I finally won my first race in DIRT 5

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This is my calling 🏜

I have been playing the daylights out of DIRT 5 since I got it for free. I knew I was going to like this game, but I had no clue it would be in the running for my favorite racing game of all time so quickly. I cannot recommend DIRT 5 enough, especially if you have a PS5. This is a MUST PLAY! Do not sleep on this one, the DualSense will blow your mind.

As much as I have been loving the game, the AI is a serious challenge. It took me several races to get used to how this game plays. The drifting around corners feels so good now that I am growing used to it. I never get tired of power sliding around the corner on the various terrains. Each type of ground requires a different drive style and it can be felt realistically through the haptic feedback in the DualSense controller.

Getting my first win feels damn good. I know that I am making progress in this game whenever I can finally come in 1st place. I refused to lower the difficulty level.

In this race, I decided once again to drive my trusty Škoda Fabia Rally2 EVO, the one from my first impressions video. The octopus livery for this car is so badass and it drives very well too. This Rally Raid race takes place on the Kalabaka Town Uphill track in Greece.


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This game looks great! I love to see you win 1st place. Congratulation. you are a professional game player.

Winning is essential to feeling fully accomplished as a gamer.

Congrats on winning the race man! I love drifting and it looks so cool when u entering the corners.


Thanks bro. Drifting is my favorite mechanic in driving games. Arcade style is the best.

I already told you I got this for free
But now I really feel like playing it myself,
thank you for inspiring me!!! 🤩

And nice win!

I hope you have fun with it and do well. I tried to get my brother into it, but he ended up going for Gran Turismo Sport since GT7 is coming on March 4th.

Of course Gran Turismo the race game since the playstation one times...
i never got warm with it but it have a big name and has been hugely hyped for years! 😱

GT really has been around for ages. I played the very first one on a demo disc for the original PlayStation.

I loved the demo discs from playstation magazine,
with these demos i got every week new worlds to jump into! 😲

Makes me sad that none of the old magazines are really a thing anymore. It is nice and convenient to have all of the content available online.. but I grew up blazing through the magazine that randomly showed up in my mailbox.

It's very sad but times have changed,
i mean in the good old times, they were no dlc‘s or battlepasses or anything like that. U bought just full games for a fair price, that‘s it! 📜✅

When you take hours and hours to 100% a game now… you never know when they may decide to add new content which makes your former accomplish no longer valid. Gotta keep that 100% status. Keeps ya playing indefinitely.

CONGRATS!! :) way to hug those turns. I like how u get barely ahead of the other car in the turn, but it edges u in front (like they push u) and it keeps them back. :P

I highly recommend playing this game on a higher difficulty to increase the competitiveness. Even if you don’t get first place, you can still progress in the career/story just by completing the races.

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