UI/UX Updates and bug fixes.

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UI/UX Updates and bug fixes

Hello, D.Buzz development enthusiasts!

A clean UI is like having a tidy desk - it makes everything more organized and inviting. It's like having a sanctuary of sorts - a place where you can focus and be productive. A place that is both visually pleasing and easy to navigate. The same goes for a user interface. When a user interface is clean and organized, it is inviting to users and makes them feel comfortable. A great user interface sets an example for how users should interact with the product and sets the tone for a positive experience. A clean and organized user interface also helps users quickly find what they're looking for, allowing them to accomplish their tasks faster and more efficiently.

A neat and tidy UI is an essential part of any great product, and we strive to reach that goal!

Here at the office, it's always a lively discussion when it comes to debating how to make our UI better. We've got a big list of improvements we want to implement, but we're content to make a few smaller changes. With today's update, you can expect to see a few minor tweaks that will make the user experience even more enjoyable. As always, we're striving for perfection, and we won't stop tinkering until we're there!

Today, we moved some of the excess links from the profile page into the handy vertical ellipsis drop-down menu on your profile page. The goal is to make that page look just a tad bit better and less overwhelming for a new user. We moved your Blog.D.Buzz link and your personalized affiliate link to a new home under the vertical ellipsis drop-down menu. You can see the difference on the two screenshots below.

Old Location


New Location


Additional updates... Small adjustments to a user interface can have a surprisingly large impact on time-saving. A few tweaks here and there can lead to a much smoother, more efficient user experience. For example, the vote slider.

For the longest time, while not a "bug" per se, your voting percentage will reset if you logged out and then logged back in. This was just a minor nuisance as you would have to set it again. If you think it may take 3 seconds to set your vote slider, you log out each day and login back in the next day, 3 seconds x 365 days = 1,095 seconds or 18.25 minutes in a year used to adjust a vote slider… With this new adjustment, you can set it once, forget about it, and get back that 18 minutes in a year!

Lastly, we looked at what content is perhaps the most sought-after on DBuzz. From conversations with users and feedback we got, most users would like the "Trending" Page as the default page you see when you log in or log out.

With the improvements done, we also fixed a minor issue that some users were experiencing regarding the Vimm.tv video embeds. They should, again, work smoothly.

Below, you will find the list of updates for this week.

Thank you for being part of the DBuzz Journey!

DBUZZ - v3.48.0-dev - TESTNET


  • Moved "Blogs" and "Copy Referral" to the “More” section with the vertical ellipsis
  • Keep the voting slider's last saved value even after logout
  • The Trending page is now the default page when a user logs in (or logs out)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Vimm.tv video embeds


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