Finally playing Dead Space

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This game is going to be crazy


The Dead Space games have always been games that I wish I had played earlier, but back when this series first came out, my life was crazy and I did not have time to play video games like I can now. So when I saw that they were remaking this game for the next gen consoles and PC, I knew that this was my time to really get into it and enjoy it.


I am not very far in the game at all, and I have tried to keep myself spoiler free from what is going to happen in it, but from some of the reviews I have seen of this remake, they all claim that this is probably the greatest remake of an old game. So that is pretty cool. The Last of Us remake was an amazing game, so I am really looking forward to playing through this game.

From what I can tell, you are part of a team that traveled about six months to a space mining colony and when you get there, you crash land into the ship because nothing is working there.


When you get out of the ship, you quickly realize that something is wrong since everything is off and there are no people.


It doesnt take long before the monsters come out and start killing the members of your crew. You begin to realize that these monsters are actually the people that were working on this rig and now we need to figure out how to survive what is going on there.


The graphics are incredible and the lighting effects really give off such a creepy vibe. I've seen some of the monsters in the trailers and saw how you can shoot limbs off of them and make them fall to the ground to stomp their heads in until they are dead. It is a pretty brutal game, so people that are easily scared or put off from gore should avoid this game.


My daughter's boyfriend said that the Dead Space games are some of his favorite games he has ever played, so I am pretty excited to get into this one. The one downside that I have seen is that it is a pretty short game. The main campaign is about 12 hours long, so it does suck to pay $75 for a game that wont take too long to beat, but luckily we had a good pump in the crypto markets and I used some LTC to buy this.


So have you played the original Dead Space before? I am excited that I am at a point in my life where I have the time to enjoy some of these great games that have come out. Some people don't like that they are remaking a lot of these classic games, but I think it is awesome that they are giving these games a fresh look for the current gen graphics and giving a way for people now to enjoy their stories.


I haven't played this game before and I have so many games to play loool. I need a lot of money and a lot of time for this. In our country the steam rate for games has been updated and the prices of games have increased incredibly. The price of this game is currently 1000 Turkish Lira. It makes about 53 dollars, maybe it is cheaper at the dollar exchange rate, but we do not earn dollars. I think if the price of Hive exceeds 1 dollar, I can get cheated and buy this game.

Man that sucks that a lot of games are priced outside of what people in your country can afford. Hopefully crypto spikes so you can pick up some new games and make some money in the process.

Oh man, you never played it, well I heard that one of the biggest mind melting thing that happens in that game is....

lol, imagine someone just coming on and saying that. "Hey, I know you haven't played this, but here, let me spoil it for you."

Cool games, but I've never completed the first one, I've watched them being streamed though. I did see it came out remastered too, maybe I'll try get into them as well. Yeah, you're right man, giving these old games a new lease on life is good, but the annoying thing is when the game company is doing a half assed cash grab. From the screen shots though, this seems to be good.

I didn't realise the campaign of the first dead space is only around 12 hours, mad, I assumed it was longer.

I still haven't completed the mass effect remastered trilogy, but that was done so well, I remember talking about it with you when you picked it up. Did you ever complete that in the end?


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Ya I can see how some people would be upset about companies releasing remakes and charging full price for them. But with this game, you can tell they really out in a lot of effort. Plus since I have never played the original ones, I don't mind paying full price for the game.

I never did finish the Mass Effect games. I played them for a couple hours, but I never did like the controls. If I can't get past sloppy controls in a game, I don't ever finish them. It did look cool tho, but those games are hundreds of hours to complete and I don't have the patience for sci-fi games that last that long.

I finished this on the X360 first time around. I remember it being quite a tense game that would scare the shit out of you.

Ya, it is a super tense game. I've heard the remake is scarier because everything seems so real.

I have never played Dead Space either, and I was born at the perfect time to try this game since it was just coming out when I was only about 7-8 years old. I guess I never got the chance.

I have to admit that the graphics of this remake are on another level and maybe my calculator can't handle this game, but when I buy my PS5 (when it starts raining bills from the sky) I think this game will be one of the first games I will play.

I hope you get to be able to play it. You will most likely cry yourself to sleep because you are gonna be so scared.

I can tell right now that you are happy after finally playing this game. From the images that you shared and the way to tell your story about the game, it seems that this is indeed a great game. I, myself love this kind of game, the only hindrance that keeps me from playing this kind of game is the $$$. I wish I have some to spare so that I could also play this game.

I hope you can play it one day. It’s a lot of fun so far. It is such a creepy game.

I hope so too (^_^)

I wonder if there will be any noticeable differences between this version and the original beyond better graphics and better sound. I've seen several trailers and in terms of gameplay it doesn't seem to me as radical a change from the original game as the RE4 Remake is being.

The sound is most likely a lot better as well. When you play with headphones, it is really immersive. It can get a bit scary at times. It’s a lot of fun.

I can imagine it, the original already had very good sound and really scary moments. I hope to be able to play this new version at some point.

I'm playing the original for the first time! I plan on picking this up and playing the remake after I beat it!

I've downloaded the second and third game on Xbox game pass, so I will give them a try after I beat this one. I wonder if they are going to remake the entire series. This remake is amazing.

I heard that the remake hints at that there will be another remake of 2 but I am not sure. I've played 2 loved it, and only played a bit of 3.

Personally, I can see them remaking the series then after the third remake is launched we will get the announcement they've been working on Dead Space 4

That would be awesome. I wonder how long it would take them to remake all of these games though. I wouldn’t want to wait another 5 years or so for the next one.

I'm not sure. IIRC, they announced this remake less than a year ago. Ofc, it was probably in development for longer than that.

Hopefully they remake all of them. I don’t know if I will be able to make it through parts 2 and 3 because they are so old.

I've played the original version and from my point of view I think it's great that they revive it, I just hope it maintains the scary atmosphere at least, although as such, instead of feeling scared, it's just sudden scares xd.

From what I have heard, the remake is scarier. The sound is better and the atmosphere is way scarier and real.

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Haven't played it yet. I am curious. Is it Resident Evil 4 in space?

Not really. It's got a completely different feel than the RE games.

Wow that's a good one because we always feel happy when we are able to do somethings that we thought we have missed.
Sometimes in our lives we are caught up in the middle of danger and we really need to think and come up with something immediately in other to save our lives.

So having known that shooting off the limbs of the monster will kill or pull them down and this will save your crew in the game, where you able to kill the monster?

Ya, you just blast their limbs off and stomp their head in. They are pretty easy. This game is pretty scary.

I don't think I can go for such because I get scared easily, I might scream or 😭.


Noooooooo 😮😮😨😨😨😨😨😨

Am scared 😳😳😳😳😳


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