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We're getting more businesses to use HIVE! 😃

Who am I? 💡

Father, coder, tinkerer, gardener, kung fu practitioner, disc-golfer, skydiver, hiker, cyclist and shellback. My first apps (in the military) were written in DOS and dBase 4, ugly menuing and tracking apps for CVIC and the ship’s photo lab. I got the hell out and played awhile with dip switches and jumper settings. I invented the world’s first online shopping cart (still in use today by over 6,000 websites). I started building and releasing my first blockchain apps in the Bitshares community over 8 years ago, back in 2014. I was voted in to the original 101 as a Bitshares Delegate and later got voted in to the Bitshares Committee.

I learned a bunch on Steem, then moved to Hive Dev right after the fork and I've been building here ever since. I’m now the Lead Dev @agorise (Agorise, Ltd). Through all the ups and downs of crypto, I still manage to architect, release, update and invent some more with crazy passion for this stuff.

Here's some of the products my team and I have built over the past 8+ years:

  • GrapheneJ - The first Java library for Bitshares
  • Smartcoins Wallet - The first Bitshares mobile wallet, foss of course
  • Stealth BIPs and Security upgrades to Bitshares Blinded Transactions
  • C-IPFS - The first implementation of IPFS in C (i was trying to make IPFS more lightweight and faster so that it could be used on mobile devices (this is before “dapps” really became a thing)).
  • Crystal Wallet (the second Bitshares mobile wallet. was aka “Carbon”. foss of course)
  • Morphit (.io) - Another foss product, an attempt to make coin bridges KYC-free and unlimited, but swapspace and simpleswap beat me to it and had a huge marketing budget so I stopped investing in this.
  • BiTSy-Wallet (.com) - The third Bitshares mobile wallet, foss and a grandma-friendly ui of course, and still on google play.
  • PalmPay WHMCS - Point of sale software, integrated with Web Host billing systems.
  • PalmPay Woo - Point of sale software, integrated with Woocommerce
  • PalmPay (.io) - A simple android app that uses the Bitshares DEX (Hive-Engine option planned too) and enables merchants to accept HIVE and HBD, BTS, BTC, BCH, DASH DOGE, XMR, ETH, LTC and other coins from one simple grandma-friendly ui. Customer Loyalty Points, detailed eReceipts, transaction search, tx filtering and exporting, multi-lingual, multi-currency, 3-second transactions, zero fees, everything merchants have asked me for.
  • Hive-Tube (.com) - A foss plugin for peertube streaming media servers which monetizes audio, video, podcasts and livestreams via the Hive blockchain. Creators just need to get a Hive username so that they can receive their rewards. No KYC, no fees, no censorship, no ads, and unstoppable income. Hive-Tube stands to bring millions of users away from youtube, netflix, spotify, itunes and patreon.
  • HiveCast (.app) - A foss dapp (iOS, Android, Web (nextjs, react native, tailwind)), similar UI to pluto tv, that enables users to tune in to (and Favorite) any Hive-Tube instance, channel or rss feed. Streaming radio stations, music videos, audiobooks, podcasts, VOD and livestreams. Upvote and comment on your favorite song when it comes on, chat with your favorite livestreamer, send a vlogger a tip, view song popularity and curation history, etc. Can also cast any media right to your TV.
  • Hive-Press - A foss plugin for Wordpress and Beaver Builder. Wordpress blogs now have the amazing upvote, downvote, tipping and commenting tools that you’ve come to expect. UI is consistent with Hive-Tube and HiveCast. Getting wordpress approval for this plugin as we speak.

What work will be done?

Update PalmPay (roughly 2 weeks of work)
We’ve been so busy with Hive-Tube lately, that PalmPay needs a few updates first:

  • Recall our Kotlin Dev to update PalmPay with latest api’s (Blocktrades, Coingecko, QR’s) and Kotlin v1.7
  • Make sure the fiat exchange rates are still accurate (PalmPay supports 140 languages too) so that no matter what country the merchant business is located in, the rates are still laser accurate.
  • Make sure all QR’s can still be scanned properly by popular mobile wallets (Hive, Bitshares, Bitcoin, XMR, etc).
  • Make sure the faucet still works good so that merchants can register new accounts
  • Make sure mnemonics work with the various web wallets, and add WIF import
  • Raise the customer fee from 0.5% to 1%
  • Dump the google geocoding requirement in merchant addresses
  • Update PalmPay as per google play requirements, latest devices (and grapheneos if funds allow)

Market the PalmPay Point of Sale system (web: 👈

  • 🔥 Contact all 89 existing PalmPay Ambassadors worldwide. Get caught up, share ideas on getting merchants more crypto-active.
  • 🔥 PalmPay Ambassadors currently have 54 merchant businesses onboarded already, plus make sure they run the latest software.
  • Locate more motivated PalmPay Ambassadors in various cities and get them up to speed.
  • Update the marketing pdf files, flyers, business cards, Hive Teller tickets, stickers, feather flags. Remove the Steem logo from everything too.
  • Upon a positive feeling, send just the motivated Ambassadors enough money to:
    • Print 50 of the PalmPay color flyers and prove it (show receipts).
    • Help a bit with travel/logistics support for merchants in their area (show receipts).
    • Buy lunch occasionally. Some Ambassadors like to take their merchant clients out to lunch. Especially decision-makers at utility companies, telcos and grocery chains (show receipts).
    • Encourage client follow-ups and status updates with me for our biweekly Hive community updates
  • Remove inactive Ambassadors from our db to free up earnings for the other more motivated Ambassadors
  • Help the PalmPay Ambassadors to get their merchants to post their business specials, vlogs, events, etc on, Hive-Tube instances,, etc with photos and videos.
  • Work with local Chamber of Commerce offices to help businesses transition to crypto with PalmPay.

Note: If this Proposal is only partially funded, then ambassador benefits above must be decremented.
Length of this Proposal: 12 months
Start December 19, 2022. End December 19, 2023.
Amount: 350 HBD per day

Accountability: Biweekly updates from @Agorise and @kenCode


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