GET. IT. IN. THE. MAIL. ASAP.. A reminder to you secret santas


Just a very quick reminder to you lot, yep i mean you lot: @welshstacker @dfinney @silverd510 @tbnfl4sun @elizabethbit @silvertop @vgholdingsllc @goldrooster @summertooth @kerrislravenhill @silversaver888 @enginewitty @saffisara @trumpman @thedamus @bitcoinman @tazi @fat-elvis that you should have by now, at least, decided what youre sending and have ut ready to send off!!! Truth be told, i would much rather it, if you had already sent your #secretsilversanta present out.


Take this as a quick kick up the butt to pull your finger out and get your silver sent. If there is anything youre not too sure of, or need a reminder or a quick word, simply drop me a message on discord, or last resort here in the comments.

Just a quick reminder

  • This little HIVE experiment is based solely on trust and the good will of the people that take part.

  • The minimum gift is 1oz of silver. This can be made up of fractional or commemorative, but 999fs would be appreciated (or a little more weight at .925 etc)

  • 1oz is the minimum, so feel free to put a little extra something in. The extra doesn't have to be silver, chocolate gold coins always go down a treat.

  • Please don't expect to receive "high premium" coins, remember it's the thought behind the gift that counts. Hopefully your secret santa will have picked a gift especially for you.

  • Please don't feel you have to send "high premium" coins, remember it's the thought behind the gift that counts. Hopefully you will do some research of you SS by checking their posts/blogs and see what they are interested in.

  • You understand that the postage costs are your responsibility and that you may be sen


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So Kevin needs to cheer the fuck up!! But im more concerned by Brittany.... That movie is fucking awesome - "looky here meow"

Reminds are always great, however we ahead of the ball game here I take my Santa responsibilities very seriously 😂

I've ordered the item, just waiting for it's arrival before repacking to the intended target. Thanks for the reminder @welshstacker

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No worries! Ho-Ho-Ho!🎄🎄🎄

You don’t mean me. If you ever read my posts all 4 of mine went out 3 days ago.

No, i didnt mean you... Youre a good boy and on Santas nice list.

Ho...Ho..Ho... Wow that package sure feels heavy....
I think it has TEN ounces of silver booty in it!😇😀
Merry Christmas everyone!!🤗

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These are surprises. All silver can then stack !

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This senta looks very beautiful and Blockchain technology helps us to earn money with easy and ways. I also ordered senta dress for Christmas. Hopefully Blockchain technology growing day by day.

The Christmas is really near