Multitopics Contest - Week 7 - Rainbows.

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This week for Multitopics contest the theme is all about finding "Rainbows" they are not easy to come by not a thing you see everyday of the week, I happen to be lucky enough a couple or so times to have been at the right spot at the right time when these Rainbows decided to appear and show there true colors as a kid I always loved rainbow colors my grandma use to always tell me if I followed the rainbow to the end I would find that pot of gold but with my luck by the time I would get there the rainbow would have disappeared into thin air 🤣

The other thing that use to amaze me was how did these rainbows come to be, how did they appear in so many pretty colors well in simple terms rainbows are formed when light from the sun is scattered by water droplets or rain droplets through a process called refraction once refraction light has entered the water droplets or raindrops then it is reflected back out forming this colorful ray of rainbow for our eyes to see.

This is probably one of the best full arched rainbows that I have seen the prefect arch and it was on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand.


These next rainbows I captured at a shopping mall carpark in Danville, California on one wet autumn afternoon was one pretty rainbow with the background sky colored in a beautiful soft pink color.






These next two photos of this rainbow was in Byron Bay were these couple excited kids who had probably never seen a rainbow before were screaming out to there mum saying look mum, look mum what are those pretty colors reminded as a kid saying the same thing.




Contest - Week 7 - Rainbows by @juancho10


Wow amazing! You’ve found some really awesome rainbows. Which looks a lot like a semicircle. Honestly, I haven't seen such a beautiful rainbow for a long time. It was great. Thanks.

Thank you @kawsar8035 happy to bring some color into your life....Cheers buddy have a great week 👍

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you @ecency 👍

wow... those are some rainbows. 👍

Thank you @quotes-haven hope all is well with you 👍

Wow, all these rainbows look great, but the first one is perfect - the photo is awesome 😍

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Thank you kindly @johannpiber lucky to be at the right place at the right time 👍

Most welcome, my friend 😀

Cheers and !BEER

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Very nice natural scenery mate @kohsamui99 👍, I really admire it

Thank you mate @lasman07 👍

These rainbows are so beautiful. I have never seen such rainbows before. Thanks

Thank you @preets they were all a surprise and beautiful to see.