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RE: Hive Global API Node Infrastructure DHF Proposal

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My witness node API is open to whoever wants to consume Hive data, need further testing, but I am here to help, and I prepaid for 1 whole year so I kinda don’t have to worry about making more money to pay it for 1 year.
Want to use? Go ahead..

Click here and vote me for witness


What's the URL for your node?

P.S. You can allow hivesigner & keychain votes with this link >

I am still learning how to be a good witness, so if you have suggestions, I thank you very very much! I am following you and chose you as one of my witnesses, hope I can learn a thing or two from more experienced ones.

My node does not have an URL (yet!)
But the IP is

So as far as I understood anyone can consume data from the blockchain using it at the port 2001 so:

I just tried it out and it seems to be rejecting connections...


I'm guessing since it's an outright reject it could be a firewall issue?

~ CA

that is unexpected, I checkew with ufw status and the port 2001 is supposed to be open


do you have any suggestion of what could it be solved, and files, configs and stuffy I should check and what/how they should be set at?


If you check inside your config.ini file, there should be a line stating what plugins are enabled. What plugins are enabled on this box?

Things went bad very very quickly, I did add just now the p2p string on the plugins line and now I can't turn the witness on, I can't replay it and can not force it to open


I imagine if it wasn't enabled from the start, you'd need to replay it in order to enable more plugins, but @deathwing would probably be more knowlegeable here than me.

I only run a regular witness node, so I have not enabled any extra plugins. Also, if this is your regular witness node I would not recommend adding additional plugins as it may make you miss blocks if it is hit with a lot of requests.

If you disable the plugins (that you added) it should run again afaik.