The XFX 309 SWFT 6700XT | Review

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According to the current news from Team Green and add to that our very absurd local GPU prices, Team Red seems like the best option right now.

But you know what's even better? Protesting and holding off a tad bit more, not buying these 2 year old GPUs for twice their MSRP. Because if we do keep on buying, especially in my region, then this will just promote scalping, and prove, that we the consumers are the problem, the shortages, high dollar rates, scalping yadayadayada comes after.

There is no "GPU shortage" anymore and the prices have dropped significantly all around the world. So, if you're still ready to pay the scalpers a 50% to a 100% extra for GPUs and a Team Green premium(Nvidia Premium) then I don't even know what to say.

Nvidia is currently under quite a lot of heat, which is needed I'd say, that means we consumers just might seal a sweeter deal.



Current GPU Market & Nvidia vs AMD

Yet, why should I care? I'm set for the next 3 to 4 years with my new rig. After waiting for almost 2 years, surviving all the absurd GPU scalping, high prices and shortages, I have finally managed to build a proper PC. (Will be posting about it soon, for now this gem of a GPU and AMD needs our attention)

Even though every part that has been put in this rig is performing way better than I expected; the highlight of this build is without a doubt this BEASTLY GPU from Team Red you see above, the AMD Radeon XFX 309 SWFT 6700XT.

They say the 6700XT is the competitor for Nvidia's 3070/3070ti; yet, when we put put them side by side, the 6700XT just humiliates the 3070 in terms of raw power, absolutely no competition.

Yes, Nvidia does have its perks, especially with their optimization and software, but some people are just okay with a bit of extra power and VRAM. Me for example, as long as I'm getting much higher and the much needed number of fps, I'm good. I don't need access to DLSS, low latency mode and all of that; even though AMD do have their own alternatives for all these features, but Nvidia still takes the cake there in terms of optimization.

However, AMD is catching up though, and if Nvidia don't get their head in the game ASAP, then AMD will decimate Nvidia and take over the GPU market as well. Nvidia is already getting thrashed by the consumers after the release of the 4000 Series GPUs. So, now is the chance for AMD to take over, just how they took over the CPU sector with their Ryzen lineup. No one even saw it coming, we thought Intel was the king and will forever rule, but we should've remembered the lesson we got to learn when a giant like Nokia suddenly became non-existent.






A pretty little card right? Looks all slim and lightweight, but it's actually the opposite. The build quality is absolutely solid and sturdy, which actually makes it quite heavy, so don't get fooled by the looks.

I was eyeing this GPU for a while, but I also had my eyes on the Sapphire Nitro+ 6700XT as well, which is a bit bigger and just has a bit of RGB. This card cost me around $550, which is a tad bit over the international MSRP, but trust me, it is one of the best, or maybe even the best deal you can find in the market right now.

The Sapphire card would've cost me about $20 dollars more, and it would've been worth it too, for a bit more RGB = MORE FPS and better cooling.

Yet, the XFX cards are always a better option for a stealthy matte black build. They've always been this way, I could rewind back by a decade and most of the XFX cards would still rock the same stealthy theme and look. But they've surely "upped" their style though, the detailing and cut outs for cooling and "looks" surely has gotten a bit classier.


Untitled 1.png



Raw Power & AMD Experience

What makes this GPU capable of dominating its category and price range is the extra 4GB of VRAM. People will say that 8GB of VRAM is more than enough, and it is, but VRAM alone never resulted in a more powerful or "better" GPU. There's a lot of other things that come in to play when it comes to making a good, well built and compatible GPU.

All in all, I say they nailed every aspect with this one, a top contender and performer indeed.

On top of that, this card is advertised as a 1440P GPU, and since I'm currently running 1080P resolution, I have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to cranking up my graphics settings all the way up to the top.

We all know that AMD isn't the best when it comes to cooling, and a lot of people still believe that, but I did have my doubts. So after getting this card and after a month of testing, I have learned that people will say almost anything to shit on AMD GPUs and to defend Nvidia. People are still stuck with the 2014 stats, views and experiences, doing almost anything and everything to avoid AMD GPUs.

Yet, as you can see, when the PC is sitting idle the temps are just around 41 degree Celsius. When in-game the temps go from mid 50s to around 65 degree Celsius on average, most of it depending on how much detail and movement is present on the screen.

Junction Temp is another metric added in the AMD GPUs and interface, which basically just monitors the hottest point on the die, that's the simplest way to put it I guess. Anything below 110 degree Celsius for the Junction Temperature is good enough for AMD GPUs.

So, for us noobs, the current and overall temperature is probably the only part we need to keep an eye on.

