Multitopics Contest #1 - Pets

Hi everyone. Greetings from the Philippines. I found out about this contest through @kohsamui99 who posted about his cousin's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and his friend, Archie and Peppino. That was a fun entry. The host of this contest is @juancho10 and his contest post can be found here. Hopefully this entry isn't too late yet.

We have a multitude of pet cats in our house and a few months ago, one of our cats, Gray, gave birth to 5 kitties. Gray is a very protective mother and would not allow anyone, and I mean anyone, near her kittens. She is the fiercest among all our cats and is a certified rat catcher. She hisses at everybody who comes within 5 feet from her litter. So all we could do was look at her kittens from afar.

However, cats have to eat. And during meal times, Gray had to leave her kittens to partake of the food with all the other cats we have. And so, while she was feeding, we took the opportunity to take photos of her kittens. Here they are, all in a basin where Gray puts them during the day.


Note that there is an empty space in the left side. That's where Gray lies when she's nursing her kittens or when she's watching over them.

A couple more photos I was able to take. Had to hurry before Gray came back or got wind that I was there.



A few days after this photoshoot, another one of our cats, Cali, gave birth to 3 kittens and what happened after is for another post to discuss 😄

All for now. Glad to have been able to support this new community and contest, which incidentally, I learned, my good friend @melinda010100 is also promoting. That makes me feel even happier. Keep safe everyone and may you all have a blessed week ahead.

(All photos are mine.)


What could possibly be cuter than a kitten? And 5 of them is a heap of cuteness! I'm quite excited to see such great support for @juancho10 's new contest!

Hi @melinda010100. You ask me:

What could possibly be cuter than a kitten?

How about 3 more? 😄

Yes, and any contest endorsed by you and friends will definitely have my support. Here's to @juancho10's success. 🍸🍾🎉🎈🎊🍷

What will become of all those kittens? And no, I don't want one! 😂

Haha Good thing you said you didn't want any. I was already inquiring with FedEx if they will accept kittens for shipment to the US of A. 😂😂😂🐈🐈🐈

I love kittens and puppies when they belong to someone else!

Muchas gracias por tu apoyo al concurso, estoy muy feliz de recibir lindos comentarios y mucho apoyo por todos en este concurso. Que tengas una linda semana, un abrazo desde Colombia.

Thank you very much for your support to the contest, I am very happy to receive nice comments and a lot of support from everyone in this contest. Have a nice week, a hug from Colombia.

It was my pleasure to join. Have a nice week ahead too.

Muchas gracias por tus deseos, espero con ansias verte participar en el concurso de esta semana. Saludos y bendiciones.

Thank you very much for your wishes, I look forward to seeing you participate in this week's contest. Greetings and blessings.

Hola. Yo tambien estoy muy feliz de todo el apoyo que he recibido esta semana en el concurso y la comunidad. Gracias a ti @melinda010100 muchas personas se han animado a participar. Muchas gracias por el apoyo. Un abrazo fuerte desde Colombia.

Hi. I am also very happy with all the support I have received this week in the contest and the community. Thanks to you @melinda010100 many people have been encouraged to participate. Thank you very much for the support. A big hug from Colombia.

All new contests need a boost to get going and have everyone see them! I'm glad I could help and that you have gotten so many great entries!

Gracias a ti mi concurso tuvo muchas entradas y muy grandiosas, gracias a todos por el apoyo. Un abrazo fuerte desde Colombia.

Thanks to you my contest had many entries and very great, thank you all for the support. A big hug from Colombia.

Let's see how it goes this week and let me know if you want me to do any more promotion!

Ohhh muchas gracias por el ofrecimiento, no seria mala idea un poco mas de promoción. La semana pasada fue genial, esperemos que esta tambien tenga muchas entradas.

Ohhh thank you very much for the offer, it would not be a bad idea a little more promotion. Last week was great, let's hope this one will also have a lot of entries.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!

Oh my god, how many sweet little kittens. 😀

And more came! 😄😄😄

Really? 😀
You will be having fun times.

Hola @gems.and.cookies.
Maravillosa entrada, son muchos gatitos hermosos, si yo estoy enamorado de 2 que tengo en casa no me imagino estar rodeado de mas. Menos mal lograste tomar las fotografías antes de que llegara Gray, tal vez se hubiese puesto de mal genio jejeje. Gracias por tu linda entrada y por el apoyo al concurso y la comunidad. Espero tengas una linda semana y disculpa por responder hasta ahora. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi @gems.and.cookies.
Wonderful entry, so many beautiful kittens, if I'm in love with 2 that I have at home I can't imagine being surrounded by more. Thank goodness you managed to take the pictures before Gray arrived, maybe he would have been in a bad mood hehehehe. Thanks for your nice entry and for supporting the contest and the community. I hope you have a nice week and sorry for responding so far. A hug from Colombia.

Hug back too from the Philippines. I am happy to support your contest and community. Can't wait for Contest #2 😊

No conozco Filipinas pero he oído que es un país muy hermoso, gracias por esa linda energía. Hoy saldrá la segunda edición de este concurso. Que tengas un increíble día, saludos y bendiciones.

I don't know the Philippines but I've heard it's a very beautiful country, thank you for that nice energy. The second edition of this contest will be out today. Have an amazing day, greetings and blessings.

Pretty blue eyes on the one kitten...