Peppino and Archie on a Date 🐕🐩 - Multitopics Contest # 1

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I ran across this new contest by seeing it on @melinda010100 blogs and I am happy to join in and support this new contest the new community is called #Multitopics created by @juancho10, who is running his first contest in this community and you still have time to enter so please feel welcome to join in and let's give @juancho our support.

He will be running this new contest every week but with a different theme each week and to start of his first week's contest, he has asked us to show him our beloved pets, I am sure a lot of us out there have pets but if you don't, feel welcome to borrow your friend's or neighbors pets and make them a star on hive 🤤

We ourselves have a lovely cat called Molly but I have already introduced her to hive and used all her photos so we will need to get some fresh photos of her, at a later day but today, I am going to introduced to you my cousins Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and his friend's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Peppino and Archie and this is there story and conversation they had on there first date out in the wild with covid muzzled humans.

What are all those humans doing over there ?? They must have been naughty ! They all have muzzles on ! 😂


No big dogs allowed ! Ain’t no mountain high enough 🤣


Do you think that big Doberman over there can see us up here ??? 😱


Archie… “I love you Peppino ! “ Peppino …”Aww 🤑 I love you too Archie” 💙♥️💙


Let’s just sit here forever 💙 ok ! But I’m getting hungry!


Best friends forever 💙♥️ 💙 Do you have any snacks ??



This is my entry for Multitopics Contest run by @juancho


Now who could not give an awe to such cute little faces, myself I prefer big dogs but these two most certainly tell the story better!


Yeah I am a big dog person also but these two are cute as you say. Have a great day @joanstewart 😊

They look very happy together in the photography you captured.

It was love a first sight 🤑♥️♥️🤑

Looks like it!

I think King Charles spaniels are one of the cutest dogs! Great photos and thanks for supporting @juancho10 's new contest!

Thank you @melinda010100 they really are just there name brings curtness to them and my pleasure to support @juancho10 👍

Muchas gracias a ti por el apoyo al concurso. Saludos y bendiciones.

Many thanks to you for supporting the contest. Greetings and blessings.

Hola @melinda010100.
Tienes razón son una raza de perros muy linda, me gusto mucho esta participación. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hello @melinda010100.
You are right they are a very nice breed of dogs, I really liked this participation. A hug from Colombia.

They are cute. Tell your cousin that if they ever let me into Australia again I´m happy to be the petsitter :)

Haha, shall pass your message on @betterthanhome have a great week buddy 👍

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you @ecency 👍

They are adorable <3 <3 <3

Thank you @dora381 they really are 😊

they so cute :)

Hahaha. Great one. I'll check out the contest. Thanks for sharing. We had a pet rabbit but she died so I'll see what I can come up with.

Thank you @gems.and.cookies yeah i read about your rabbit how it got it's heart attack from the playful dog so sad but sure you will find some else pet maybe to borrow as long as the dog doesn't give them a heart attack 😂😂

Hola @kohsamui99.
Espero te encuentres muy bien y te doy la bienvenida al nuevo concurso Multitopics. Puede verse que Peppino y Archie se divirtieron mucho en su cita, están enamorándose más cada día. Muchas gracias por tu participación y apoyo al concurso.

Es una entrada fantástica pero, solamente te falto seguir dos reglas pero no hay problema, solo te falta rebloguear el concurso para darle mas visibilidad. En el titulo debía ir el nombre del concurso pero no te preocupes, este ultimo punto lo puedes tener en cuanta para tu próxima entrada. Espero tengas una linda semana y un abrazo fuerte desde Colombia.

Hello @kohsamui99.
I hope you are feeling great and I welcome you to the new Multitopics contest. You can see that Peppino and Archie had a lot of fun on their date, they are falling more in love every day. Thank you so much for your participation and support of the contest.
It's a fantastic entry but, you just missed two rules but no problem, you just need to reblog the contest to give it more visibility. In the title should be the name of the contest but don't worry, you can take this last point into account for your next entry. I hope you have a nice week and a big hug from Colombia.

Thank you @juancho10 they really had a fun time together and are looking forward to there next date 😊

I have also fixed those 2 problems, I have now reblogged your post and fixed the title ,,, Cheers have a great day 👍

Ohh me alegro que hayas solucionado los puntos faltantes, de esta manera eres otro participante en el concurso, gracias por tu apoyo y mucha suerte en el concurso, mañana se eligen los ganadores. Saludos y bendiciones.

Ohh I'm glad you fixed the missing points, this way you are another participant in the contest, thanks for your support and good luck in the contest, tomorrow the winners will be chosen. Greetings and blessings.

A pleasure @juancho10 and thank you good luck to all 👍

I hope you @kohsamui99 can win the contest held by Mr. @juancho.
Very cute dog. Can I enter this contest my friend

Thank you @lasman07 and yes you can enter any contest on hive your welcome 👍

Thank you my friend

Omg, so cute! They look so sweet to each other 😍

They are such sweethearts the King Charles spaniels and these two are just the cutiest.
Fantastic shots. 😀

Thank you @nelinoeva they do make a nice couple 🐕🐩