hive post downloader version 1 release - 100% of hive users can use this tool

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@acidyo @edicted & @haejin walk into a bar, 10,600 posts between them...

(may eventually move to, but when I do, I'll have url redirect)

What's this about ?

Well, We are releasing our final 1.0 version of the Hive Downloader Tool. A web based hive post downloader that will fetch all a users hive posts into indexeddb storage in your browser and then package it up into a zip file full of markdown(.md) files for use otherwise. My initial usecase being Notable...

Original Announcement

Here we have Edicted, Adidyo and Haejin's nearly 11k posts in total loaded into notable...

Original release announcement "About:"

A tool to download hive posts in .md format. Eventually will build out to something more like Googles and Facebooks 'download your data' type projects, where it will also download images and more as well, with an option for just post data for those wanting to import their (or others) posts to (main target for v1.0 release) as well as others like zim wiki.


  1. add format options for downloading in zim (personal wiki) format and more...
  2. Search & download by tag or query, etc.. and tables to select more/less.
  3. (MAYBE) optionally download additional user data outside of just posts (custom_json/wallet data)
    and more...

Source code:
(commit for this release : here


Functions for 100% of accounts.

Special Thanks

Thanks for @foxon for leading @thekittygirl to the tool, gave me the little kick start of publicity I needed to remind myself to finish the tool for ALL users (last version was still unable to download haejin, but worked for acidyo, edicted & most others, so it was 'good enough'). As well as @rishi556 and @cadawg for harassing me to not just go 80% of the way with this and making sure that it eventually supported ALL users on hive.


~ @sn0n


This is awesome! Thank you! 😃

Glad our buggage was helpful. I will give it a try next time I’m on my pc

Great tool and awesome work!

I'm so fat and lazy. ^>^ lol. I should've finished this months ago, but eh, self loathing is a weird beast who feeds on procrastination amirite? (; LoL

Getting something done is always an awesome 😎

No judgement on how you get there 😆 we're all living our lives. I don't see any fat and lazy here - just a useful tool aiding in decentralization, and a nice piece of software he made 🤣 kidding!

Putting it together with notable is the next level part. Backing up all the md for portability is one of those critically needed things - being able to easily use it with notable is some sweet icing on the cake

Hahaha yay I'm a tool. ^>^

Also, for anyone that does find value in this tool, please consider voting @hextech for witness (that's my witness group with @edicted and @rishi556) also consider @deathwing's proposal here: as his API node is the current default.

Thank you!!

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HIVE is the place for "Writers" 😎🥓👍