Ficus microcarpa arrived as a surprise

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A new baby arrived today at my home. To be honest, it is an unexpected baby... But very well received on my part, as it will make the family bigger. My plant family.

So, one of the few parents that came today to the meeting I had to hold in the school to give the grades and finish the enrollment of the students for the next school year brought me this plant as a gift. She said it was ficus "something" as she didn't remember the name of the plant.

I did a short research and I found the possible name of the plant.

Ficus microcarpa.

Also, other names came out, like Chinese banyan, or Ficus ginseng.


It was given to me wrapped in this cellophane. Not the nicest decoration a plant can have, but the content is more important. What I immediately liked when I opened the cellophane was the root of it. The green leaves are nice too, but the interesting feature of this ficus is its visible and intricate roots.


When I observe this photo above, I see two individuals hugging. A loving hug, maybe friendly support or someone telling a secret to the ears of the other. But let aside the imagination. The reality is more... cruel.

Those are aerial roots, that are part of the mechanism some species use as an aggressive way of growing. If another plant is living nearby to this ficus (or other species that use the same tactic) it would not finish very well. The protagonist of today's post would spread the roots around the trunk of the nearby plant (the host) until it reaches the ground. The hug becomes stronger, the roots become fat and thick and suffocate the unfortunate host. It served just as germinative support.


The crown of the tree is cool as well, full of green and bright green, oval leaves. It has some flowers also, that look like small figs. However, they are not fruits, just flowers. There are several of these trees in our little town, and in late spring, the ground around these trees is full of fallen red flowers (that I thought were fruits of it).

Though my little baby ficus is not taller than 20 cm, it could grow big. BIG. The tree can exceed 25 m in height!!

And it could live a lot longer than me. Up to 100 years, if I give it correct care and a lot of love. What do you think, will it live that long?

I guess I will have to do an update on this plant in one century :D




Oh I like the fat, deadly roots! Will look cool when it gets older and bigger :)
I have seen them in shops around, but never got one.

The deadly, fat roots are the best, aren't they? :D

Let's see if it gets older. At first, it will have to survive the whole summer with the rest of the succulent gang without me. This will be the first resistance check. If it survives, 100 years are granted :))

They are! I have adenium that has roots like that too. Not deadly though, but they look cool :)

Hahaha oh poor thing has no idea what awaits him :p
Fingers crossed for survival!


I know, poor tree didn't know that fact when happily jumped into my arms :D


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🌟🌟🌟 That sounds good 😊
Thanks for your reply too 🥳

Aaww so cute @mipiano I so see the hug… and a little arm… Aaww 🤗🤗
Great to get unexpected gifts in the form of plants.
This is truly a beautiful specimen of the ficus. 🌱🪴🪴🪴
Enjoy your plant family with new member to it 🥰

You see the hug too, right? Nice :))

I think it is a perfect camouflage hahaha, seems like a nice plant... and just waiting to suffocate another plant lol 😂

I like it too, the plant. I also got many bouquets of flowers, but they will all die slowly. I even don't have enough space, so some of them are in one of the bathrooms 🤣 of course in a vase. Also, it is not that warm in the bathroom, so they can live a bit longer.

Thanks, I will enjoy with the new member, the other plants are also happy, they told me that :D

I can imagine all the bouquets 💐 of flowers everywhere. So wonderful… always nice to get, but they won’t survive long especially in the heat.

Yep, I see the hug, it is so cute 🤗🤗

Yay they are happy too 🥳🥳🪴🪴🪴🪴 time for a little plant party with some beautiful music 🎶 just for them 🥰
Enjoy your day further 👋🏻☀️💃🏻💃🏻

I feel sorry for those flowers somehow.
That are cut and convicted to death.

Good idea, making music for the plants. 🎶
But then I should put my piano on the balcony :))

Thanks and enjoy your evening (hmm, night already :D )

Yep night already hehehe 🤭
Good evening @mipiano
I understand, they are… enjoy them while they last. I tend to give a pot with a plant nowadays when I want to give a gift.
If it is really to much when they are everywhere, maybe an older neighbourhood would be happy to receive one 💐 just thinking out loud.

Yes, the whole neighbourhood can enjoy with the plants hehehe 😂
Maybe they already hear the piano on the balcony?

You are welcome, enjoy your evening/ night too… hope you have not too much work catching up.

I think the plants on the balcony don't hear my piano, as it is on the completely opposite side of the apartment - the room where the piano is.
But I sometimes move my piano to the living room, and from there, it can be heard on the balcony :D

hope you have not too much work catching up.

No, not at all... the hive engage app says just 54 comments to respond to still to clear the inbox 😆😆😆😆

But I will have to leave it for tomorrow.

In the meantime I went for a walk on the seashore, it is San Juan here. But I didn't enter the water at the midnight, I came home a lot earlier.
My son did it, and he says it was cold :))

Aha ok… the opposite side of the apartment. Maybe they still hear it as they have superpowers and special hearing… like music we don’t hear from far away 😇😉🤭 haha would be nice to imagine that.

Ooo not too much pppfff yep, they can wait for mañana 🥱😴😴
That’s nice to be on the beach than with San Juan some places do have beautiful celebrations.
Where I life not, I’m in between of everything.
Wow what a brave soul… bbbrrrr too cold 🥶

It DOES look like the roots are hugging.

That was such a thoughtful gift. I enjoyed learning the details about it and that, it likes to hug it's close neighbors to death ! Glad my neighbors aren't like that ! ha ha

Right? Hugging roots, that is how I had to title my post!
Now it is late to change it haha

Wow, I really hope your neighbours don't know about the strategy of this ficus 🤣

I really like Bonsai plants! Before I have a banana tree bonsai! 25 cm height only!

Yeah, this one is small too, but I have to learn a bit more about bonsai cultivation techniques before I start to damage it :)

It is cute. Lovelyy

Thanks :))

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🌱 thanks 🌱