Submitted new changes to the Hive Condensers and Wallet apps

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I have started to port few changes that I have submitted to the Steemit Condenser / Wallet but that didn't get approved yet and hence they were not integrated into the Hive Condenser and Wallet apps.

Side by side post editor

The first feature I have ported is the side by side post editor. It was something that @stoodkev has introduced a long time ago with his awesome SteemPlus Chrome extension. I've missed it a lot and decided to integrate it into the Condenser directly. So here is a new merge request for this feature on Hive.

Hive Blog side by side post editor

Merge request:
Demo site before production release:

Refreshing the official Hive Witnesses page

The current Witnesses page only shows the ranking, witness name and a link to their witness announcement post. Not a lot of info there to help make a decision. Thankfully, there are pages like:

We want to keep the official witness page as simple as possible, it should not be too technical but contains enough data to help the general user know the witnesses better. After several attempts and with the help of some other Hivers, I've come up with this design:
Hive Witnesses page

What is being shown are:

  • The ranking
  • Witness info which includes
    • name
    • self description (introduced by the team at @peakd)
    • the last produced block number linking to to get more details of what the block contains
    • when the last block was produced to see if witness is still operational
    • the witness age
    • the link to the witness announcement post or their website
  • The sum of the values from the votes they received in Hive Power (instead of VESTS) and how much extra HP they need to go up in ranks
  • The value and update time of the price feed they have published

Personalised Witness URLs

Now this is something I've added a while back in my Chrome extension Steemed Phish. It allows witnesses to generate a personal link to their own witness page. When someone accesses that link, it will go to the official witness page, scroll down to the witness entry and highlights it.

Personalise witness URL for a Top100

If the witness rank is below #100, it will then scroll down to the bottom of the page, pre-populate and highlights the input text field with the witness name.
Personalised witness URL for those outside the Top100

This brings a little more of fairness to users who are campaigning for their new witness.

Merge request:
Demo site before production release:

Minor changes

Hive Ecosystem backlink

To @jackmiller's suggestion, I've added a link to to the top of the page to show case all the amazing Hive dApps that together makes the Hive Ecosystem. Don't forget to also visit for a directory of dApps.

Merge request:
Demo site before production release:

Fix unit tests

Some new changes introduced recently were breaking unit tests. This is a small fix for it.

Merge request:

Vote for my witness
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Thank you for your contributions, condenser had never so many changes in so short period of time :) Good job!

Enjoying it 😊

Please, keep the design as minimalist as you can, this is why I enjoy it.

Also, the SPS page for is not loading proposals below the return proposal.

Thank you for your work!

 3 years ago (edited) 

As for the proposals, there is a "load more..." link at the bottom. It just takes very long to load. I will add a loading indicator.

That’s my aim.
It still needs to contain enough useful info and look decent enough

great work you doing. can we have a steemauto alike also on hive

Awesome work!

Any chance we can have the ability to filter witnesses? By age, currently active or not, version and all that?

I wasn’t sure if this would be useful on here because it’s only displaying 100 witness. I can add this in the future if more people want it

Hi @quochuy

Friend. Good for this new news, a question that has happened with the GINABot updates.
Now Gina has also moved to Hive that is also very good for this community.

I can only work on one thing at the time so the new Gina is put on hold until I have done the basic work for the Condenser and Wallet. The old Gina is now on Hive so it’s ok for now.

thank you so much. Anh Huy.

Good stuff! Keep it up.

Thank you

Thank you for the super active development @quochuy! Extra props for taking note of any and every feedback. :)

Superb work. Hive is doing well now

Thanks for the info

!giphy awesome

Those are some awesome changes. I like the new look of the witness page and the highlighting link features.