VALHIVE - Valheim Server for the Hive Gaming Community

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Welcome to VALHIVE!

I'm happy to announce that a Valheim server has been setup for the Hive Gaming Community!

If you want to join us please read the entirety of this post.


What is Valheim?

Valheim is a brutal exploration and survival game for 1-10 players set in a procedurally-generated world inspired by Norse mythology. Craft powerful weapons, construct longhouses, and slay mighty foes to prove yourself to Odin! Steam

Valheim is in my opinion one of the greatest survival games out there. It has charming and great looking graphics that doesn't require a powerful computer to run. You can build, farm, fight, sail the seas and explore to your hearts content. While it can be played alone it is infinitely more enjoyable when played with others.


Where can I play Valheim?

Valheim is only available on PC. You can buy it on Steam for around $13. The price will probably vary a bit depending on your region.

What do I need to play?

We are running a modded version of Valheim on this server so you will need to install Valheim Plus on your client. You can download and install Valheim Plus from HERE. You'll find installation instructions a bit down the page. It's a simple process.

We are running the game pretty vanilla with a few unintrusive changes:

  • Camera zoom distance has been doubled.
  • The building range of the hammer has been doubled.
  • Player built structures cannot be damaged or destroyed by others. (This is to prevent griefing)
  • Destroying structures (with building hammer) will return all resources.
  • Wood and stone drops has been increased by 20%.
  • Shouting distance has been increased to cover the whole map. Use /s before your message to shout and chat with people who are far away.

The Valheim Plus mod can make changes to pretty much all parts of the game so this might change in the future depending on what we agree on.

How do I join the server?

I decided to not make the server details public to try and prevent random people from joining and ruining our fun. To join follow these steps:

  • Join the Hive Gaming Discord here:
  • Reach out to me, Pusen (pusen#6969), to get the "Valheim Gang" role. I will hold a short quiz about the server rules before you are given the role.
  • You will now see the "#valheim-info" channel which takes you through the rest of the steps.
  • When you take this role you also accept being mentioned every now and then about things regarding the server.

Take note that the server can only hold 10 people at a time.

The server is hosted in Istanbul to hopefully give the best possible ping for our global community.


Server rules

This server is meant as a place for people to enjoy the game of Valheim alongside others. If PvP and raiding is your thing then sadly this server is not for you. I want people to be able to play the game the way they want for the most part. Some limitations will be in place though.

1. No griefing. This includes stealing and destroying other peoples stuff. Don't take what isn't yours unless you've agreed to share with that person.
2. You must make a new character that is exclusive to this server and name him/her the same as your Hive username.
3. Don't build to close to the starting area. This area will get cluttered real fast if you do. Run for a few minutes in either direction away from the spawn before you build your base. Temporary shelters will be allowed.
4. Be open to sharing limited resources like Surtling Cores, ores and other things that don't respawn.
5. Be friendly and open to working together in general.
6. Don't AFK for longer periods. Log out if you plan to be AFK for more than 10 minutes. Since the server can only hold 10 people online at a time it's not fair to keep slots occupied when others could be playing.
7. Please do not destroy Raspberry, Blueberry bushes and the like. These do not regrow!

More rules will be added if we think it's necessary. These are all also open to discussion but this is what I think will give most people an enjoyable experience to begin with.


Shared village

As soon as the server goes live I will be looking for a nice place to set up a shared village. Everyone is free to join the village, built their own houses and contribute to its progress. We'll get this place setup with workbenches, forges, map tables and portals down the line. If you want to have your own base and village that is completely fine to. If a group of people want to have their own little shared village and keep to their own that is also fine.

I'll have more info on this as soon as I've found a good spot.

The more the merrier!


Server funding

The server has a price of $10 per month.

As of right now I have paid for one month of server time which I'm happy to take out of my own pocket. I will not be forcing anyone to pay but I'm also not willing to pay for this myself if the server goes on for months. If you want to contribute you are free to do so by donating some HIVE or HBD and labeling it as "Valhive Server fund" in the memo. Donations are made to me (@pusen).

The post rewards from this post, and future server updates, will also go into the fund and help finance the server. I will keep an updated message in the "#valheim-info" channel on Discord with how big the fund is at all times.

