IYC Community Contest No. 5 - BOOKS

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New month - New Introduce Your City Contest!

So that you have more time to deal with the contest topics, from now on we will have a monthly contest theme!

All entries that were submitted according to the rules will be judged together and the winners will be determined at the beginning of June. I hope you like this idea and above all I hope that we get more good content in our beautiful community.

And here is your TOPIC for MAY 2022:

BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS - but not which ones you read, but where you can find them in your hometown!


  • Libraries
  • Bookstores new and old
  • Second Hand Books
  • where to put old books?
  • are there places where people go to read in peace?
  • or whatever comes to your mind with the topic "books in my city"

Be creative! And please read the rules for valid participation, I'll put them at the end of the post this time because time and time again they don't get read....


🏆🏆🏆 PRIZES 🏆🏆🏆

1. winner - 3 HIVE and 300 Ecency Points

2. winner - 2 HIVE and 200 Ecency Points

3. winner - 1 HIVE and 100 Ecency Points

If anyone wants to sponsor any other prizes, please just let me know, they could be announced in the tie up posts. You can find me in discord too.


Who will judge?

I would like to ask the winners of the previous contest if they would be our judges for this contest:

@eddwood @jelenaa @coquicoin

I would be very happy, to have you as my jurors. The only disadvantage would be that you could only submit an own entry "out of competition" this time. Please let me know if you would like to do that.


General Posting Rules for IYC Community: Post about the place you live, or lived for a longer time. No travelposts, please! The idea @freedomprepper had while creating this community was:

To see the world you live through YOUR eyes and words.

Rules for a valid Entry

  • Post your article IN the Introduce Your City Community
  • Mention IYC Contest and the Country you live in the TITLE of your post!!! (Example: "IYC Contest 5 ..... your text ..... Country" )
  • Write somewhere in your post, that this is your Entry to the IYC Contest
  • Important: Post the link to your posting and one photo in the comment section of this post.
  • Your posts should be in English or bilingual with English as one of the languages
  • If you have more than one idea for a post to the monthly topic, this is okay, but in this case let us know at the end of the month, wich post is your entry post! Because only one contest entry per person is possible.
  • All pictures and texts have to be your own
  • NEW: mention at least one hive friend in your post and invite him to join the Community and Contest

Not obligatory but, we would be happy, if you reblog this article to get the word out.


photos by @beeber

And now? After all these rules and requirements ;-) Have fun and go to chase the monthly topic in your city! Show us where you live.

Read the RULES?!
Ok, so you have time form NOW on until Sunday, May 29 2022 to submit your entry.


Hallo @beeber . Bin gerne in der Jury dabei. Mein Beitrag ist schon am Planen und wird Außer Konkurrenz laufen.
Ich stelle immer gerne Augsburg vor und in dem Fall wird über ein Ereignis vom 10 Februar 1898 berichtet der meine Stadt mit geprägt hat. Wer wissen will was damals war, muss den Contest hier verfolgen.:))

Super, freut mich :-) dann hab ich von allen 3 Juroren eine Zusage und am Ende des Monats können wir abstimmen.
Freue mich auf deinen Beitrag, der wird bestimmt wieder sehr interessant werden! Ich glaub auch, es ist gut, wenn die Leute jetzt mehr Zeit haben um sich was zu überlegen.

Wie wird denn abgestimmt? Discord? Ich war auf Hive noch nie Juror.

Ich denke, das macht jeder anders bei seinem Contest.
Ich machs so, dass ich erst mal alle "gültigen" Beiträge aufzähle. Jeder der Juroren darf dann für sich 3 Gewinner wählen und ich summiere das. Im Falle eines Unentschieden kommt dann noch meine Stimme ins Gewicht ;-) Und ja, das lief dann über Discord, einfach mit jedem extra in DM.
Bei dir wars, wenn ich mich jetzt recht entsinne so, dass alle 3 für dich gestimmt haben und daraus hat sich der wohlverdiente erste Platz ergeben :-)

Hi @beeber, thanks, it will be my pleasure to be a juror. 😊 The topic is awesome! Some ideas are already coming to my mind so I will write for sure, out of competition of course. 😊

Thank you @jelenaa happy you like the theme and to have you on judging board!

Hello, @beeber!

I love the theme :) There aren't any more good bookstores here where you can spend the afternoon reading and browsing through books. But there are a couple of little bookstores where you can find good books. I will for sure try to make my post, out of competition :)

Of course, I would be delighted to be one of the judges in the contest. Thank you for inviting me 😊🤗

Hey @coquicoin thank you for being juror this time!
It's the one thing I love about Introduce Your City, it's not about how big and glamourus an place is, but about all those little gems people have to show us. Looking foreward to you posting :-)

My pleasure, @beeber :) 😊🤗


here is my entry, and of course I invite @tatdt to join!

For the last IYC Community Contest topic PEACE as I promised, there were still 500 ecency points to contribute to everyone who showed us a PEACE sign, and so each 50 ecency points went to:
@ezemann @qwerrie @steven-patrick @tengolotodo @eddwood @hlezama @coquicoin @duvinca @gems.and.cookies @jelenaa @melinda010100

Dont miss out the new IYC Contest no 5 - "BOOKS"

oh! TNKS. books is a great prompt, if I fit the deadline, I definitely want to jump on this. cheerz!

and a Hive !PIZZA 🙏

Thank you for the Pizza! Would be great if you enter again :-)

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Thanks :)
!gif peacesign

Thank you

Youre welcome :-)

I just came looking to see why I had received 50 Ecency POINTS from you!
Thanks so much!

hehe me too;)

Haha surprise surprise ;-) Everybody forgot those promised points

Aww thank you so much @beeber ;)

My pleasure to send points to night owls ;-)

hehe oh yes my fellow night owl 🦉🦉🦉

Oh thanks a lot! And congrats to all the hivers!

Youre welcome :-) hope you will join in to the new contest too :-)

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What a great contest theme! I'm always excited about books!

Happy you love the new topic :-) i am sure we will see a lot of wonderful posts here

What an interesting theme. As I have only been in this town since last June, I am yet to discover the places for books. Now I have a mission!

Haha! Nothing can stop a man on a mission! Looking foreward to your post :-) there must be some books hidden somewhere!

Well I shall find them ... 📓📚


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Schöne odee, bin keine bücherratte, lese online immer alles.
Mal gucken ob ich mit machen kann...


Ja hast ja Zeit, es dir zu überlegen. Gibt doch sicherlich einen Bücherladen oder Second Hand Laden oder so irgendwo in Deiner Nähe :-) !LUV !LOL !PGM !hivebits denke alles schon ausgegeben heute, mal sehen ...

Gibt es sicherlich einige ;)

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Wherever he wants.

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Thank you bro

Will try to join in on this

This would be great :-) thank you