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RE: Gardening Season 2022 - First cherry harvest

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Hello Nikolina, needless to say that reading your wonderful post, I felt a sweet jealousy flooding me. Truly you are very lucky to live and enjoy the countryside and to cultivate all these good things. Seeing the cherries my mind went to a wonderful cherry liqueur that I happened to try on my visit to Serbia. I am sure that some of them will make something similar or your other wonderful drink Rakia! Greetings from Greece!


Thank you so much, I am very grateful for our family garden and all the fruits & veggies we get from it.
Oh yes, I also love those cherry liqueurs, we usually make plum rakija and then sometimes we make smaller amounts of cherry or walnut rakija from it. Those 'flavored' ones are not as strong, I cannot drink plum rakija, too strong for me. :D
Greetings from Serbia to your beautiful country that I miss a lot! :)