Gardening Season 2022 - First cherry harvest

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Hello everyone and welcome to another garden update! It's already second half of May and things are looking good so, as always, I am excited to share what has been going on since last garden post...


Garden overview


I had to google how these types of cherries are called in English - in Serbian we have a different name for these kinds and a different name for "regular" cherries. Looks like in the US these are called rainier cherries and they are some of my favorite fruits! This season they are doing so well in our garden on one big tree as you can see from today's harvest but other big tree is a fail this year. Still, we have a lot to eat every day so I can't complain.

It was very sunny when I took this photo of the rainier cherry tree but you can see there's a lot of them left. White bucket is a daily harvest, me and my family can pretty much finish that all in one day, lol. They are so sweet, I don't really feel the urge to eat artificial sweets...

Apples and peaches - even though the growth is very settle, I am noticing it. :D One of the amazing things about gardening is being able to notice every change and detail, witness the beauty of nature in the most rewarding way.

Same with pears and plums! I hope we'll have enough plums for jam this year as I don't think we will make rakija (traditional Serbian alcohol drink) but hey, who knows... I'll keep you updated!

I am noticing more blackberries forming which is nice! We trimmed some overgrown parts but there's a couple left that I saw today, trimming and removing old/dried parts is good for fruits and berries. There's always a few strawberries that are ripe enough and ready for daily harvest, if we get more than that, they will go in the freezer.

Raspberries and chokeberries are also looking good, I am pretty sure we will have a decent amount of raspberries to freeze for winter months.

Next we have some cabbage and plenty of tomatoes that started to form their yellow flowers. We eat a lot of tomatoes and also make tomato juice so we always make sure to leave enough space for tomatoes in our garden.

The biggest portion of the garden is taken by potatoes and we are very happy with how it looks so far. We also planted some climbing beans, there's usually a very small harvest of them but we'll see if this year we can get some more.

On the other hand, onions and peas are doing great so far! We definitely planted peas way too close but it doesn't really matter as long as it gives us a lot of produce.

Chard, spinach and salad area is doing well, we have been eating a lot of salad lately which I am loving! Zucchini never fails and after the original plan of two smaller rows, we added some more.

Back to fruits, we have figs and grapes, both growing nicely and both are promising a successful season.

Here I was trying to take a photo of a baby hazelnut but I'm not sure if you can notice it, lol. What you can definitely notice is our huge rosemary bush that I tried to clean up a little bit but I'll need to find some gloves to get rid of more grass and cut the dried up branches.

That's all for today's garden update, I hope you enjoyed taking a look inside our garden area and I wish you all an amazing day!



This ones come very fast , I have also one very big tree, and I see they are soon fast ready 🤗👌👌 are your sweet ones or are they sour ? 👀👌

These ones are very sweet! But they are all gone now from this big tree, we have another ones but they don't give us a lot of cherries this season. Enjoy your harvest! :)

ok :) .... my tree is very big ... so it is hard to get something from very up on tree :)) I can't climb the ladder there either :))

Oh yeah, we have the same situation, we cannot reach the top of the tree even with ladder. xD

Oh my, those cherries are very lovely, I can't help but stare at them. Good evening!

Me too, I feel like I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. :D

You really have a gorgeous garden. And those cherries left me craving:)
Cherries don't grow here, and those that are sold are imported and are very expensive.

Thank you so much! I wish I could send you some cherries! :)


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I can't believe you are harvesting cherries, and I don't even have flowers...

Love the update!

Thank you!

I guess you'll have them when mine are all gone. :)

Let's hope...

Hello @nikolina,
You have an amazing garden.
I could not help myself from looking up the different varieties of cherries after reading this.
Enjoy your crop:)

Thank you so much!

Sometimes I have to look up different variations of the same fruit/veggie as I don't know all the names in English but it's always nice to learn something new! :D

You're very welcome 😁

That's a lot of cherries 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Yeah, I am going to bring some to my friend today since we have so many. 🤣

OHOH i love your garden, is so cute. Nice work :)

Thank you! :)

Hai @nikolina, nice post gardening :D

Thank you! :D

Look at those cherries. So yummy.
I can't believe you guys are already getting all this fruit and veggies in the garden.
We are barely starting to plant here in Canada.

Oh, wow, that's a big climate difference I guess since we started planting two months ago. :O

Wow amazing i like your place. There are many fruits and vegetables specially those Cherries 🍒😋 yummy.

Thank you so much, glad you like it! :)

What an incredible garden! I haven't had a cherry tree since I was a kid, this brings bak good memories!

Thank you, it's nice to hear that this post brought back some good childhood memories! :)

The cherries look amazing, somebody did their job too well. Also, potatoes are the heart and soul of the food block and they look good too.

Thank you!
We absolutely love potatoes in my family so we have to make sure there's a lot. :D

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Hello Nikolina, needless to say that reading your wonderful post, I felt a sweet jealousy flooding me. Truly you are very lucky to live and enjoy the countryside and to cultivate all these good things. Seeing the cherries my mind went to a wonderful cherry liqueur that I happened to try on my visit to Serbia. I am sure that some of them will make something similar or your other wonderful drink Rakia! Greetings from Greece!

Thank you so much, I am very grateful for our family garden and all the fruits & veggies we get from it.
Oh yes, I also love those cherry liqueurs, we usually make plum rakija and then sometimes we make smaller amounts of cherry or walnut rakija from it. Those 'flavored' ones are not as strong, I cannot drink plum rakija, too strong for me. :D
Greetings from Serbia to your beautiful country that I miss a lot! :)