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Hello Hive Community Members,

With this post, I am going to provide you update on development progress with screenshots.

Note: This is straight 26 day of Hive mobile application development.
And I have been working on this project over 2 months now.

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Try it out now

User Channel > Followers

  • Once you launch, you'll different feeds.
  • Tap on User (instead of post)
  • App will navigate you to user's channel page.
  • Here I have inserted one more tab
  • At the moment, it shows all followers of a specific user.
  • I am planning to add following things
  • Followers
  • Followings
  • Muted List
  • Blacklisted List
  • Following Muted List
  • Following Blacklisted list


Another Example


Try it out now

What did it take to build this looking small feature?

Done todos - Communities

  • I will work on showing more details of communities. ✅
  • I will also work on showing list of posts under specific community. ✅
  • I am going to add search & filter communities ✅

Upcoming todos - Voters list

  • Sort votes by different methods
  • In votes show author's reputation

Pending To-Dos

  • Further experiments on markdown
  • Show more details on post page apart from post-body

Where do I try out above UI?

Explore code

Want to know more?

Previous Updates

Lots of ❤️ Love for Hive

  • This is open source contribution
  • It's all contribution for the hive Community
  • Wish me luck

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Wow, this is great! Thanks for all you do for the hive. I'll be checking on it today 🙂. Best regards!

Thank you so much.