[rPlanet / play2earn] Just got my very first Mythic NFT -> Alien!

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What can I say... I have waited a long time for it and have almost given up hope that I finally pull a Mythic NFT. Two days ago the elements Space and about 1,5 hours later Alien were found. Some time ago a new system was introduced, where now no longer the first 600 Crafts get a NFT, but you now make the Craft, and then get a ticket. By chance it will be decided (after 24 hours craft time) if you get a NFT, or the craft was lost and you go empty away.

I did 2x Space and 2x Alien. I got a NFT from both. For the Space Ticket I got an Uncommon Space, which staked for about 2k Aether per hour.

This morning I quickly checked if I also got an Alien NFT... and look - I was lucky and could get a NFT.
I opened it directly... I still say so... oh come, that will be again only a Common NFT... Click on Reveal... look away again - look again and say... What? A fucking awesome Alien Mythic NFT, staking for 197,000 Aether per hour! Wtf... what a great sunday. Today is my lucky day :)


Was soll ich sagen... ich habe da sehr lange drauf gewartet und habe die Hoffnung schon fast aufgegeben, das ich endlich mal ein Mythic NFT pulle. Vor Zwei Tagen wurden die Elemente Space und ca. 1,5 Stunden später dann Alien gefunden. Vor einiger Zeit wurde ein neues System eingeführt, wo nun nicht mehr die ersten 600 Crafts ein NFT erhalten, sondern man nun den Craft macht, und dazu dann ein Ticket erhält. Per Zufall wird dann entschieden (nach 24 Stunden Craft Zeit) ob man ein NFT erhält, oder der Craft umsonst war und man leer ausgeht.

Ich hab 2x Space und 2x Alien gemacht. Habe von beidem jeweils ein NFT erhalten. Für das Space Ticket hab ich ein Uncommon Space erhalten, was für ca. 2k Aether pro Stunde staked.

Heute morgen dann noch schnell geschaut, ob ich auch ein Alien NFT bekommen habe... und siehe da - Ich hatte glück und konnte ein NFT bekommen.
Das hab ich dann direkt aufgemacht... ich sag noch so... ach komm, das wird eh wieder mal nur ein Common NFT... Klicke auf Reveal... gucke wieder weg - Gucke wieder hin und say.. What? Ein fucking geiles Alien Mythic NFT, was für 197,000 Aether pro Stunde staked! Wtf... was ein geiler Sonntag. Heute ist mein Glückstag :)






I need to get back to the game then... lots of WAX not doing anything.


Yes, the first Robots are crafted - Lands coming up and finaly the Whitepaper for the Game was released :) Going to be exciting times.

Stake some to 3uor4.wam.
Send you back some TLM

How much do you need?

I'll appreciate Any amount. I used to have 25 wax from infidel mines. But it was removed cause they need money to invest new project.

With 25 more wax at stake i can mine tlm almost all day.

Boa... logo a noite mando te um delegation de CPU, 25 WAX. Se precisares de mais diz.

Quanto e que tas a fazer por dia? So para ter uma ideia. Tens mais pessoal que nao se importava de clicar com o dedo? Poderiamos fazer negocio se quiseres, diz me um preco que achas justo e depois logo vemos.

=) estes 25 WAX podes considerar como gratis durante uma semana. Ate nos estabelecermos um preco.

Ah... e toma la uma geladinha... para compensar o calor... !BEER

E !PIZZA ...

Mas se preferires tambem tenho !WINE

E nunca te esquecas... lots of !LUV

and !ENGAGE heheheh

Hi @forykw, You Have No Enough WINEX Tokens To Make A Successful Call.
Please Stake Atleast 25.000 WINEX Tokens.
(We Will Not Send This Error Message In Next 24 Hrs).


Contact Us : WINEX Token Discord Channel
WINEX Current Market Price : 0.270

Got it... needs staking now. Great. Well done.






@vaipraonde, you've been given LUV from @forykw.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/1)

And testing !WINE again.

Congratulations, @forykw You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINEX With @vaipraonde.
You Earned 0.100 WINEX As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 1/4 Successful Calls.


Contact Us : WINEX Token Discord Channel
WINEX Current Market Price : 0.270

Adoro vinho! Prefiro ate q breja. Hahahah.

Valeum vamos ver quanto consigo gerar agora. Pq estou com os wax baixo q fiz umas conversoes oara tlm e eather.

Esperando valorizar para comveeter em wax novamente. Mas em geral 1 tlm por semana. To com std drill e std capacitor

Done... tens 25 WAX. Ve se consegues vir ao HiveFest!

Desde dia 28, consegui minerar 6.4722 com sua ajuda...
te enviei 1 TLM



tks!. vou pesquisar sobre hivefest. to por fora...

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

This post feels overrewarded so adjusting a little.

try alien worlds on wax

ahhhhh super nice dude! Pop the bottle of bubbels today to celebrate. The ones grinding for months like you on this deserve this! Congrats

197k per hour DAMNNNNNN that's crazy lol I need to get this crafting thing figured out.


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