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Blood... I need blood 🩸

The fighting mechanics in Vampyr work extremely well. You must not only juggle health and stamina, but also your blood supply. This blood is basically your magic. The only way to regain blood is to consume it from your victims. This can be done by stunning them and biting their neck, or by using a weapon that draws blood in exchange for slightly less damage. I have been building my character to focus on using a weapon that replenishes my blood, rather than stunning and biting. Both work well, this is just my preference.

Abilities that require blood are costly but effective. Blood Barrier enables you to create an invisible barrier that absorbs damage until it fades away or is destroyed. Bloodspear throws a spear made of blood, which can pass through and damage enemies in front of you. Autophagy – drains your own blood to heal from damage rapidly. Spring is a supernatural jump towards your target that causes damage upon landing. Abyss creates a Shadow vortex at your target’s feet. Coming to life, the Shadows interrupt an enemy in the area and inflict tremendous damage. These are the abilities that I am working with, but there are plenty of other options.

Dodging is a big part of doing well in combat situations. There is no parry, but the dodge is very powerful. It consumes stamina, as does swinging your weapon, but there are skills to counter-balance the loss of stamina. Vampires are extremely quick, so your dodge pretty much looks like a teleport. There are even some hard-to-reach areas of the map that allow you to travel distances in an instant. This game really makes you feel like you are truly a vampire and it is amazing.

I hope that today's video allows you to enjoy yourself. I am really loving this game, but think I may have to take a break for a bit in order to cover some other games. I do plan to keep this one downloaded and come back to it, as I have not had my fill of blood quite yet.


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This is absolutely fabulous game-play 😃

I am glad you enjoyed the vampire action.

weapons that draw blood and 'suck' them to give to u? COOL! and remember,

Even the shark smiles before he bites!! :P

Got to love blood magic 🩸🪄
That’s a great saying 🦈

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