Announcing my public RPC node

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I did set up a new public RPC node for Hive. It supports all the APIs and should be reliable enough.
There are 2 rate limitings configured.

  • 15r/s (burst=25) on ALL the API calls
    • Error code 503 when the limit is violated
  • 2r/s only on get_block_range API call
    • Success code 200 with an error message when the limit is violated

These limits should not be a problem for the average user and app user/developer. If they are, just let me know.

I do expect this node to be reliable. But I will monitor the usage and maintain this node as far as I can.

RPC node is available at
My seed node

Let me know if it doesn't have any API that you need. Although I'm sure it covers all the available APIs but I can be wrong.

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Thank you & added your RPC to all my projects!


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