[Story] Valheim: The Elder and his evil brother.

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Due to a hectic week, I had little time to write or to play some games. Oh well, Valheim has taken over the moment I installed it on my computer. The most rewarding feeling while playing the game is to play with others at the same time. Last week we were with a party of 4 and I must say, it was a lot of fun.

We decided to take down the Elder so everyone could receive their Swamp key so we can farm iron in the nearby future. While everyone has shared their story. Here's Utrhil Odinson's. Hope you enjoy :)

After a hard day of work, it was time to get back to my brothers. Our leader, Deranged, must be pleased to see the longboat I finally finished. As I could not wait to show it, I hasted my way to our settlement as I received word of an evil being lurking in the woods we needed to slay. For I am not one to be scared easily, I've had the feeling of being watched from a distance since my arrival to Valheim. Some say it may have been Odin, some say it was a mirror image of the Elder before he was tortured by hate and regret.

I must confront the creature as I have endured too many sleepless nights. The Elder kept me awake during the Sun as well as the Moon, I dreamed of killing the Elder the day before. I realized my brothers and I must slay it together. Dreams don't fool me, I take note of actions. Today, we will strike.

As I picked up Deranged, two of our other brothers awoke and joined the adventure. Björn and Holdin were fierce warriors that would definitely be necessary to get rid of the Elder. As we gathered around the shore, we made our way to an ierry place. A place I'd rather not return to unless I must.

It took us 2 days to reach our destination. Björn roared as loud as he could while he prepared his bow and arrow. He was stuffed with adrenaline. Our longboat was filled with heads of dead dwarves. The brutes we had to slaughter along the way, were perfect to anger and use as bait to summon the Elder. The stench was horrible. I hate the smell of yellow dwarven blood. It's worse than Deranged his farts, and really, the wind backing our sails didn't help much either.

Once we went ashore, we gathered resources as fast as we could to build ourselves a temporary shelter. We were yet to set foot on the island before another Moon lid our shoulders. Feed and well-rested, we began our challenge as we planned to continue our adventure tomorrow morning at first light.

I had the feeling we had to prepare... I had to make sure our brothers would be safe during the fight. I angled my sight to nearby trees as I chopped down another. Our leader, Deranged, carried the heads of the brutes, waiting for me to get ready. He couldn't keep away the smell, as the stench must have been strong enough. The Elder showed up midst my preparation, greeted us with a roar not easily to forget. It alerted all my senses. The last thought I had while putting away my ax, as I stretched my bow, "Today it shall begin and end". The first arrow landed on the humongous thing.

Trees fell down as the beast tried to reach us. The Elder mastered the language of the forest, as it moved with him, on his command. Roots below our feet tried to trap us. We constantly needed to be dashing away for rising roots, and avoid the falling trees landing upon our thick Viking skulls. As my eyes caught a glimpse of fire, I felt relieved that Holdin was with us. The keen strategic bastard lit a few arrows on fire.

While I had the feeling that my flint and wooden arrows did nearly nothing, I could see that these fire arrows clearly left some openings to damage the beast even further. On its back, its skin seems to have been transformed, I knew it. "We must aim right at that spot". The battle took forever, and while we almost took it down, there was another one popping. How on Valhalla was this possible?!. Deranged forgot to cover the remaining heads of the Brutes. We must get rid of it. "Throw them in the fire pit!", but it was too late. Another Elder took aim at Björn.

My stamina was almost depleted, I was not sure if we could manage. I saw my brothers respawning one at a time. I nearly fell unconscious, but... did we make it?

I opened my eyes on the longboat, Björn, Holdin, and Deranged smiling with their newly gained keys in front of me. And of course... the head of the Elder went back with us.

Let's set sail and go home.

If you would like to read more about this adventure, check out this post or check out the previous livestream on Twitch (TrippleWizz). Björn fell overboard... it was quite hilarious! Thank you for reading and see ya next time. Vikings out.

Utrhil Odinson

Play with us;

pass: valheim

10% of this post goes to Derangedvisions because he is paying for the Hive community Valheim server.


We need to get together with everyone and play again soon.

Yeah, I totally agree!

What a total crap. But you know how sarcastic I can be.
But I am not. Although it is the 1st of April. And you know what that means.. April fools! But, it's not that either. It's just a bunch of crap, really.

You funny lil bastard. When will you post some more awesome crappy stuff?

Yoo!! This guy is a mad scientist!

Dude, your narrative was almost more epic than the raid. Great storytelling! Even though it's all true. I like the footnote at the end.... "Björn fell overboard" That's a double understatement! hahaha I am going to make an art post and hop on. Hopefully, you will be there. I made a boat finally but it's not as Viking or Metal as yours! Don't party too hard without me bro!

Appreciate that Berry! Awesome stuff, you could've just used the smaller boat as well! I wonder what we will run into the next time we play together. Oh, I made a wood farm 2.0 in the black forest btw with wolves, if you happen to see them; don't kill them but feed them some raw meat. Probably will do a post about it.

Great write up of our adventure! It was a blast. This week has been crazy for me too! Im hoping I'll get some time today, and maybe this weekend. Hopefully next week as well to hop on with you guys!

Well, that's only gonna be good timing, because once we done with the crazy weeks, we got more viking time, right? This way you can play more often with Madik xDDDDD

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