House or Apple Berry - Which one you will choose ?

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We wanted both, because its a very rare breed of Apple Berry


I am part of a organic farming community which has a whatsapp group, where they post the available vegetables every day and we have to order based on that. Today, there was Apple Berry at 75/- per kg - the natural unwaxed ones. Never thought, Apple Berry would sell at such a price. We have an Apple Berry tree, which has quite a history and lot of emotions.

It dates back to 30 years, somewhere in 1991 - my father was serving at Sambalpur, a distant place from where we live now. He brought this grafted Apple Berry tree. That time, we did have lot of open space and a very small house. The front area was entirely open, and I was the man behind growing all kinds of vegetables. We never bought vegetables from market - only potato, onions, ginger and garlic was what we used to get from market. I was young, energetic, and could work for 5-6 hours at a stretch. So I planted the tree digging a nice dip area. The tree took around 5 years before giving us fruits and when we tasted it first time, we were thrilled to discover the unique flavor and taste - nowhere we get that in the ones from market. And the size was eye catching - it grows like little smaller than the hybrid big ones that comes to market in late winter. But you can barely eat 2-3 of those hybrid ones.

Over the time, we took better care of the tree to have more of them. But at the same time, our requirements for more house also came up. My brother did built a house for his timber business and a workshop where he started manufacturing furniture. Since our house is road facing, he wanted the house to be built where the tree is. And then that is when, we had disagreements - me and my mother were against cutting the Apple Berry tree. I have two brothers and my father was also in their favor. But we did not give up - crazy arguments for almost a month and they finally surrendered. A decision was taken to build the workshop but cut it in such a way that the tree would also grow. This is how it is now from the road.


This year, the tree has grown beautifully with full of berries. The shop has galvanized roofing sheets - the only reason of saving the tree. Had we made it of concrete, we could not have saved the tree. I walked on these side wall without any support ( my brother fears), to take the photographs. The sheets are stronger but we still walk very carefully on them to get these berries.












See some nice spinach growing over there ? I have a plan to get them. These dry leaves are nice compost, so the clean area you see, was a two hour job for me. I used them in my plants - to mix with the soil to make it light weight. Let's now see the root inside the workshop.





One of the branch was cut down when the workshop was built - the larger party said, they cannot have two holes in the roof. We had to agree with that - at least we could save it. To save the root from termites, proper care is taken and watering is done once a week - no other fertilizers given - all natural. There is door on top of the timber factory - this year it has also been covered - some nice growth.



Here is the view from my main house - full of greenness. Whenever I come and stay here, I hesitate to go back to the cities. The amount of Apple Berry that we get is enormous - but we just give it free to everyone. And the bats also do have their share - they eat almost 40% - they know nature better than us. I would imagine, if we sell, it would easily sell for more than 100/- kg, because of its unique taste and fleshy growth with a niche flavor. It would fetch good money but hey, Money is not everything. Believe me or not, those whom we give, always watch this tree from road. They will come and ask and take at least 2-3 times - they are addicted to it's taste. Sometimes they bring some nice home made pitha / snacks for us - so that they get more. We never sell anything in villages. Last year I had taken few to my apartment and distributed to 4-5 friends - already got some requests on whatsapp - "My wife was asking, if you have berries ready now...😀"

I will show you in another post, when they are ready - sometimes, I skip the breakfast and eat 40-50 of these - direct from tree. Berries are the means by which Nature has given us the natural medicine to develop our internal health to be able to fight with diseases. Sadly, we are seeing less of these species. If you do not know, then Apple Berry has some nutrients that prevents Cancer along with tons of other health benefits. Unfortunately very few realize this.


Outstanding..glad that you find this amazing way to let this tree grow. The tree is full of fruits.😊 ,, these trees are abundant here too in my locality.
Thank you for sharing this inspiring story. Namaste

It is truly an amazing house or apple berry tree. It's known our local Boroi. Anyway, I thought the tree was behind the house and the branches of the tree were on the roof of the house. This is the first time I saw a tree inside the house. And its stalks are on the roof of the house. Really weird. The tree has yielded a lot. These little fruits are my very favorite. It is very good to eat, especially in the raw state with a mixture of salt and pepper powder.

How are you dear friend @sanjeevm good afternoon
What a great story, wise decision, everyone happy and the tree continued to grow, it looks very healthy
I appreciate that you let us know this great tree and its history
I wish you a beautiful afternoon

This is really amazing to have this type of tree or whatever it is. I also have apples trees and enjoy allot to take care them

The medicine that nature gives us and the fruits of nature are magical, there are many cures and benefits for our body, besides they look delicious. Unfortunately, we know about it when we are in trouble. Best of all, I see that it is very sought after by people who are close by, very popular.

RS.75/- A KILO 😶 we have so many out here in our area and no one gives a is hardly available at Rs.20/- a kg in markets and that too in extreme cases..else it has grown wildly at many places.....I remember during childhood it used to be my hot point.

The greeness is stunning, I mean look at all that green, spinach is a healthy source of iron I guess and medicinal. I do not know about those kind of berries, but I believe the weather around that workshop would be massively relaxing

This is such a sweet story @sanjeevm. Your family history tied up with the Apple Berry. What do they taste like? I've never heard of it before. Do you eat them raw or are the dishes you cook them in?

What do they taste like?

Sweet and sour - a mixed taste. Our one tastes more sweet and soft as well. We eat them raw.

It looks delicious. And wonderful that you didn't have to sacrifice either the tree or the house

The price of RS 75 seems so high and its like this should be within the range of Rs 20-30. I like the lots of greenery all around.

All nature produce fruits are great for health, berrys tends to have anticancer propietys and many other health benefits.

Here on Venezuela, we eat a lot of "mamones" or Melicoccus Bijugatus is a kind of fruit that is born from a small tree and is a so similar to berrys that is insane, because you could easily confuse with a few local berys, basically you eat the pulp but not the see.

The seed can be cooked with a ancestral way the local indegenous population managed to find long ago, and is great for the health, to the point eating that mix of dried seed specially cooked if you have some gastrointestinal desease like diarrea, you will get healed in less than a couple hours, and if you just eat the pulp, you just have to eat about 20 or 30 of these and you are done, also get healed.

I discovered that because it was ordered to me by a doctor in a extreme case of bacterial infection on the instestine, when the water suply got infected by some reason i do not know, I ended up eating this fruit 2 times a day, 20 each time, for five days, and the infection that failed to be beated by antibiotics, died down with it. I was amazed with these fruits.

And examples like that can be found on nature all the time, such as the apple berry and many other nature produce, im amazed by the way that tree surrounds the house, how lovely it must be to be in there, to breath that fresh air.

I love this berry fruit I have in my house but it is still raw

I like how you let the tree grows under your roof, it is so satisfying.

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This is so good how the apple berry tree grows. Thanks for sharing.

Amezing garden

I wonder how how it tastes like.

I skip the breakfast and eat 40-50 of these - direct from tree.

But it seems delicious and also it benefited a lot of your neighbourhood.

Great tree and a very thoughtful owner 🙂.

Helo sir
Berry season is going on here too. Berry trees are found everywhere in winter. Even in the festival of Mahashivratri, the importance of this berry increases a lot. I love ripe trees, although the plant has a lot of thorns. Such scenes are reminiscent of the rural areas where there were many plum trees.
Namaste and good day