Intense wind destroys cling film greenhouse! (potential solutions suggested)

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It has been one month since i covered my hazelnut wood arches in cling film to create a green house and was feeling pretty confident about it lasting the whole winter until we had our first real test a few days ago with two days of extremely intense wind.


That test was failed.


Quite provocatively.


In truth, the only plant in here which seems unhappy about its new environment is the broccoli.


I started to feel better as the sun came up and contemplated trying to repair it.


But I could tell as I tried to get my head around it, this was not the way forward.


Instead I carefully rolled up a section of the undamaged plastic in order that I could easily gain access to the greenhouse zone again. I did this because I had not yet finished installing the second magnetised electroculture cable which was rather awkwardly running though the middle.


It was extremely difficult digging a 10cm trench in there without standing on plants.


But with access from both sides it was much easier to complete the job at a high standard.


Blessing in disguise

After further contemplation I have decided we don't actually need this huge greenhouse. In fact a little one will do just fine for my Spring seedlings. And so, this is actually a great opportunity to remove the entire hazelnut wood structure from its current position and re-design the garden around the magnetised cables to optimise productivity for the Summer.

I have ordered circular magnets with holes and I know 'the honey man' in our village who can provide me with bees wax. Aside from the galvanised steel cable (and a compass!) these are the two main things you need to electrify your land with magnetic energy. So over the next few weeks I will be installing more cables and completely re-designing this garden around them, which would not have happened till much later in the year had the greenhouse stayed intact.

What would I have done different?

The answer I believe is a simple one. Gaffer tape. Had I applied ten long strips of tape all the way over the top of the structure (from the ground on one side all the way over to the ground on the other side) this would have held the numerous strips of cling film together.

I know this because I used gaffer tape in one small section and this tape was completely unaffected by the high wind, still holding its ends together perfectly.

In addition I made the mistake of not covering the entrance hole during the storm.


The wind was therefore able to get inside the structure and push through it, rather than glide over the exterior as intended.

This hole will now be used as a pyramid zone which means I will be filling it with the tin cans & random metal I've been collecting for the last month before building a wooden pyramid structure over the top (as recommended by Les Brown in this book).


As I said, every 'disaster' can be turned into opportunity and failure is just a silly word we use to describe the most effective way to learn.

The copper pyramid is blowing around like crazy now and isn't much use here.


This is actually perfect because I need it for an experiment I am doing to measure the effectiveness of pyramid-charged water at keeping cut flowers alive.


I wanted to keep this one brief to simply share with you what happened to the greenhouse and how these problems could have been prevented.

And that is what I have done.

Love & Light everyone 🌱



This is really valuable post

 2 months ago  

Well, it may potentially help some people if they decide to build a cling film greenhouse :)

I am surprised that the wind didn’t uproot all the wooden frame! Here, the string wind could lift roof off the house! The green houses would become like balloons.

Looking forwards to seeing your wooden pyramid!

 2 months ago  

The hazelnut wood arches are dug very deep and I could not imagine a wind strong enough to lift them out of the ground. But who knows? This region is actually famous for its strong wind.

Yes, I have gone pyramid mad in recent days. Have just finished making my 25th small cardboard one! 24 of them are under the beds of the children charging them while they sleep.

I want hundreds of them!

Here is my first wooden one. It is a health spa for cats :)


Wow! The cat seems very belly with her pyramid! Years ago some Thai people were crazy about sitting meditation under a small pyramid! I tried to search for this group so that I could get a small pyramid for myself. But I couldn’t locate this group or their shop. I should try to get one for experiment.

Great post, dear @samstonehill !! I am loving following your journey and hearing how you navigate learning: it is very valuable to have your experience recorded here, and I've shared some of your posts on free energy extensively with my networks...

So much of what you're sharing about ElekrtoKultur is making me feel into the sacred geometry of our consciousness, and our co-creation capacity in working directly with plants: I lived in and around the Findhorn community in Scotland for a few years, and learned directly how they grow MASSIVE vegetables, by communing with - what they call - Nature Spirits. I love how we can use our body to channel and activate, and have a symbiotic relationship with specific trees, plants and stones, etc, in the gardens where I work.

I've done a lot of work too on the sacred geometry of my own body, and love that we are collectively inspiring each other up-and-out of scarcity belief/ thinking --- into spiralling upwards and expansion, conscious co-creation and unlimited potential.

Such mystical times where we're collectively waking up to challenge our energy being harvested and stolen from us by corporations feeding off our sweat equity!! It is so exciting to stop paying into that dynamic - and all the revelation and new information which comes flooding in when we start expecting it! I love being on this journey with you and others through Hive - and will be sharing some big stuff soon too, about the liberation of our core energetic flow....

