 😁😁

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and leave a comment.

It is true. Taking risk is scary but at the end of the day it’ll be worth it.

 4 months ago  
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Thank you guys! ❤️🥰

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