Chinese Myths & Legends Collection - Australia - Phoenix Silver Coin 2022

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new silver coin arrived - myths & legends 2022 Phoenix.png

My third silver coin arrived!

And I could not be happier, I really love it! This is the second coin I bought from the Chinese Myths & Legends collection Australia 2022. Honestly, it was not done on purpose, I truly loved the dragon last time, but this time I didn't even realize that my new coin was from the same collection. But it's pretty nice that it is, feels like I'm starting to truly collect these silver coins now, rather than buying them randomly. I may now even keep an eye out for the next one in the series, hopefully, I love that one too!

silver phoenix text divider.png

Let's check out the new phoenix!

First, here's a good picture of the obverse:

phoenix 2022 transparant background.png

I really love it, what a beautiful creature! I was in doubt if I'd buy the colored one this time as I really love these as well, but I decided to first dig into some more information if this is smart or not. I know these come in more limited numbers but I'm not sure if that's a good enough reason to buy one of the colored ones. If anyone has advice, please do share!

And the reverse:

reverse myths and legends phoenix 2022.png

Well, not much to say about the reverse, it's the same on many coins, Queen Elizabeth. Not my favorite, but thankfully, I can just enjoy the front! Almost all the coins I love, have Queen Elizabeth on the reverse, meaning that I also learned that she is ruling on quite a few sides of the world, which I had no clue about. I wasn't paying that much attention in history classes when I was young, you see!


Above you can see the data I pulled from the numista website (linked in the footer).

silver phoenix text divider.png

Chinese Myths & Legends Collection Australia 2022

I discovered today that this collection only has 2 coins in it so far, and I both have them. Pretty funny considering this was my third coin and I didn't deliberately hunt for another one in the same collection:


I can't wait to find out which coin is next, and also where I'm going to save these coins lol. I have so much room but not enough storage boxes etc so our house is still a mess currently. I will need to buy a nice box or something for these rounds. But I'm sure in a few weeks from now, things will fall into place and I will have everything sorted! Hopefully in time for the next coin that I will order!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Very beautiful coins. I really like the phoenix. Thanks for remembering me that I should buy more silver coins.

Came from ListNerds and voted there!


Thank you, and so do I, clearly haha.
You're welcome, I also needed that reminder myself as I was caught up in the moving stuff too much to remember. So this is the first one here in Spain, and I'm hoping to buy one every month at least..

Let's see if I can make it happen :)

Good luck with that. 👍

Very nice round, @thisismylife

It has excellent detail.

I prefer the classic silver over the colored ones, but that is just my preference.

Keep stacking.

Thanks, I agree. I have only collected 3 so far but I can get totally lost while browsing for new coins already..

I think I shall stick to silver for a bit longer and maybe add colored ones later. But who knows, never say never haha.


Oooowwww nice!

Nice! Great to see you dabbling in the metals! I need to post some of my silver and I may be getting some more if I can get the price down a little bit more!

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Oh I've been wanting to for a long time, just couldn't afford it...

I love these little pieces of art!

Do you have a lot of metals yourself?


wooo thats a nice one!

I agree :) love it!


A nice ounce silver coin. Phoenix are a great design !

Thanks, and I agree! Got to love them as well as dragons :)


Mine is on order! WOW, it looks nice, @thisismylife!
Stack on!

Did you order the same coin @silversaver888?
I really doubted to go for the silver or colored version, really love these colored ones.. but so far only silver here..


My Asian side is mulling a bit about the colored one too.
An exotic choice to spice up your stack.

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Yeah, I didn't go for it this time but I've been browsing quite a few colored ones already. Most-likely, I will first collect more silver and indeed spice up the stack later..

Do you have many colored coins??


Lovely coin. The detail of the Phoenix is striking. For you to get both coins at the start of the series is nice.

Thanks for sharing.

Read from LN

Thanks, it's indeed a nice coincidence :)
I will now take note and check further releases of course!


Oooh, this is a very nice coin to own. You gotta love the myths (and obviously the coins).

Exactly haha.


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