Looking forward to studying more in parallel with you, around how we set up practical battery/ current systems to have a functioning house with electricity flowing around it. Really exciting!

I live in a medieval quarter abode, which is built directly onto earth and rock, including crystals: there is such power that I've been activating subtly here over the past decade, and I am so inspired about how I can implement systems which work from those energetic dynamics which are inherent, free and abundant. Yeh!! All power to us!

 2 months ago  

So much of what you're sharing about ElekrtoKultur is making me feel into the sacred geometry of our consciousness, and our co-creation capacity in working directly with plants

Oh yes indeed! And isn't it such a wonderful awakening! Am so pleased you are here to appreciate it with me. There is NOTHING in nature which does not in some way utilise the mathematics of sacred geometry to optimise itself and while I always loved nature, I am able to see it in a different way now, understanding it is so much more than just a pretty shape.


Findhorn rings a bell and I am wondering if I have actually been there. Perhaps a long time ago. Did not know about the community you mention till now however! Only in recent years have my eyes become open to be able to see such things.

and all the revelation and new information which comes flooding in when we start expecting it!

Feelin' that. Particularly for the last month. It is incessant. But incredible! Each block of new information always leads neatly to the next and I appear to have been gifted extra energy for this journey. Need less sleep now and wake up like I am super charged (even without pyramids under my bed!). I better not write my expectations on a blockchain but I can assure you they are BIG :)

I love being on this journey with you too!

Like what you said about working on the sacred geometry of your body. This is an aspect I had overlooked. How do you do this? With Reiki?

how we set up practical battery/ current systems to have a functioning house with electricity flowing around it.

Wouldn't that be a dream! I think with electrical experiments it is important to start small and build our way up. It can be dangerous if we jump in beyond our depth. All the parts needed have been acquired now to build a small earth battery set-up. Just need to stop making pyramids and start making batteries!


All the best to you dear friend. Please drop me links to your posts if you feel like I might learn from them! I don't want to miss anything and as you say, we are in this together 🎇

You did a great job with that trench, I know how clumsy I am so I definitely would have stepped on plants. Shame, it's sad that they are looking a bit knocked around now, but your gaffer tape solution will work if you need this in the future. Good luck with moving it and hope that you don't get those winds again.

 2 months ago  

Thanks Emma. It's already done in fact!

Yesterday I built a new one. Much more effective against high winds.

Will get the post out immediately...

I look forward to reading it :)

with a walipini you can grow bananas even up in the north


 2 months ago  


Another crazy word I had never heard before! How do you do that?

On this occasion however I am familiar with the design but was not aware they were used in Victorian Britain to grow pineapples! Wow. Love pineapples. And now I'm wondering if I can grow them here...

I actually have the perfect spot for a walipini.

And... while I was building a new greenhouse yesterday (much smaller and more effective dome shape) someone walked past and told me how they have a bunch of clear plastic sheets if I want them. And so, it all clicks together in this moment.

I will build a walipini!

Thank you 🙏

you can ! ;)

I can't yet - but I'm working hard on my pain and getting money to survive / eventually get some land somedays..

Oh the wind is really so hard that it destroy the cling film that you made. Hopefully your plants will still survive.

 2 months ago  

Sure, all the plants in there can take the winter. I built the greenhouse more as an experiment to see if it could be done. And it can! It just needs gaffer tape ;)

Yesterday I built a new greenhouse, much smaller. For a few pots which need to be kept warm.

 2 months ago  

We have very good experience with wind. It blew away our greenhouse many times. we have no control over it. but I am impressed with your idea of making a cling film greenhouse. seems like you have good weather there. greetings😊

 2 months ago  

The weather is mostly pretty good, though it can get very windy! Even now we have a storm going on outside. But my new greenhouse (featured in the post after this one) is doing just fine :) Cling film really works if it is built correctly.

All the best on your journey!

It looks like the sun reduced the film’s ability to stick to itself and the wind did the rest.

My experience with gaffer/duct tape is once it gets cold/hot it tends to lose its adhesiveness. Curious to see how long yours lasts...

 2 months ago  

So far so good for the new baby greenhouse...

Seems totally solid!

But yes, my experience is the same. Gaffer tape will need to be replaced at some point.

 2 months ago  

Good idea! ^_^
I am making this coming march the same style as yours.

 2 months ago  

Thanks but my style didn't work ;)

Follow the actions of these people for a more solid structure.

Have fun!