On top of that, another complaint we get to hear a lot is that "AMD GPUs aren't suitable for content creators/gamer" but my experience so far has just been amazing, whether it be in gaming or even editing and rendering. The AMD Adrenalin Software is efficient and comes in handy when in need or called upon.

Yes, the drivers still do need a bit of work, in terms of optimization and not being mess at release; yet, it can all be solved with a bit of tweaking, or just sticking to an older, much reliant version.

For now the only thing I have left to test out is AMD's SAM(Smart Access Memory) which helps boost the performance by 15%, and is only available in full AMD PCs, from CPU to GPU. So, that surely is an extra perk you'll get to access when you have a full Team Red PC build.




Modern Warfare 2(2022)

unknown_2022.09.28-03.02 - Copy.png


Apex Legends



Now, it's time for the real deal, which is in-game FPS.

So far I've only only gotten the chance to test the FPS results on Call of Duty Warzone and on the Modern Warfare 2 (2022) Beta, a bit of Apex Legends too. The settings used are the most optimal and competitive game focused settings you'll find and need, making sure the FPS is high, game is smooth and visuals are sharp and clear enough to spot any sort of movement.

As you can see, the FPS in both COD's are almost identical; yes, they are under the same name and brand, but Warzone is almost 3 years older than Modern Warfare 2. Yet, I've heard that they run on the same engine, hence the similarity in many of the aspects.

When there isn't much detail or movement going on, you can expect a constant bump and hold of over 200 fps, hovering around 210/220. But when it gets a bit messy and heated, the FPS will drop to around 170/180, which is still quite high.

The AMD Adrenalin software shows that Warzone hits an average of 180 to 190 fps on my rig, quite the same on Modern Warfare 2 as well, which is really good, even on 1080P resolution; because Warzone is one of the most unoptimized games you'll find or play, from the most current and popular titles.

For Apex Legends there's not much to be added, because locking the FPS at 144 felt like the best and smoothest option, so I kept it there most of the time. Yet, if we do decide go unlocked then the FPS easily hovers from 230 to 250 FPS, even hitting the threshold of 300 FPS at its peaks and highs. WHICH IS ABUSRD, in a good way of course lol.

Quick Tips & Conclusion

If you're in need of a good GPU, then please don't limit yourself with Nvidia, check out AMD and see if AMD can offer what you're looking for. I sure as hell thought that AMD just wasn't for me, and other people's advice didn't help much either.

In the end I did my own research and just decided to go all in, and look at me now, got absolutely no complaints so far.

So, remember, DYOR is king, and your needs and expectations won't always be the same as others. That is why you should check out every option that the market has to offer you. Diversification will only promote better prices and make the manufacturers work harder to hold on to their much loved and very "loyal" consumers.

Hence, team green, red or blue, just go with what you need and can afford.

That's about it for this "little" review I guess, this is a big one, it's been a while haha.

I'll be signing off from here then. I thank you all for stick around till the end, you folks take care now.


Cheers & GG 🥃☮️


The catchy part of this card is that it's Slim and powerful simultaneously, whereas, in the current world, all we see are BFGPUs and whatnot. I love what Team RED is doing for the gaming industry. We need competition like this in every industry which would benefit everyone in general!


Slim but hot

Team Red is our last and only hope I'd say, Nvidia is becoming greedy day by day, on top of that we have our scummy scalper distributors in our country.

Intel backed out already I guess, with their ARC GPUs, so no hopes for that. It would've been nice to have seen Intel competing against AMD and Nvidia, some proper competition between R.G.B haha. Which probably would've given us more options to choose from, while also maintaining competitive and attractive pricing. For now, let's just hope that Team Red beats the shit our of Nvidia this year.

Slim but hot

You mean slim but cool, a mid tier and slim AMD GPU running this cool? CRAYZAYY.

Bhai, this card is so beautiful, should have spent some time with this. 🥺

Throughout the whole of 2022, I have waited desperately to build one, main obstacle was this GPU problem, highly overpriced. My first priority was a 3060 but out of reach, have always planned with something of that range, with lots of modifications in the plan increased my budget allocation for GPU still out of my reach, and see what I got at last. Same as yours.😁 As I don't have this much of deep knowledge but yeah, got something better than my previous plans and am definitely sure and satisfied with that. Waiting was worth it.

You are asking to stop buying? There are plenty of people who have more than enough money to put in just because they need a GPU, they must attend their online classes. Haven't I told you that a few days ago someone brought a 3070 for 85k? There were plenty of other good deals but he had no idea about these, all he had was the money and need.

Yes! So far it's going good, not getting enough scope to push it to its limits like you did. Waiting to see AMD dominating here too. Soon!!

