Hey everyone! This is my entry for the Vibes Web3 competition week 15. I hope it brings some good vibes to your day! 🌟❤️ #music #web3

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You are welcome

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Apparently adding herbs to your garbage can makes it smell better.
But I don't have thyme for that rubbish.

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Wow wow 😍 increíble voz, Dios te bendiga mucho

Okay dear

All I can say is just Wowwwww 😮
People dey ooo❤❤❤

Thank you 🤗❤️

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Such a great melody besides, your voice is indeed one in a million.

Hey🤗 thank you so much ❤️

Oh... What a beautiful voice!


Welcome to Vibes Girl!
Love your entry❤️❤️❤️❤️


Wow your voice is just amazing those melismas impress anyone as well as the subtlety and strength with which you sing, it makes listening to you a complete show from start to finish, congratulations friend

You remind me so much of Asa❤️. You have a very beautiful voice and I love your song choice. All the best of luck ✨

I am glad you love it🥹 Thank you

Good, but
Here's the truth (without sugar coating):
You can do better, you didn't put much effort on editing.
This post: not that bad, but didn't deserve to rank on trending

😶 It's the truth without any sugar-coating. Hope you will do better from next time. I know my words are not sweat but it's truth.

This post: not that bad, but didn't deserve to rank on trending

There are so many variables that make people's posts land on the trending page, a post with just two flowers can land on the trending page. It's okay for you to question her editing skills but don't say her post didn't deserve to be on the ranking page. Besides she is a new user, this is literally her first post on Hive.By what standard? @shisuipark

People come to Hive with little or no knowledge of how to navigate the system but they learn over time.

Go, Tammy! Some people just want to troll

I'm not trolling anyone bro, just giving the honest feedback without sugar-coating.

Daily new user come to this platform and Starts their journey, many of them never get more than 10 Upvotes. I guess she is lucky.

"There are so many variables that make people's posts land on the trending page": I want to know more about these variables (please tell me).

She received support from our whale accounts from the Vibes contest, and her entry was awesome no accident there is no luck involved, luck doesn’t exist, this is just pure support

You're not wrong (completely), but
Sir there's many new Creator or user, who create very helpful & good content (also in the Vibes community), why they never get that support.
I think; at the end of the day I don't know much about hive.
Thank you sir, for explaining a little bit

I'm only allowed to upvote and curate and judge valid vibes entries with our whale accounts, nothing more unfortunately, and music is preference based but also judgeable by skill, originality, performance, presentation, meaning, energy, intention, tonality and other factors

Wisely spoken! We should always be encouraging newcomers to bring their talents and skills to share here. Critiques have a place as well, but not discouragement and truly, the competition is for music, not editing.

I wonder what you mean by editing. The lady has talent, sings excellently and does it with joy. If you were talking about her video, she did a fine job with it, especially being new. Was she supposed to ask you for your video editing before publishing? You know the answer. Please be a little nicer or come sing better than she can.

What you said is no truth but unkindness.

Her singing is not bad, and I like it too. And everything I said is my feedback, I think this person can do more better (after listening to her song). All of this is my feedback, don't take it in the wrong way 👍

Hey there @shisuipark, thank you for your feedback. Aside from my editing, please let me know what other reasons make my entry unqualified for support. I thought there was no need for editing since it was a live video and I sang on the spot. I didn't realize I needed to edit that. I appreciate your honesty and I look forward to hearing the criteria you think my videos should meet to be qualified. I will work on meeting those criteria. Thank you.

I'm not saying your entry is unqualified or anything like that, it's actually very good. I'm just saying that you can do more better (I'm saying it after listening to your singing multiple times).

You actually did a great job, sorry if my words hurt you.

here's some feedback: focus on camera angles little bit, and focus on your background, it looks like you're in a studio or something (it's great), use lights - try to create the vibe and sing from your heart (which you're already doing).

Looking forward to your next post 👍

Nice voice 😊

you are a world class artist God bless you for your incredible voice.

You have what I'd listen to any time - a fantastic voice - and it comes with such a brilliant smile and passion. I'll be eagerly waiting for your next one. Welcome to Hive!

By the way, big thumbs up to your keyboardist. Bring him to Hive if you can... heh

Delegated some RC so you can respond to your comments and explore Hive

Hey Olujay, thank you for the encouragement. I will introduce my keyboardist to the platform and share more songs with you. Your support means a lot to me ❤️

Yeah, just keep on singing...

If you need help navigating and understanding Hive better, feel free to tag me or DM on Discord, @olujay 👍🏽

Amazing voice 🥰🥰

Lovely riffs,your voice is so beautiful. Amazing rendition of this classic. Your voice is top-notch, good luck this week ✨.

Thanks you🤗

You're welcome beautiful ❤️... Keep shining 🌟

Girl you have soul... Love this!!!!

Voice of velvet, well done! Welcome to Hive :)

Tienes una excelente voz, un talento natural, la verdad puedes aspirar a cantar en un nivel profesional! sigue activa!!!

Welcome to the Vibes Web3 Music Competition
You certainly entered with a lovely soulful and heartfelt entry
You are shaking things up around here with your powerful
And gracious vocals and I love it and appreciate you for that

I appreciate your feedback and I'm glad you loved it. Thank you 🤗

What you did at 2:41-2:43 was neatttr🔥🔥🔥

This is fire overall, love your tone, the runs,vocal expressions and how expressive you are ❤️

Oh wow… 🥹 I'm glad you enjoyed it❤️


Wow such an amazing voice
That's beautiful


Amazing 🤩🌹🌹💐💐
I loved your performance and your beautiful voice, I enjoyed listening to this song....

Oh wow🥹 Thanks🤗

Increíble🤯🤯🤯 me encantó

Wao, tienes una voz maravillosa
Podría escucharla horas y horas sin cansarme. Gracias por compartir. Mil bendiciones y éxitos para tí.

Wow, you have a wonderful voice
I could listen to it for hours and hours without getting tired. Thanks for sharing. A thousand blessings and successes for you.

This voice is 🥰.
Thank you for gracing my screen


You are welcome

You did great with your first entry. You have a beautiful voice and a unique style of singing.

Welcome to Hive dear.