Mass Effect Stream - I have never experienced this game

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Heard nothing but positive about this


The Mass Effect Legendary Edition was just released on Xbox Game Pass. It is a remastered version of the three installments in the Mass Effect series. All of the graphics and models have been upgraded to 4K and it includes over 40 DLCs that have been released for these games.

I have no idea what these games are about, but I am pretty excited because I have been waiting for this remaster for a while so I can get into them because I have heard nothing but good things about these games. I haven’t played a good sci-fi rpg in a while, so I am looking forward to this. Thanks for checking out the streams. If you don’t catch it live, twitch saves the videos for a while.

Thanks for tuning in.



Great games, especially the first three. Love the story. The last one, Andromeda is also good but does not the beat the first ones.

That’s what I have heard as well.

I’ve been contemplating buying this bundle but I just have so many new games to play. Especially with God of War coming next week and Elden Ring not far off. Mass Effect games are awesome. Great story, gameplay and characters.

God of War is next week? Well my Mass Effect gaming won't last too long then. Luckily it was free. I don't know what to think of it so far. Seems a bit clunky with the controls.

The release for PC that is. The new game I have no idea when is.

That’s right. PC Master Race can finally enjoy the first one.

Ahh man, I can't wait to hear what you think, Bioware in it's prime right there. I replayed them with my GF who has never played them before she loved them, the writing is amazing in this thrilogy. One thing I'll say though, the first games dialog can really go on a bit, I found it great because of the lore and detail you can dive into during dialog, but I can see why someone would find it a bit tedious. The second game gets really punchy with the dialog though, also the remastered graphics is noticed in the first game, but you can really the enhancements in the second one.

It sounds like it will be pretty cool. I just hope it's slow pace can keep my attention.

If you go around doing loads of side quests and all can slow the pace down but if you were to stick to the main missions and do a couple side missions here and there you should be able to keep the pace up.

You are in for a treat. The first 3 Mass Effects are amazing although the remaster doesn't improve on them. It's too bad Anthem potentially ruined the future of the series which is why they resorted to the boring reboot/remake culture we've had lately.

Ya, Anthem was a pretty big let down. It started off pretty cool then went downhill fast.

Oh man, Mass Effect is up there as one of my favourite games! Fantastic characters, story, the first installment feels a lot more RPG-ish and "slow" compared to #2 and #3 but it's so good.

Prepare yourself for the glory of the Mako! 😂


Ya, I can already tell it's gonna be a slow burn. Hopefully it can keep my attention.

Never played mass effect before!!!!! What the hell dude? You missed out on one of the greatest games out there!

All joking aside, I was kind of in the same boat. I discovered ME a few years after the third game came out. It's one of my all-time favorite games and I wish I could experience it for the first time again! 1 is good, two is bat shit amazing, and three... Well there's lots of debate around 3 but I love it as much as 2. Have fun playing the series!

I finished the first one on the X360 in 2007 or so. It must have kept my attention but I never looked at the others. I would try that first.