Btw bro, I am downloading your GPU images, just for personal use. 😛

Bhai, this card is so beautiful, should have spent some time with this.

I took my time with this one, brought all the parts back home and took my time inspecting every part. Started building the next day, about 5 to 6 hours it us to build it and to make it run properly. The tests and tweaks are still ongoing almost daily, I'm trying to max out this thing, but nothing overkill for sure.

Waiting was worth it.

You can never lose when you're waiting patiently, especially in this tech sector. There's either an offer or a new product right around the corner, just waiting to show it self out of nowhere. That is why I try not to rush, unless it becomes a "necessity" only then there's an urgency present in the moment

And the online classes will go on, there will always be those misinformed and impulsive bunch of people who ruin the consumer experience for us; yet, I hope that the market starts acting "normal" again. And for those who pay the premium for Nvidia, which is almost double here; I don't know what their "profession" is or how much they really need an Nvidia card, all I will say is that this card I'm running here can outperform top tier 3070tis and 3080s with ease, in many, many games. So, I sure as hell "bagged" one hell of a solid deal, and I have absolutely no regrets for going with Team Red.

Waiting to see AMD dominating here too.

Most of us are, the PCMR community is beating the shit out of Nvidia after the 40 Series release. Hopefully AMD will use this opportunity well.

Btw bro, I am downloading your GPU images, just for personal use.

Sure, go for it, no worries haha. 🥃

AMD GPUs are absolutely killing it so far. Lately. Nvidia might have things like the Nvenc encoder which give them some headway in the content creation space, but in gaming, in a certain price bracket, AMD is way ahead. I was eyeing the 3060 only to realize later on that the 6600 is a better choice.

And Nvidia is losing ground with their 4000 series which is expected to be very power consuming and inefficient. They need a new breakthrough to catch up to AMD gpus, and of course get rid of those 4 slot cards. But AMD needs to work on their CPUs too. the 7000 rapahael series seems to be a disasterclass compared to Intel.

Imagine the normal temperature being 95 degrees celcius for a 300$ cpu, and especially they don't support ddr4 anymore. Building a new AMD system just got a lot tougher.

For CPUs it's still is a 50/50 scenario I'd say, has been that way for a while, because we still have a lot of Intel users, but when it comes to GPUs, Nvidia has been dominating for way too long. However, finally we're seeing some proper competition in the GPU sector, thanks and no thanks to Nvidia's greedy tactics and AMD for their latest and brilliant line of GPUs.

Now, with Intel entering the scene, shit just got real and it's time for Nvidia to get their shit together. I hope that Nvidia takes a few big hits and learns a thing or two, while AMD and Intel acquire a bit more "support" and market share, slowly closing the gap with Nvidia.

vaya que tarjeta y potencia <3

Hermosa de hecho

@toushik bro, have a look,
this is the one I was talking about. Me and Riz bro brought the same GPU.


Thank you for the mention @minhajulmredol. Whuu! looks real cool.

I don't know much about GPUs in such depth as riz bhai explained. I just look around and even get a rough idea from Facebook groups. I was looking for someone who could help give a more in-depth idea, so I can build one as well. I realized you did a build recently, so I messaged you. Thanks again for the time that day.

Yeah, Im planning to build one too, but it will take some more time to get a satisfactory machine, but I'm sure not much. It's been almost over one year since I wanted to build one, but the situation just didn't work out. Also I'm not that into gaming, so a laptop has worked, still does. But have been working on stuffs recently, so need a fairly powerful computer, that's what this plan is for. But I'm sure I'd love to play some games that always wanted play:))

But bhai @riz611, I will definitely ask you for help before building one.

Alright, just let me know. We'll then talk about the specs and all.

Take your time bro, no need to rush.
Riz Bhai says, "waiting a loss nai, laab e hoy." and it's exactly true in this sector.

Is @toushik join us or what? If he does, then Team Red will just become slowly just become stronger, promoting AMD products and GPUs, creating a more balanced market and better consumer experience.

I can already see the trend, because just yesterday another brother of mine got the same exact card for his PC, @minhajulmredol. He is also quite pleased with the purchase, and he's way more hardcore and invested when it comes to gaming and tech/peripherals, compared to me.

So, as you can see, people surely are realizing how capable AMD and their GPUs are. Now only if Intel can step into the scene, then we'll have a proper fight between all 3 PC giants.

Is @toushik join us or what?

He will build one too, a few days later perhaps.

Now only if Intel can step into the scene, then we'll have a proper fight between all 3 PC giants.

Exactly. What if EVGA starts producing Intel GPUs, boom!

What if EVGA starts producing Intel GPUs, boom!

That would just mess Nvidia up, just what I want hehe. xD

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