64 player Conquest on Orbital - Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042 on PS5

Today I bring you some more gameplay and commentary from the latest BF video game. Orbital is the map from the public beta that you may or may not have played way too much. This map is set in an orbital rocket station in Kourou, French Guiana, where the player must fight against both enemies and a deadly tornado, all while a giant rocket ship is pending lift off.

One thing that makes this gameplay today much different than the beta is the fact that there are only 64 players on a smaller version of Orbital. Normally there are 128 players and the maps are so massive that it takes more than a few minutes to walk from one side of the map to the other. I love the scale of regular 2042, but I am much better at the game with smaller maps.

Last-gen consoles have been playing with 64 players as their max this entire time. I love having the option to go down in size and experience this gameplay. Part of me wants to wish that they went too big with 2042 and didn't need maps quite as large as what they have.

I'm starting to like BF 2042 even more than I did at launch. Most of the major bugs are finally gone and the game has been relatively stable for me. I'm figuring out which weapons and operators work best for me as I approach level 50. Only a matter of time before I get there.

I hope that you enjoy the video. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


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that remember me old battlefield days :)

I’ve been a fan of battlefield since Battlefield 2 Modern Combat and A Bridge Too Far. So many good times.

battlefield 1942 was the first i played with friends on lan :)

I actually never played 1942 (2002) until I had the chance in 2042’s Portal mode. Battlefield 1943 (2009) was a game that I spent a tremendous amount of time dominating in.

Nice endcard and style on your blog!
And yes, I got some Battlefield games from my PSN subscription
and have to play it online again!
This chaos and the broken cards at the end
are so much fun!!! 😄

I appreciate it, I’m big on design aesthetic and making things look pleasing to the eye. If you’re looking for a solid BF option for cheap or maybe even free, Battlefield V is my personal recommendation. One is really good too, but I prefer V.

I also have v
But right now I play a lot of single player story games
that I missed in the summer 😄

I just started Spider-Man Miles Morales and gave also been playing some Vampyr and The Witcher 3. I’ve been wanting to try Fallout 76 since the map is based on WV. I can only play so many games at once though. They seem to release almost constantly.

Yes, we are really saturated with games right now!

In my opinion they are almost too many to play them all this winter! 😲

I will never play every game that I want to play. Well maybe play, but definitely not finish them.

Me too 😄

I don't finish most of my games
because in the halftime I want to see the others!

I'm getting better at finishing the main story at least, but doing every side objective too is really just too much work, no matter how fun it may end up being.

Hey, it reminds me a lot of the COD black Ops 1 mission where you had to stop a rocket launch.

Wow great call back. You have a really good memory. You’re right, it’s very similar and I too remember that mission. There is even a near infinite staircase in 2042 to climb if you don’t have a grappling hook to quickly get to the top.

Well, I remember it because I replayed it about 100 times to get through it. And well, 2042 I didn't have the chance to play it, but I have it on my to-play list.

I’m guessing you were playing on Veteran. COD campaigns are designed to make you die on the hardest difficulties.

I highly recommend that you wait until Battlefield 2042 is offered for free to see if you like it. 2042 already had a free weekend and surely will again. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is given away for free one month either. It may even go F2P eventually.

Well, I remember it because I replayed it about 100 times to get through it. And well, 2042 I didn't have the chance to play it, but I have it on my to-play list.

Get to the CHOPPA! that gun is sic! :)

Rambo style!
It has near infinite ammo, just like the movies. Just what a sorry Battlefield player like myself needs to stand a chance.

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