Last words

This Valheim server will be a place that evolves over time. We'll make changes to it as we see fit. People will come and go, resources will be emptied out and no corner of the world will be left un-explored.

Over time we might end up resetting the server and creating new worlds but I want all of these changes to be agreed upon by the community. We'll hold votes and make it into a democracy.

We might also end up doing events where we load up a new world on the server for a limited time to hold contests whether it be about building, speedruns or PvP. Our main world will of course be saved at all times. We'll discuss things like these as time goes by.

All images without a source are screenshots taken by me.

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Claro me parece perfecto la idea de que tal vez se reinicie más adelante por ahora es una prueba pero se nota que esta bien pensado. Jugué Vallheim varias veces pero nunca lo termine así que voy a intentar estar activo, me encanta la idea.

Looking forward to see you on there!

I haven't played in such a long time! This could be the perfect reason to get back into Valheim. I'm sure it would be fun with a bunch of the community members playing together.


Wes had a server going for a while until he got too bored with the lack of action in the game. Not enough stuff to kill. hahaha Maybe @rubencress would be interested too?!

Would be awesome to see you jumping on the server! Hopefully we can get it to be a long term thing so there's no rush.

Most definitely... I will try and get it rolling here in a bit once i get a little more caught up on a few things. Thanks for this opportunity browski!

Thanks for the tag @castleberry!! OOH yehh... I've not been gaming a lot recently, as I'm pretty occupied at the moment, but dang! Certainly would love to join the server. @derangedvisions?

You must make a new character that is exclusive to this server and name him/her the same as your Hive username.

I might just wanna mint a new Hive account for specifically for this (and it will help me maybe to finally create a gamer account in the process for gaming content)

No need to go to such lengths. I just want to be able to identify people incase we get griefers on there. A character named Ruben would do just as well. Hope to see you on there soon!

I've never played valheim before or played with anyone on a game server like this. I'm really excited for this event. I hope I don't have any problems learning the game or I'll come and live in the house you built lol.

Awesome man! Hope to see you on here soon. We've found a spot for a shared village so feel free to settle down.

I'll settle in as soon as I find out how 🤣

This is exciting🔥


I hope we get to see you on the server soon! Let us know if you need any help getting in.

Oh I'm definitely getting on server, would be on my Lappy in a few and if I get stuck, I'd let y'all know👊

I don't have the game yet but when I do I'll join the server! I'm going to send you 10 hive to help with the server costs!

That's awesome! It goes straight into the fund. We're up to 4 months of server time already from payouts and donations. Looking forward to seeing you on the server!

That's good to hear!

Stuck with PlayStation here😓. Would there be any sort of tournament or event on/for PlayStation users of Hive??

That's a shame. Get a PC!

I don't have a PlayStation so it would be kinda hard for me to arrange something. You're feel to set up any kind of event or tournament yourself though :)

 6 months ago  

Valheim is also included in the PC game pass! Need to test if one can join the server from there though.

Awesome! You should be able to. The servers aren't tied to Steam or any other service in any way. It's all 3rd party.

 6 months ago  

Great news, thanks!

Dang, wish I could get in on this. Once I get Starlink and a reasonable ping I'll check it out if the server is still up.

My wife and I are currently doing a playthrough and we are 100 hours in and only 2 bosses defeated! Just slowly enjoying the game.

Would be awesome to see you on there! Valheim is a game best enjoyed slowly. Me and a group of friends have downed 4 bosses now over around 110 hours. We're just building and enjoying ourselves most of the time.

 6 months ago  

Me encantaría poder jugarlo ya que amo el tema de los vikingos, jeje debe de ser porque acabo de ver la serie de vikingos y me pareció brutal

Feel free to join us!

 6 months ago (edited) 

Jeje me encantaría pero por los momentos no tengo una pc ya que se me daño, por cierto, ¡tu barba parece la de un verdadero vikingo! Es fabulosa😁😁

A very interesting proposal estimated @pusen.

For the time being I need to work out some "technical details" before opting to join. 😡🤗

I hope the best for this game initiative.

Best regards!

Hoping to see you on there sometime. Will be a long term thing so there's no rush :)

Fantastic these Viking style games always present us with images of nature and pre-history.

