Garden update: Some new addition to my balcony garden with hope!

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The title would be about 'winter preparation' but I have no guilt approving that I was being lazy taking care of the garden for the last couple of weeks. There were guests in my house, my son was sick, and so on. When I finally got some time to take a look at my balcony garden, it upsets me.

I know I can turn this and plant something new but what is gone will always be remembered.

Moving on...

I was hoping to see the bottle gourd plant so passionately that I planted it 2 weeks ago! In the upcoming winter that would be a great addition to my balcony. But alas! It died because of the recent rainstorm, probably it was waterlogged I couldn't check on.

Papaya seeds

To make myself feel good and give a little hope I decided to plant some papaya seeds and some cucumber as well. Although I know that it was not a good time but I couldn't resist. My mom gave me some seeds as a gift. What a thoughtful present, no?

Preparation for planting Culantro

Moreover, there were some leftover Culantro (an alternative herb for cilantro). Before throwing them away I thought why don't I just plant them in a pot? As I was not very present in my garden so a few other plants died over time and I got a few empty pots. I planted the Culantro there a few days ago. They are growing so well till now, I'm hopeful.


Papaya plants after a week

And look at the papaya plants! I will separate the best one in another pot in a few days.

*Bottle gourd, long bean, and cucumber seeds (gift from my mom)

After plantation


After a week, new leaves are growing.

Butterfly pea flower, planted a month ago, growing pretty well.


Moss rose/purslane

Finally, these moss roses! They are the best thing on my balcony. I got five of them; yellow, magenta, white, red, and orange. They bloom almost every single day and bring pure joy to my peaceful corner.

There is a lot to do in the upcoming days. I have to add nutrition to my soil, have to clean the pots as well as the balcony. Winter is coming, I need to prepare my balcony garden. Hopefully will make some time and will do that gradually next couple of weeks.

Have a good day, everyone.

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Keeping my fingers crossed that those wee plants not only survive but thrive.
That was kind of you mum to give you the seeds.
Keep on smiling, the plants are happy you came back to them😎😁

I hope so, it would be amazing seeing the plants grow.
Moms are the best, they know what we love most. :)
Have a good day over there ☀🌿🌸

You are right Mums are the best, so spoil yours :)
They will grow, there is nothing better seeing plants grow, nature rocks:)

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Good luck with your plants. 😊