Sometimes It’s The Little Things

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What time is it? It’s four o’clock.
(Variegated four o’clock flowers)

Hi fellow HiveGardeners. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.
About a week or two ago on my way out from work, instead of rushing home, I decided to stop a bit to just look at the flowers in the school garden. I pass by the garden quite often but I had never really stopped to notice all the beautiful flowers that are there. That little stop added more sunshine to my afternoon. I really hadn’t even realized the variety we had there. Sometimes it’s the little things… a little stop.

Let’s check out the flowers I found or saw:


I think it’s the sunflowers that really drew my attention to the school garden. They were standing tall. Chances are that had been around for a while but most teachers and students were on holidays while they were at their peak. I was captivated by the radiant yellow. As autumn draws closer, I figured that they would have soon faded. I recently stopped by the garden again and noticed that they were no longer there.


The marigold looked lovely and quite a few were spread across the small garden.

Rain Lily
I saw just a a few rain lilies but they added beauty to the garden and stood out among the other flowers.

Pink and yellow four o’clock flower
White four o’clock flower

Widespread of four o’clock flowers

Interestingly, I was told that these flowers don’t open in the morning but in the afternoon. I guess that would explain the actual name of the flowers (four o’ clock). While exiting the school, I saw a wide spread of them.

There were also star clusters, common zinnias and globe amaranth flowers.
From a mere glance, the flowers seemed few a sparse but there were several.
We often hear, “stop and smell the flowers” but it’s also good to just stop and look at them. Doing that, made my afternoon.
Star Cluster

Common Zinnia

Globe Amaranth

I hope these flowers will somehow add sunshine to your day, week or weekend.

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Have a lovely weekend.😃


The sun flower and rose look very nice. Thanks for sharing.

😃Thank you and thanks for stopping by.Have a lovely weekend.

Can't help but admire the beauty all around us.

😃Lots of beauty around us.

I love your flower garden tour. I looks like a calming place to visit.

Thank you. It’s a little school garden I often pass by. Quite a few beauties there. 😃