🤔 12 Days of Wishes

So I have been seeing these wish posts for a hot minute now. They are filled with extraordinarily sexy silver that has my mouth just a drooling and since I am in on the Secret Santa, I figured that would be a good entry for today. Only, I'm doing all 12 at once of the things I wouldn't mind having in my stack. So here goes:


Top of my list is that very last one that I made the thumbnail for the post. These all are minted by the CMG mint and can found there or probably eBay or some shit. Obviously, you have some very tittalating choices and I'm assking whoever my Santa is, to keep in mind what kind of silver turns me on and becomes a permanent member of my stash. Ass -n- titties. All day. Did I mention ass? And titties? Somebody will hopefully pop off with some #boobsforwitty! Regardless, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even with a tongue too hard to type.

Official Witness Representing:

The Alliance 360.pngPIMP 360.pngSGS 360.pngpsyberx witness rep360.pngcavc512.360.png

that other shit

image.pngimage.pngyoutubesub.pngimage.pngteleg.png480rumble.pngw!tty tik tok.png

thealliance new pagebreak 2.png

because I can
So Can WE
Vote Witty

Is Voting #WITNESSES difficult?
Let me do it for you!
Set Witty as your --->PROXY VOTER!<---

enginewitty hive witness.png


This is the Witty we come to know.😆

Cool Silver Bars always get my attention, but these are, like damn… Thanks for sharing, @enginewitty.

A nice selection of coins. Silver is great for collecting !

That's real Classic pieces of Silver bar and coins stack You Got in collection!

nearly debt free so recommencing my stacking very soon 🙏🏽

A subscription to Pornhub might be a better gift…….🤣😂🤣😂

Already got that 🤣


I was going to tell a joke about hominy.
But it was too corny.

Credit: reddit
@silverd510, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @enginewitty

Farm LOLZ tokens when you Delegate Hive or Hive Tokens.
Click to delegate: 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 HP

So basically porn silver 😁 LMAO

Well - um - ya!


Why did Stalin only write in lowercase?
Because he hated capitalism.

Credit: reddit
@saffisara, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @enginewitty

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Silver always shine brighter and different