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Greetings everyone! I'm here at the football field in my village. It's a great place for children to make friends and play together. My friend has been gardening every day, but yesterday she was in Phnom Penh, so I didn't take any photos of her. Nevertheless, I'm sure she's still out there today watering her vegetables and planting new ones - like tomatoes and herbs.



Apparently, my friend put in extra effort to plant this since she really passionate with herb and instead of asking her husband to dig the hoe, she went around with just her pajamas with the tools in hand!



I'm looking forward to spending some quality time in my village watching my friend maintain her garden. Today, she plans to grow new plants like tomatoes and herbs alongside her salad and other greens. In Cambodia, many people love to grow herbs! This is because sour soup with fish is a traditional Cambodian dish, and the herbs help reduce bad odors and make it taste more fresh.



People in today worlds have different types of preferences when it comes to choosing crops for growing gardens. For example, my friend tried something new: natural crops that she has weren't working well for her. Last week ago, we've seen how other techniques allow my people in my village to be successful with gardening and they share those useful tips to my friend talking about cropped that is good and effective for gardening, so she decided to purchase some from villagers who sell plant materials instead – a great solution!



As I was walking towards my friend's house without looking back even once, I noticed a funny sculpture of animals in the back of our village – how did it escape my attention? It certainly was pleasant surprise!

It's strange to think that I can only recognize one of these animals; the Zebra 🦓. Looking closer, I noticed a few pigs and cows in the back. I suppose this was made for fun purposes, since this place is quite and it doesn't seem like everyone would come visit here.



It's an evening to look forward to because this is where players comes together to play soccer. It's a place for people of all ages to bond with one another and share stories about life on the grass, today only see kids here.

Making friends as a child is an incredible moment. You find someone you can connect with and share the same interests, like soccer for example.


Conversations revolve around shared experiences of playing the sport, and that's how friendships are formed. But do people find it easier to make friends at a young age or when they're older? I think it starts with simply asking questions and getting to know each other.


There's also a football field in my village where kids often play and make friends. Here, you can join in on the fun and cheer them on as they show off their skills or join in on a game yourself. If you're feeling brave, you could even challenge your friends to a friendly match!


In my village in Cambodia, we live in close proximity to one another; so even if we just see each other for a short period during the day, conversations are naturally easy and next thing you know we become friends. As conversations continue, our friendships naturally become closer.



Taking a stroll around the football field gives you a sense of peacefulness and togetherness. When I come here, I can see kids running and playing, adults chatting and strolling around, and elderly folks feeding the birds. The warm feeling of being surrounded by familiar faces and voices is something that's hard to describe in words.





At the end, this is my journey to explore the beautiful garden of my friend who is a passionate gardener and loves growing a variety of vegetables, herbs, salads and other greens! Today has been so amazing since I stumbled upon an impressive sculpture of animals that I had no idea even existed in my village. Keep an eye out for my next blog post, I show you more about my village and get ready to be inspired by the incredible sights it has to offer.


Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I see that more work is done in the garden of your friend. That is good that she is working around it diligently!
How friendships are made and is it easier to make friends as a child or an adult? Good question :)
I also think that the conversation is the key and through the conversation. The bonds are getting every time stronger if there is an additional vibe that connects the friends. Children are more natural maybe, more innocent though I think I have gained some really good friends while adult.
Hehehe, those animal sculptures are funny, they bring a smile to someone's face ;))

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The time people turn to know each other. Conversation is certainly one of the essential ways to build a connection. Similarly, I think that children have more opportunities to make friends; but for me personally, I actually made more friends as an adult and most of my friendships have endured up until now.

It looks like there's a lot more I can show you about my village and I am willing to do. Thank you for your support dear!

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Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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Thank you very much!

I see the article that you put in the post is so complete and it really supports the quality of your post. Departing from there, you also produce typical Cambodian dishes that taste delicious with sour soup and are almost similar to Indonesians, well, good luck to you

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Thanks for your comments and support, I will continue to do my best in the next article.have a great day.

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Being here, surely everybody noticed the natural beauty surrounding such as tree, garden and bird. Hope you have a great weekend!