I finally unlocked the Audi S1 - DIRT 5

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Getting rowdy in my new Audi 💍💍💍💍

If you know me at all, then surely you understand that I am a big fan of the German automaker Audi. I have had my 2009 Audi A4 since 2013 and still am in love with how it drives even in 2022. My obsession with the four rings extends into racing video games. Some games fail to include any rides manufactured by Audi, but thankfully that is not the case with DIRT 5.

There are three Audi vehicles in DIRT 5. The Audi TT Safari, which is a DLC car. The extremely beastly electric off-roader called Audi AI: TRAIL Quattro. Then my baby that we are focusing on today, the Audi S1 EKS RX Quattro.

I have always been a massive fan of the S1, it is a shame that they still haven't brought production for that car over here to the USA. If they made that ride in the states, I'd surely have one by now. It is so small and looks to be a blast to drive. Now that I finally have obtained it in DIRT 5, I can confirm my suspicions.

I took my sexy new car out for a Stampede race in Tijuca Forest, Brazil. This thing is quick and handles exactly how I want it to. I was able to claim 1st place during my first time driving my new toy. Of course, I had to take it into the livery editor as well. I look forward to eventually crafting an even better design once I can afford to unlock some of the more unique patterns.


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I love your video quality so much
you can't believe it!

And the Audi S series,
My wife loves it so much.
Really all of them 😄

I appreciate that so much. I know that I have to thank my PS5 for making my content look so polished. Recording in 4k with a good mic and using ShareFactory enables me to pump out loads of gaming content.

I agree with your wife. Audi makes so many amazing cars. S and especially RS specifically.

UFF so the PS5 has done so much work
to u? to save the high quality?
Amazing, with the PS4 u have to edit to much,
to have a very nice quality. 😓

The PS5 has all content creation elements built-in to work together seamlessly.
You always have to be really good at starting and stopping the videos on time and not wasting too much time in silence. Otherwise, it'll be boring or require a lot of editing.

At least ShareFactory on PS4 actually lets you download themes. You can import your own on PS5.

nice.. got more POWER! and #69!! :P u had some perfect drifting turns in that one. :)

69 fo lyfe!
This Audi is a beast to drift with.

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