😎💪👍😉🪓⚔ sounds and looks awesome! Norse mythology is so cool!! :)

I saw Valheim is coming out on Xbox game pass - think it will work with Valheim Plus?

I would expect it to. I don't see any reasons why the Game Pass client would be different from the Steam client. Installing the mod is simply a drag and drop operation so you should be good. I hope!

sick! look forward to it mate

I haven't played it yet but I've seen videos where they rate it very positively, and what a novelty that a game with so little weight is so relevant for today's gamers, count me in once I have bought it.

The game has been very well received. It's only 1GB to download as well. Hope you get the chance to join us!

The ideas in this community are really good, it's lovely to see these kinds of things, they add a huge sparkle and life to gaming! ❤🎮

Glad you like it!

Oh sounds fun, havent heard of the game watched some trailers. Is it a roleplaying game with monsters and dungeons and so on. Looks cool how you build and create stuff. Maybee I should give it a try. 😃

More of a survival game with monsters and dungeons really. The building is perhaps the best part of the game. Feel free to join us if you end up buying it!

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I always wanted to try this game since it came out on steam, now that it is on gamepass pc I think I will give it a try and with the creation of this server for the hive community it is very good and that would help a lot because this game is more fun with friends.

siempre quise probar este juego desde que salio en steam , ahora que esta en gamepass pc creo que le daré una oportunidad y con la creación de este server para la comunidad de hive esta muy bueno y eso ayudaría mucho ya que este juego se ve que es mas divertido con amigos.

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olha só que maravilha ae sim eh

Hey! What language is this? I tried translating it as Spanish but it didn't output anything that made sense.

Hi i wanted to reach you out on discord but i cant send you messages for some reason. Could you help me please id really love to play this game

Strange. My DMs should be open to anyone. Feel free to tag me in the general chat in the Hive Gamin Discord :)

Thanks. I’ll do

So you lied to me when you said I had to send you nudes first.... Great dude, just great.


So far I am loving the server!

 6 months ago  

This looks amazing, I hope this project lasts a long time, I would join the server but I think my PC does not meet the minimum requirements, I hope you enjoy it a lot, I'm glad to see how the community unites to make this kind of events.

I'm busy surviving an interstellar journey of No Man's Sky, but I hope your project will flourish. Good luck!

!PGM love the idea; i need to check if its possible on mac

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This looks so cool and the plans are really impressive.

I love the idea of the project as it will facilitate communal activities, aimed at making gamers work together and build a community in the game "ecosystem".

The graphics of the game looks cool, but my PC right now is "bleeding" (crying)...hahaha. I can't install or play games on it. But I'd have love to join in.

Great work!
Go guys 😁

It would be interesting if the HG community had its own video game... what would it be like? 🤔

This looks interesting, wonder how much I'll lag online. Thanks for setting up a server!

Se ve increíble el juego! 🤩 No había escuchado de el, voy a probarlo a ver si funciona en mi pc 😅 y si funciona entro al servidor!

Enjoyed! !PGM

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Beautiful game, reminds me of Ark and Raft, is a truly beautiful game with those graphics is better, thanks for sharing friend.

Love this idea and concept it he game

I would like to try it but I don't have the necessary resources on my computer, my goal is to buy one someday through hive. 😍

Wow!! This is great

Nice. Valheim is a great game I have played it on and off and it has been fun playing. I don’t have it currently installed as I have been busy with an MMORPG called New World recently. Between that hive and work I that’s pretty much my time gone.
I will look at reinstalling to help grow the community. It’s fun to build and play together.

Very nice

me gusta los juegos de mundo abierto aunque no creo mi pc soporte he heh e

oh my god I really want to join in as well, I hope I can find the time to participate :D 🤗😁

Open world games have always seemed very limited to me, a lot of space and little to do or move I think that's why I stayed away from them in the past, the game looks interesting I don't think my toaster can resist and that says I don't need a pc powerful he he he

I never played this game but it looks great, I love open world games too bad my pc hates them xD one day I'll buy a better pc :3 !! Let's move on, the game looks good

pero que gráficos, pero que atmosfera y tremenda estética 😋, este juego se ve demasiado bueno

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Acabo de descubrir la comunidad. Genial. Me encanto tu post