Awesome review man! I loved this game. It was so sad especially at the end. I loved the multiple endings. Such a great memories :)

Oh... so , definitely worth persevering through to the end then?


... it is numbers flying off people's heads and bodies.

Hmm, definitely not something I would imagine about in a game like Cyberpunk... Like, hey, that's something that appears in all the games that I play that involve damage, but Cyberpunk... that feels weird.

And I'm not sure about the shooting from stealth thing. In Honkai Impact 3's APHO content, if you do a stealth attack (meele only, sadly), it does a time-slow effect and lands your attack in a pretty heavy hit with some amazingly large number, which even if it doesn't instantly finish off an enemy you'll have that "gotcha" feeling and start the fight with some advantage brought by that first strike.

(which honestly doesn't help in some cases if you are surrounded a few seconds later.)

Can't really do a direct compare, but it does sound like Cyberpunk's stealth attack mechanic doesn't make a lot of sense lol.

The game does look very beautiful from your screenshots, and luckily (?) it doesn't seem to be too terrible from your conclusion! Not to say that I'm going to play it (I don't have a computer powerful enough for it), but looks like it's not as bad as everyone else says so. The initial launch of the game did screwed up everything... but well, seems like it's still an okay game in the end?

Yeah... I think this definitely falls into the "okay" category. I was hoping for a bit more (I think others were hoping for A LOT more... ), but it is what it is. I will play it through... but it could have been something more!

well well well, cyberpunk :D sometimes I really felt in love with the game and got connection, sometimes i'd hate it and i wanted to get sick. In the end, I could not finish the game and left it half-finished.

Oh no... I hate it when a game is mostly but not finished. I'm struggling a little bit with it... but I want to finish it!

It's been a while since I stopped playing because time doesn't give me enough to last the 4 hours I want to play haha, well, unless it's the weekend, I also had a huge hype for this game, but unfortunately I don't have a PC so powerful enough to be able to run it, but anyway, the truth is I always thought that even with its load of glitches and bugs it was still a good game, maybe not as good as I thought, but at least not as disastrous as you try to say, I see that maybe you lacked it delve a little deeper into the campaign and into the creative part of the game, that is, as far as the dystopian future is concerned and as regards new technologies, perhaps on that side if there is good material, in short, I have not read much about it either game, I just hope I can play it, good post 👍

I'm progressing further into the campaign... I'm still a little bit hopeful, but at the moment the story still seems a little immature and generic.

I have to agree with you on everything you say. I remember playing the game and liking it a lot at first, but I realized it was just a honeymoon period! The game does look nice and indeed has a lot of nice scenery for endless photo ops. I enjoyed editing them in my first post about the game, with the next post I made noting some funny glitches I encountered. I never got around to beating the game, but it was a distraction for a while during the lockdown. Oh well.

I had some glitches where I just thought it was part of the game (one visual... and the other was audio). However, when I restarted the game the next time... it was gone!