64 player Breakthrough on Hourglass - Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042 on PS5

Today I bring you some more gameplay and commentary from the latest BF video game. Surely you are familiar with the map Hourglass by now, I play it a lot. Something that is still new to me is this 64 player option rather than the normal 128 players. I feel like I am playing with a totally different level of skill when I am in these smaller servers.

Breakthrough is a tough game mode when two teams are evenly matched. The tug of war just goes back and forth forever. I thought we were never going to push through, but we actually ended up winning this one. I had to use my ability to go prone to my advantage, otherwise, I'm not sure we would have ever captured the last few points.

This PKP-BP LMG that I have been using has pinpoint accuracy. There is a major difference in recoil when standing, crouched, and lying down prone. When you are laying down, there is basically no recoil at all and even with only a 1x magnification scope, I can still blow enemies to bits from range. Switching to the LMG was quite possibly one of the best decisions I have made since playing 2042.

I hope that you enjoy the video. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


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talkin to urself again?? :P that auto gun turret was nice. OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE!

I have gotten pretty good at talking to myself 🥳😉

it's a skill that's good for us! :P

I don't know should this be today's battlefield?
A future-oriented game and not like the other classics?

Okey, I gotta say I'm a weird player
I mean my favorite game was Battlefield Hardline too.
What many other players never liked! 🥴

There is too much missing from 2042 that I think would allow it to be the ideal Battlefield for today. It’s still great fun, but I find myself asking why this and that are not in the game.

Hardline was dope! All that money flying around, cool music, excellent gameplay. I miss that one. I actually still have it, but I’m sure not many people are still playing it.

What the hell?
They really removed it?!

That was the coolest feature in my opinion
and yes Hardline was such a nice game,
I mean the officer campaign and in the online games
the heist mode! 🕵

 4 months ago  

Despite all the memes that have come out related to this video game and the bad reviews, I still like it on a visual level, since Battlefield has always had a pretty good graphic section,

and the fact that the environment can be destroyed in such a detailed way in that way and not only being a physical object on the map with in many games really gives it some good positive points, a pity that at the marketing level it has not succeeded as expected, very good video friend greetings from the cave❗🐻🎮🚀

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You are spot on with that comment.
Have you seen the videos for a game called Clownfield 2042? It actually looks surprisingly good. Just shows that Battlefield 2042 could have been so much better.

 4 months ago  

yes!, in fact I talked about it in a post, the truth is incredible to see what the community can do in response to some games that did not turn out to be what they expected, hopefully in the future this will be something to laugh about and that companies really take into account their consumers,

because if something is true, they are what they are today thanks to the money of their consumers and the people who continue to buy their video games, the truth is that it is quite funny to see how the community brings out really curious games as a result of this type of thing , greetings from the cave friend❗🐻🎮🚀

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I still can't stop being fascinated how nice this game looks, lol! Such a gem for the gaming history!

Though, with the war possibly to start between Russia and Ukraine, I became more anxious and scared on the shooting games. That's because Ukraine is next to Romania and I'm very afraid for the situation currently going on! 😞

This game definitely is a sight to behold. It is a bit worrisome to think that perhaps our world could descend into chaos like this by the year 2042.
Let’s hope that Romania is unharmed by the pending war. I like to imagine a world full of peace, but sadly that just isn’t the case always.

Yeah, it's horrible to realize that all your plans made for the next months and 1-2 years might not even matter anymore because there is not a next day promised to be alive. 😥

Nothing is promised, so we must live without fear to the best of our ability.

One thing I'm struggling with now is the fact that for the first time in almost 10 years I finally am not trapped by a job and could travel... but most of the places that I have always wanted to go make it so much harder to get in now. I can't just show up and go about my business. It's always quarantine for this long, have these test results, take this medicine. None of these are things I want to do, so here at home, I sit.

Unfortunately yes.

And I totally understand you. Often when we finally set ourselves free from something we were doing for so long wanting to have more free time for our passions, turns out as a thing that we still can't enjoy. Hopefully the pandemic won't last for too long anymore so we can fully enjoy the life again...

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